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Ask Them Yourself! Questions "the 'crats" Will Not Answer.

This government refuses to answer questions regarding the following political prisoners. It includes more than 20 references to informative articles regarding each prisoners crime and the Constitutional Violations of this government in making them criminals, a way to assist in asking your representative questions.
Ask Them Yourself! Questions "the 'crats" Will Not Answer.
By Ed Ward, MD, MT

"The 'crats" (demo, repub, & 'burro') will not answer these questions. Don't believe me? ASK "the 'crats" yourself!

Simply take this link [1*] to "the 'crat" government of your state. You need only contact the representatives of your state, as the majority of representatives will not even officially accept email sent from someone other than a state inhabitant. The site will send 1 email to ALL representatives of your state (as well as the super supreme ones, bush/cheney) with one click.
Dear [Appropriate Salutation Will Be Inserted Here by the site]:

I am contacting my members of Congress regarding an issue of concern to myself and a true Democratic Republic, "this Constitution " (Article VI., Clause 3.: States that ALL state/federal senators, representatives and judges "shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution [2*];" of the US, which contains "The Bill of Rights" [3*]. Surely, "The People " and their representatives should know how many of "The People" [4*] are in jail, felonized or dead because of any/each US law.

"Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government." -- James Madison, Primary Author of the Constitution [5.]President of the United States, Mainstream Militant and Revolutionary

"Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action." ----George Washington [6*], speech of January 7, 1790 in the Boston Independent Chronicle, January 14, 1790

1. How many homeschool parents were incarcerated in 2002 [7*] by state/territory, men/women, misdemeanors/felonies for the last 10 years if possible? How many are still incarcerated? [8*](Note: No mention of HSLDA, Constitutional Abuses Against Families By "This Government", nor, has any official implementation/notation information been available from the Federal Agencies, the Free Press, or "The People's" representatives since passage, except how this government is making it safer.) How many incarcerated homeschool parents are included in the government's prisoner data? [9*] How many homeschool families were invaded by CPS solely on homeschool truancy child abuse charges [10*] from 1996 to present data? (Minimum Estimate: over 10,000)

2. How many Non-Custodial Parents (NCPs) were jailed for failure to pay child support [11*] in the year 2002 by state/territory, men/women, misdemeanors/felonies for the last 10 years if possible).? (Minimum Estimate: MO: 900 felonies, 1,770 misdemeanor nonsupport charges x 56 state/territories=150,000 in 1999, 250,000 in 2002. Possibly more than 1/2 million may be being "encouraged", if this unreferenced editorial of a Child Support reformant in Michigan is correct. [12*])

3. How many NCPs committed suicide in jail for failure to pay the full amount child support in the year 2002 by state/territory, men/women, misdemeanors/felonies for the last 10 years if possible. How many NCPs committed suicide in the year 2002 (Estimate: 12,000 [13*])? How many of these were assessed Child Support based on "their ability to earn" or "underemployment" rather than what the NCP actually made? Yes, there are suicides in jail [14*] for failure to pay child support [15*].

4. How many Restraining Orders (RO) were granted in 2002 by state/territory, men/women, misdemeanors/felonies for the last 10 years if possible). (Estimate 1.7 million)? How many ROs were granted only on THE CLAIM OF FEAR of domestic violence (24,000 [16*] of 36,000 in MA in 2000? How many NCPs committed suicide within six months of receiving the "Silver Bullet" [17*].

5. How many "contempt of courts" are imprisoned? Are "contempt of court" prisoners included in the 2 million Americans in jail [18*] that are documented in the government data? Or, are they simply not noted by the government like most political prisoners? Don't you as a representative of "The People", have contempt for a court that fails to abide by the Constitution [19*]?

6. How many of "The People" were incarcerated under the patriot act by state/territory, men/women, misdemeanors/felonies from the time of enforcement to latest data available?

7. How many felons were denied their rights to vote in 2002 by state/territory, men/women, for the last 10 years if possible? What is the total number of felons being denied a voice in their government? How does taking a citizen's vote help make "The People" safer? (It only makes "illegitimate government" safer.)

8. How many of "The People" were jailed for victimless crimes in 2002 by state/territory, men/women, misdemeanors/felonies for the last 10 years if possible?

9. How many other groups/'The PEOPLE" are incarcerated without numbers?

10. Why is a divorced parent that may have been driven to suicide, some after an RO has been placed, listed in domestic violence (DV) data, as a perpetrator and the ex-spouse as a victim/survivor [20*]?

11. Is this prisoner data being systematically cleansed from documents, like the other information the government does not want known to "The People" [21*]?

12. What is the CIA [22*] doing advising our government on DOMESTIC ISSUES? The CIA was created for and restricted to FOREIGN ISSUES. The CIA was created to gather information on FOREIGN citizens [23*] and to destroy that citizen's government from within [24*]. Why would a Constitutional government want an agency, whose main agenda is overthrowal of governments, turned loose on "The People" of America? [25*]

Any assistance, toward finding answers to any of these questions, would be appreciated by "The People" of the US.

Thank you for your time, consideration of the individual citizen and support of our Constitutional Republic.



Yes, there are many more questions that NEED TO BE ANSWERED. None of which is being asked by the National US PRESS so, feel "ENCOURAGED" TO ADD OR REMOVE QUESTIONS TO THE LIST AND ASK "the 'crats" YOURSELVES! If one person from each state/territory asks their congressional representatives 560 representatives will be notified of the facts regarding removal of Constitutional Rights from "The People" and the need to have true, accurate information for "The People". America only needs one true Representative to "encourage" other representatives to do the constitutionally correct actions. If this request for information does not produce a single reply from Congress, at least, the Public will know 0 down and 560 to go.

You should get a receipt of delivery back from Congress Merge or, if you get any interest in the truth from a concerned representative, PLEASE, forward it to this address  FIRE-US@groups.msn.com

Thank you for your time, consideration of the individual citizen, and your support of a true Constitutional Republic.

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My Best to You and Yours,

Ed Ward, MD,
Founder, LA-CRC,  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LA-CRC/
Founder, LSMP,  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LSMP/
edward19(at)cox.net (at) = @ (for the @ crawlers) my email.
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Learn about your Family and Individual Constitutional Rights and this governments Constitutional Restrictions and Vote.

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