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SOU in solidarity with PSU against HigherOne

Southern Oregon University in Ashland will stand with PSU students in opposition to the HigherOne SOUOne card Nov 23.
Mounting student opposition to the administration's outsourcing of financial aid management to Connecticut's HigherOne will culminate in a day of demonstration and solidarity with the students of PSU Nov. 23. Follow developments on the Rogue Valley's own IMC at  http://rogueimc.org/en/2004/11/3522.shtml as more and more students find out they have been hoodwinked into lending a corporate conglomerate their student loans so that HigherOne can earn interest lending it out to other banks overnight. Look for more coverage on the Rogue IMC.
Protest 24.Nov.2004 12:25


Up here at PSU the protest was quite successful -- media coverage present and played later in the day. Sit-in protest at President's office, yet gave up power to "negotiate" behind closed doors.