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Serious about organizing for January 20th anti-inauguration?

Are you serious about organizing anti-inauguration protests in portland? Please let me know...
Hi there! Within a few days I'll be putting up a J20 counter inauguration website and getting a space for some planning meetings in early december situated --- anybody serious about working to pull this together?

If you've got time and a serious commitment to organzing for this (doing writing, graphic design, calling local orgs, talking to folks on the street, flyering, facilitating meetings, fundraising, etc. etc.) please let me know...

I'm the author of this article, which outlines some of the basic ideas for a process I'd like to get the ball rolling on:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/11/302036.shtml (I'm super open to other ideas too, that article is just a small piece of the puzzle....)

Locally? 16.Nov.2004 11:52


Are you talking about a local protest or a Wash DC one?

in portland 16.Nov.2004 13:18


in portland