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yes it is true war is not a pretty thing, but this is not just a war its a genocide! It targets women and children... it target society. Almost no Americans know that this is a revenge battle for the killingg of subcontracters (Blackwater mercenaries) who were killed earlier this year and whose burnt bodies were hung from the bridge in Falluja. Many pictures of that bridge even in Corporate Media have spraypainted the message proclaiming that this was revenge for Blackwater.

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THANK YOU MR.BUSH 16.Nov.2004 17:34


thank you... for your skill as a leader...thank you for the checks and balances...that in insure a young american man in a marine unit...that has seen god only knows what,does not have the supervison nor the maturity to deal with what was at hand....where was his squad leader?... that we see 'how the peace is being won'...makes us all aware...as to the level of criminal...incompetent...rouge...national policy you are delivering to us....and calling it "a mandate" you shame me,my family,my country....and most importantly yourself...god help you mr bush...

... 17.Nov.2004 14:58


Who was it? Didn't Goering, Goebbels, one of those Goo-guys say something about how "Shoot one wounded guy in the head on TV and it's an atrocity, kill 100,000 civilians off-camera and it's just a statistic"?

Naw, they said it in German.

Maybe it was Hitler.