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humane mouse removal?

is there a humane way to remove mice?
we can't coexist with the mice currently in our (clean) house but certainly do not want to kill them. is there a way to get rid of them, such as traps that would catch them to release somewhere else (maybe republican headquarters? are "humane" mouse traps available somewhere in portland?

works well 16.Nov.2004 19:47


try a "victor tin cat", its the best one i've come across so far...

Also by Victor 16.Nov.2004 20:08


We have a couple of traps which I think are also sold by Victor. They are basically a little box that closes when the critter goes to the back to get the peanut butter. Then you take it somewhere and let it go

catch and release 16.Nov.2004 20:36


i have been performing catch and release ops on the rats in our neighborhood....seems silly, but if you do not like snuffin' them out, it can be quite the family adventure.

Those Meeces! 16.Nov.2004 20:40

Farmer John

.1m is right. However, I found that these hollow plastic traps usually only work once. If you want to catch more mice, you have to put a fresh one down.

Also, when you release the mice, go far, far away to do so -- maybe 5 miles. If you take them down the street and let them go, they'll be back.

We used to take ours to the Street of Dreams neighborhood not far away. All the old neighbors hate that bastion of opulence.

Mice can squeeze through place you'd never imagine it was possible so if you've got an old place it may be impossible to keep them out.

If you want to discourage or catch and release them:

DO: Use the humane traps or keep a household cat, a small terrier, or a snake.

DON'T: Use the flypaper traps or poison. It's really tough to detach a desperate, struggling mouse from the flypaper and if a rat or mouse eats poison like Warfarin, it crawls off someone in or under your house to die bleeds to death internally. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. The smell hangs on for up to two months.

Don't feed your pets outside or leave pet food in bowls outdoors. Keep bird seed and trash in sealed bins. If you don't, you'll not only have mice, but rats, squirrels and raccoons hanging around.

mice are cute 16.Nov.2004 21:03

a little bird

All of the above advice is good. Mice start coming indoors more when the weather gets bad.
Plugging any holes, esp., around plumbing pipes (like under sinks) is important and putting Brillo-type steel mesh in any openings also helps (they can't chew it). You can also caulk the tiny cracks along your baseboards to keep them out.
I did use the plastic "have a heart" type traps with good success (the glue traps are really cruel). And, I also heard about the thing about taking them far, far away, after you catch one. They get scared and pee all over, so you might want to use gloves when you lift the little traps. Then I'd take them up to Mt. Tabor to let them run in freedom with the wind in their hair. Still, our apt. building did not get rid of mice until the landlord finally allowed cats.
Haven't seen a one, since.

Cat litter 16.Nov.2004 21:12


Borrow some used cat litter from a friend and spread some around the house in little tiny trails inside and out. That should take care of the little munchkins.

allergic to cats 16.Nov.2004 22:24


live in an unincorporated area/ old farm style house/ lots of mice and outside are squirrels and raccoons. I use raccooon/squirrel repellent -- its non toxic and has a strong citrus scent (in an oily base) that the critters don't like, buy it at farm stores or in the same places you find mouse traps; and I keep the gutters clean and the crawl space and attic holes shut.
Ah, but the mice.
can't have a cat
won't use poison
don't have time to transport live trapped mice, so...
I put an electric mouse noise repeller under the sink/ caulked the holes/stopped putting garbage under the sink/ started using a tall closed kitchen garbage can/
kept the food covered/
have less mice and have made friends with those that are left!

Cats and mice 16.Nov.2004 22:27


The smell of a cat actually deters mice from entering your home, so the "food chain" bit is not the only factor. The cat may catch one or two before they stop coming, unless you have a real mouse problem.

I had neighbors with a mouse problem and loaned them my cat for two weeks when I was out of town. Worked like a charm.

This actually works 16.Nov.2004 22:35

red suspenders

You need a medium glass bowl with high sides not a flared rim, but an edge. and a walnut. And a piece of hard cardboard/ mat board/ or a notebook cover.

#1 break a little hole in the end walnut so some of the meat is exposed Youre going to eat a lot of walnuts getting this right. Use a small hammer, maybe a fine dovetail saw would work to cut the end off if you dont like eating walnuts

Singe the meat (inside of the nut) with a match this brings out the smell.

Place the bowl upside down with the rim on the walnut on your cardboard. The hole facing inside the bowl.
Do it really "hair trigger" so the bowl drops when the nut is moved.
The mouse will go under the bowl, start to eat the walnut which will slip and then the bowl comes down over the mouse.

I would always let the mouse go across the street, and watch him run under to the house so he could come back and continue to poop on my dish-towel

good luck!

Some cats are pacifists. 17.Nov.2004 01:34

Migratory Bird

My cat and I went to stay w/ some friends about a year ago. They were so excited to have him come because they had a very bad mouse infestation. I neglected to tell them my cat is an anarchist and unlike me he does not believe that there a predetermined characteristics associated w/ any species. Ahh, well, my cat the guru-scientist-pacifist spent our vacation in the redwoods hiding from the wolf we were stayin w/ and observing the mice very closely. But to the house dwellers extreme consternation (and mine from all the dirty looks I kept getting about it) he would not kill. So if you don't have a pacifist cat who loves all creatures great and small, and you do not own a predator of mice then I would suggest the little metal cages that they sell that trap mice so you can let them go.

My gangster looking friend of mine (we dumpster dived together) was very gentle and would do this trick. He let them go in canyon areas or forested areas. Some place with low human habitation. Since he lived in the getto there were a lot of empty lots by him. Must of looked weird to the prostitutes turning tricks in the parking lot!

Humane "Smart" Mousetrap by peta 17.Nov.2004 16:57


Humane "Smart" Mousetrap $10.00
When tiny guests stop by, turn compassion into action. Plastic trap catches mice alive and unharmed so they can be released outdoors. Be sure to check the trap frequently, so mice won't suffer needlessly. Each trap is reusable so that you can catch and release each mouse for relocation. We will enclose our Humane Control of Mice and Rats tip sheet with every order. Peta

is there a humane way to remove a mouse 14.Mar.2007 17:24

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mouse infestation due to fourtnightly bin collections 18.Mar.2007 05:29

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humane mouse prevention 30.Mar.2007 08:49


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