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election fraud

Petition Oregon US Legislaters at truthinvoting.org

We are a new group of activists. We are in Eugene, Oregon. We would like to co-ordinate our efforts with yours. We would like your assistance. We have an online petition at < http://www.truthinvoting.org>. Please contact us. Thank You.
A group of about 100 activists in Eugene
Oregon have formed a focus group to assist
in organizing local efforts to support
investigation into US Voter Fraud. We have
tentatively decided to call ourselves
"truthinvoting.org" and have set up a
website with an online petition at
< http://www.truthinvoting.org>.

The petition demands that Oregon US
Senators and Congressmen sponsor or
support an investigation into the Vote
Counting Fraud.

It places a deadline for their action.

We would like to co-ordinate our efforts
with other groups throughout the State and
Nation. Please contact us through our
website contact page at
< http://www.truthinvoting.org/Contact.html

We are in the process of setting up
bulletin boards and discussion forums.
Guidance and suggestions are more than

Thank You.

homepage: homepage: http://www.truthinvoting.org