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Oxford Labratory Vet Reports Animal Abuse-ALF Takes Action

AN ALLEGATION of animal abuse at Oxford University has
been investigated by police after a monkey was apparently
kept alive, in pain, after an experiment.
The Times. 12 November 2004.
Oxford inquiry on abuse of monkey
By Nicola Woolcock

AN ALLEGATION of animal abuse at Oxford University has
been investigated by police after a monkey was apparently
kept alive, in pain, after an experiment.
Details have emerged days after the university was granted
an injunction against protesters who halted the
construction of an animal testing centre. Thames Valley
Police said that it completed an investigation yesterday
into a complaint. The Crown Prosecution Service decided
that there were insufficient grounds to proceed with a

This is thought to be the first police investigation into
an issue of animal welfare at the university. The Times
has learnt that the laboratory vet wanted the animal put
out of its misery, but was said to have been refused on
the ground that the animal was an asset.

A Home Office inspector was contacted by the vet and
ordered that the monkey should be put down. A report on
the incident was sent to the police. A police spokesman
said: "Thames Valley Police received an allegation that an
animal may have been caused unnecessary suffering due to a
delay in following veterinary advice to humanely kill the
animal. This matter has been investigated. The delay
amounted to approximately 90 minutes during which time the
animal was under veterinary supervision and medication."
A spokeswoman for the university said that staff had
detected illness in an animal being used in biomedical
research. Vets diagnosed an infection and the animal was
treated with antibiotics but did not respond quickly, so
euthanasia was recommended.
The ALF - out and about.......

Subject: Oxford Doc's visited at home (UK)
Two reports received anonymously: 12 November 2004
"This week we visited the house of Doctor Paul Azzopardi
of 19 Church Way, Iffley, Oxford who works in the
Department of Experimental Psychology at Oxford
University, this hell hole has today again been exposed
for the worst kind of animal torture. Their own vet
reported them to the police because they refused to allow
a monkey to be put to sleep despite its poison ravaged
body convulsing in pain. Their reason " its an Asset"
these sick f**kers deserve everything they get!
Which on this occasion meant a night time visit where we
found two cars parked outside and introduced their tyres
to our friend stanley.... knife that is and slashed them
to bits. You got off light!
No one at that university is safe all the time you persist
with your plans to build the new laboratory a state of the
arc torture centre. This one's for Barry. ALF"

"On Wednesday the 10th of November news broke that Oxford
University had been granted an injunction against the
lawful SPEAK campaign. We, (the ALF nothing to do with
SPEAK) had been waiting so as not to damage legal
proceedings for those of SPEAK fighting this infringement
of human rights and freedom of speech. However the very
night this decision was announced we decided to spoil any
celebrations those monsters at Oxford might be planning
and to take away any grain of comfort they may have had
from this useless bit of legislation we struck.

We made our first blow at the heart of animal abuse at
Oxford University by visiting the home of Professor John
Campbell and Doctor Alison Harvey at 1 Race Farm Cottages,
Race Farm Lane, Kingston Bagbuize, Abingdon, Oxfordshire,
both work at The Department of Experimental Psychology
where animals are tortured to death every day. This
department would be connected to the new laboratory by a
walkway if these sickos got their way. So in the dead of
night we struck the very big and expensive looking car on
their driveway had all its tyres slashed to bits and was
daubed in bright red paint and SCUM written over it. Their
nice white garage door had ALF in five foot high letters
painted on it!

The message is clear and simple to anyone connected to
Oxford University abandon your plans for this new torture
centre or face the consequences. ALF"

homepage: homepage: http://www.speakcampaigns.org.uk/

not here 25.Jul.2005 18:14


the address as above has changed. i do not have the correct addresses at this time but do know that this property has changed hands in the last year and is no longer inhabited by these so called doctors. thanks.