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energy & nuclear selection 2004

Condi? Secretary of State?

Condi? Secretary of State?
Condi? Secretary of State?

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Boo! 16.Nov.2004 21:15


She'll perpetuate the evil system. Boo!

Live a lie, live a lie 16.Nov.2004 21:18

Timmy, and the Lords of the Underworld


having Condolizzard Rice as 16.Nov.2004 22:46

Secretary of State

is about as fucking funny as having a simpleton like George Bush as president...let's all laugh!

its like 16.Nov.2004 23:40


bad episode of the simpsons

All I can say is... 17.Nov.2004 04:45



The blow job queen 17.Nov.2004 08:33


The blow job queen is sucking her way to the very top. If you think you have to suck hard to get an oil tanker named after you, think how much harder she had to suck Bush to get this job.

stop being a sexist ass 17.Nov.2004 13:06


ok, we all can't stand condi, and she will probably be even worse as secretary of state than she was as national security advisor, but do you have to say that she sucked her way to the top? would you say that about a guy being promoted? i heard that tom ridge may resign and tommy thompson of HHS might take his place. would you accuse tommy thompson of taking the ass pound express to the top?
be angry
be active
don't be a sexist ass

Licensed To Kill 17.Nov.2004 17:36


Beware Of Agent 006-1/2