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National Field Director for Republican Party sought unsafe sex, multiple partners online

The National Field Director and deputy political director for the Republican National Committee Daniel Gurley solicited unprotected sex and multiple sex partners in an online profile at Gay.com, in seeming contradiction with the Party's call for abstinence and positions on gay issues.

The National Field Director and deputy political director for the Republican National Committee Daniel Gurley solicited unprotected sex and multiple sex partners in an online profile at Gay.com, in seeming contradiction with the Party's call for abstinence and positions on gay issues.

His adult chat profile soliciting men for unprotected sex and said he has sex three to five times weekly was discovered yesterday by activist Michael Rogers of blogACTIVE.com.

Gurley admitted to RAW STORY Tuesday he had a profile in his America Online screenname.

That screenname is the same name which appeared in his Gay.com profile yesterday, which was deleted early this morning.

Gurley said he deleted his profile around the time RAW STORY ran an interview with him Sept. 27. He suggested that someone might have re-registered under his name.

Gay.com, however, disagreed. Public relations directed an inquiry to a customer service representative who said that would not be possible.

"We don't allow screennames to be reused," she said.

His public profile states that he is seeking "action/sex," is in an "open relationship" and that his partner and himself "enjoy playing together when we can." His private adult profile is more direct, soliciting unsafe sex and detailing more personal information.

Asked if he remembered soliciting unprotected sex, Gurley said, "I don't remember specifics." He declined to discuss any details of his original profile.

Gurley said that he would not allow gay.com to release their logs which might prove that he deleted the profile months ago.

"I would not authorize Gay.com like I wouldn't authorize them to look at my bank records, or anything else electronic," he said.

In a September interview published by RAW STORY, Gurley said he would not speak about anti-gay marriage flyers the party mailed in the South, which said liberals would ban bibles and legalize homosexual marriage. As National Field Director, he would have a hand in political mailings.

He did, however, intimate that he might not agree with some of the party's tenets.

"I, like anyone else, have policy disagreements with any number of elected officials," Gurley said. "I don't expect to agree with everything that everybody says."

He stated that he had read the 2004 Republican Party platform, approved in August.

It begins, "Ronald Reagan believed that people were basically good, and had the right to be free. He believed that bigotry and prejudice were the worst thing a person could be guilty of."

The platform includes a bolded section titled, "Ensuring Equal Opportunities." The section leads with the sentence, "Our nation is a land of opportunity for all, and our communities must represent the idea of equality for every citizen."

This doesn't, however, apply to gay Americans.

"We believe that neither federal nor state judges nor bureaucrats should force states to recognize other living arrangements as equivalent to marriage."

"After more than two centuries of American jurisprudence , and millenia of human experience, a few judges and local authorities are presuming to change the most fundamental institution of civilization, the union of a man and a woman in marriage."

Amazing disconnect 16.Nov.2004 17:11


Amazing how many diehard repubs are closet gays and nevertheless work hard to put in power those who would happily murder them if they got the chance. The writing's on the wall, people, just like it was on the wall with the publication of Mein Kampf. If you ignore it and work to advance this malignant agenda - like Ernst Rohm and thousands of others did - don't be surprised when you get what they got. Time's coming when the ONLY protection gays will have is that unlicensed .45 Dad brought back from the war.

Somehow I don't think.... 16.Nov.2004 17:57


...that this is what the Republicans meant by having a "mandate."


talk about cognitive dissonance 16.Nov.2004 20:26

White Lilac

I don't understand why blacks, womyn, or queers vote for Bush or the Republican party. Some say it's because of moral values, which is code for gay marriage. Maybe. All I know is that I feel sorry for someone who must be full of such self-loathing. You can feel him trying to stretch his dick: "not an internet 8," his profile reads. Does he drive a phallus-boosting SUV too?

This guy, the number 2 man at the RNC, was outed at the end of September this year, so this isn't about outing him, it's about pointing out how twisted and psychologically/pathologically sick these people are. (And I'm not talking about unsafe sex with multiple partners, either!)

I'm a fan of privacy but I support this effort to cast light on the hypocrisy of those who claim moral superiority but only hurt others in the process. Tragically (fittingly?), Gurley is hurting himself as well. Queers were very visible in this election, and he's managed to hurt us all.

Maybe once you remove that stick from your ass, Dan, you'll find someone to shag it.

Give him a break 21.Nov.2006 10:19


Outing gay Republicans does more harm than good for the cause of gay rights. Do you really want these gays to be kicked out of the Republican party and leave the Republican party without any gays? Though you'll never read about it in the papers, their presence does moderate the party. Ronald Reagan, George Bush and others see gays as humans because they were in contact with them and had/have gay friends and associates. Leave them alone, for goshsakes.

There's no hypocrisy in being gay and Republican. A quarter of all gays vote Republican. Why? Because they prioritized certain values as being higher than their "gay rights," whatever that means. Give them a break.