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Dutch Citizen Imprisoned in the United States

When citizens of another country are arrested in the US international law dictates that they be allowed to contact their consulate. This right is often overlooked.
Treaty Violations
The Grand Rapids police also violated the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. This international agreement, ratified by the U.S. in 1969, provides that when a foreign citizen is arrested, the host government must (1) notify the consulate of the other nation, and (2) notify the prisoner of his right to contact the consulate, and provide a means of doing so. The authorities in Grand Rapids violated the international agreement, and so far the United States government has taken no action to comply with the treaty or to prevent future treaty violations.

In fact, the United States routinely violates this treaty. In the case of Angel Breard, a Panamanian citizen was executed by the State of Virginia even though the International Court of Justice had issued an order not to proceed with the execution until the matter of the treaty violation had been examined. The United States Supreme Court said that Virginia did not have to obey the World Court, or obey treaty provisions agreed to by the United States. Mr. Breard was executed over the protests of the government of Paraguay. Later, Canadian citizen Stanley Faulder was executed in Texas after similar treaty violations by the United States. German citizens Karl and Walter LaGrand were executed in Arizona after similar treaty violations by the United States. The list goes on and on.

Legal experts have criticized the United States for relying on the International Court of Justice when it promotes United States ends, such as indicting Yugoslav leaders and soldiers, while blatantly refusing to comply with orders from the same court when the United States violates international law. Others fear American citizens in foreign countries will suffer as other nations retaliate for the routine U.S. violations of the international agreement.

Harry Bout is a citizen of the Netherlands. His parents moved the family to the United States, and ended up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He had a business of buying wrecked houses and renovating them for profit.

Another immigrant to the United States was Nigerian citizen Onunwa Iwuagwu, known in Grand Rapids as "Al." On March 7, 1985, Mr. Iwuagwu was shot to death in an upstairs bedroom of a home at 1542 Broadway that was owned by Marianne Schut, mother of Harry Bout.

As in Angel Beard's case, Bout wasn't told he could contact his consulate. Bout maintains that this and other treaty violations were factors in his conviction and continues to state that he is innocent of this murder. You can read the story of Bout's arrest and conviction for this murder by visiting www.injusticeline.com/bout.html

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Thank you for highlighting that Harry's rights were violated 04.May.2005 02:25

A.P. freeharrybout@yahoo.com

I hope that the Dutch government will do something about the violations of harry's rights, and also, that others do not suffer the same as he did.
We have a website about Harry's case with links:


Thank you,
Supportgroup Free harry Bout - The Netherlands