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Prophecy Nov 16 : Night of the Long Knives at the CIA

Der Furhrer starts cleaning house...
Night of the Long Knives at the CIA

A few words about 'Counter Revolutionaries', the big boogey man of every revolutionary movement. Now you have two kinds of 'Counter Revolutionaries'. You have the type who are and the type who are not. Now as for the type who are, well they are because they are determined to counter the revolution, which makes them counter revolutionaries, since that is their political perspective. This usually means offering something else other than the revolution, watering down the wine and removing the spices from the cup.

Then there are the those who might seem like counter revolutionaries, because they are not revolutionary, but drink water down wine with no spices in the cup. Such people would not be counter revolutionaries, however, they would be sheep. As Hitler said of sheep, they are good people, and because they are so good, they cannot believe in such atrocious evil, and because they do not understand the extreme wickedness they can still be found drinking watered down wine. After all, the situtation is not that bad. As Hitler said the best way for a Nazi to deal with good people is to lie to them atrociously, since they do not believe that anyone could ever lie so badly, and thus they will believe the lie. There are other tricks and stunts that can be used on sheep as well, offering them meetings and dialogues and all sorts of other tricky stuff.

The solution to this problem is the sheep spanking process. I thought that spanking those good sheep with a nuclear spanking was a little extreme, and perhaps just threatening them with the nuclear spanking might have done the trick, which I already did myself. And now it is time to spank those sheep with long knives. And they may need a few more spankings again before they learn. Because they are not counter revolutionaries, they are just unspanked sheep.
Could you just write in your diary? 16.Nov.2004 21:49

Not amused

Thank you for your observations.

However, could you just write this stuff in your diary and not spam the rest of the world? If there were some major insights or even some historical references of note, then it might be amusing, if not particularly thoughtful. But it is not.

I hate Bush and capitalism also, but I don't think every fragment of thought that occurs to me or anyone deserves to be inflicted electronically on as many people as possible.

For those who do not know, the Night of the Long Knives happened early in the Nazi rule of Germany, when Hitler consolidated his power by eliminating the 'socialist' part of National Socialism (that's what the contraction 'Nazi' stands for: National Socialist Workers Party). Ernest Roehm, the leader of the Brownshirts - the street thugs equivalent to racist skinheads - and the only real contender for power to Adolf Hitler, was executed, along with over a hundred of the his followers. Many of them were stabbed to death.