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Mainstream media loses all credibility in attempting to cover vote fraud

The American people see the truth, and we will rise to the occasion to save our democracy, with or without the help of the mainstream media.
The only power that the mainstream media has is that the American people trust them to tell us the truth. As more an more Americans realize that the mainstream media is spoonfed news bites that they want us to hear, their propaganda becomes less powerful.

Our democracy is based on a free press and fair vote and it is becoming obvious that in this country we have neither. As our supposed investigative reporters ignore the pile of vote irregularities favoring Bush, they are making their choice to support Facism. But the American people also have a choice to ignore them and become the media themselves which is exactly what is happening. More and more people are shutting their TV's off and searching for real news on the internet.

As the vote fraud issues have become common knowledge, the mainstream media has taken to insulting bloggers on the internet, calling them conspiracy theorists and the like. I would like to suggest to these supposed reporters, that if they were doing their jobs in the first place, America wouldn't be in this situation and bloggers wouldn't have to do their jobs for them. American journalists have failed our country so many times, from lamely ignoring the lack of evidence for WMD's before the war in Iraq, to helping prop up Bush every step of the way in his absurd agenda for our country. When it was discovered that Bush had something rectangular on his back in the debates, and was most likely wired and cheating, the media tried to pretend it didn't happen. When that didn't work, they explained it away as a wrinkle when everyone could see clearly that is was something more. Bush even stated on TV that he 'didn't know what that was- uh- I mean it was a wrinkle'. Once again Bush blatantly lies to the American people and we are supposed to let it go? It is amusing that the mainstream media even expects us to trust them anymore.

I do believe in attempting to cover up this fraudulent election, American media has stooped to an all time low, but of course we all expected it. The fact is however, that we no longer need them. The people have the power to think for themselves and that is exactly what is happening. The American people see the truth, and we will rise to the occasion to save our democracy, with or without the help of the mainstream media.

'We shall know the truth and the truth will set us free'
Sure, they still had some credibility right ? 16.Nov.2004 15:34

Matt Marriott

Sure, they still had some credibility right ? There was a 747 crashing in the Pentagon, Milosevic is a war criminal, there's no problem with oil reserves or "new economy" is the future, right ? Why has Wall Street missed it so badly ? Elementary school students can understand the answer

Arise! 17.Nov.2004 12:59


The corporate media knows that the internet is where real investigative work is being done. Step by Step they are becoming pointless and are revealed more and more as the propaganda arm of wealthy corporate and government interests.

They are obsolete and in the way. Rather than discover a new committment to truth and real journalism, they, like the entrenched old usually does, tries to protect its fading standing by attacking the new, rather than embracing it.

Turn off the TV, stop reading the newspapers. Give them no more of your energy and time. Now is the time for people everywhere to embrace new, decentralized and sustainable expressions for the renewal of our culture!