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Don't Support the Troops! Not if They are Committing War Crimes

The televised execution of Iraqi wounded in Fallujah by U.S. Marines is just the tip of an ugly iceberg. The U.S. has adopted a policy of war crimes and genocide in Fallujah and elsewhere that puts it right up there with Milosevic and his thugs.

It is depressingly predictable how "worked up" the Pentagon brass gets about an atrocity committed in gross violation of the Geneva Conventions when the crime is captured on film, as happened during this recent Fallujah action in the case of an NBC pool cameraman showing the execution by a US Marine of a wounded Iraqi captive, and the apparent execution of several other wounded captives later on.

But does anyone seriously believe that this particularly grisly atrocity is the only one that occurred during the week-long and ongoing assault?

The casual way it was done, in front of the embedded cameraman, makes it clear that quite to the contrary, this must be standard operating procedure for the American soldiers, who weren't even worried about about the possible consequences of their being photographed. (Remember, the executioner was not alone, and none of his colleagues tried to stop him.)

How surprised should we be at this bloodthirsty and criminal behavior? The goal of the assault on Fallujah was not the capture of a city--the normal situation in a war. It was the killing of all the insurgents who were in the city.

Consider this. The approach taken to this assault was first to ring the city with a cordon of over 10,000 heavily armed troops, supported by virtually the entire fleet of U.S. warplanes in the Iraq theater--F-15s, F-18s, A-10 Warthogs and helicopter and fixed-wing gunships. Women and children were allowed to leave the doomed city, but all males "of fighting age" were turned back if they tried to leave.

You have to ask: turned back for what purpose?

If the goal was to capture potential guerrillas, here were the men and boys trying to leave, offering themselves up to be arrested, investigated, interrogated and even held in detention. But instead of this, they were turned back to face the coming attack (this action in itself was a major violation of the Geneva Conventions, which require armies to allow non-combatants to leave the scene of combat). If they were really fighters, did it make sense to send them back into Fallujah where they could pick up weapons and possibly kill U.S. soldiers? If the goal was to capture insurgents, then these unfortunates would simply have to be captured later, accomplishing the same thing, but under much more dangerous circumstances for both them and for their U.S. attackers.

Clearly the real goal all along was something else: to kill them all?insurgents, potential insurgents, and any other "fighting age" males (that included little boys as young as 15!) unlucky enough to be residents of Fallujah.

That such horrors are going on in our name should be no surprise. This war was never about "liberation." It is about conquest.

That so little is being said about it here in the U.S. is a crime.

"Support the troops" we are told.

But we cannot do that, if the troops are engaged in criminal behavior.

Surely no American would wish harm to the many thousands of good men and women, boys and girls who have been snatched away from their families and their lives to fight Bush's war in Iraq. We want them all home safe, immediately. But no one should be blindly adopting a slogan that implies supporting what the troops are doing in Iraq, which we know includes atrocities worthy of the German SS.

It should be clear to any thinking person that the U.S. cannot win in Iraq. Unable to defeat the insurgency in there, the U.S. has turned to terror and to military tactics--the executing of wounded and captured fighters, the turning back of refugees, the denial of water and food to people in Fallujah, the barring of ambulances and medics from the scene of battle, the deliberate destruction of medical facilities and the capture and closure of hospitals, the gunning down of unarmed people trying to swim to safety--that are on their face war crimes. Yet in adopting such tactics, the U.S. is ensuring that it cannot win either. The criminal behavior of American troops in Fallujah, so reminiscent of the behavior of Serbian troops in Bosnia, now broadcast over all of the Middle East, merely encourages more Arab and Iraqi fighters to enlist in the growing anti-American jihad.

For the rest of this column, please go (at no charge) to This Can't Be Happening! .

homepage: homepage: http://www.thiscantbehappening.net

point blank 16.Nov.2004 11:04


You must ask yourself what they are doing there in the first place?

Once the US army leave Fallujaha, more fighters will be sent to replace those killed or captured.

This is not a conventional battlefield were you clear an area and move on.

Military is out of it league and your soldiers, or should I say CHILDREN, are being murdered to support an economic boost for the US through bogus defence contracts.

Every American, pay attention, pull your heads out of your fucking asses, once and for all, save yourself some cash and put the bullet in Bush's brain.

You will need to be a marksman, even at point-blank range, to achieve this, however, the world will be a better place immediatly.

Clear enough?

Or does it have to happen, for you to finally take the fucking hint?

Renounce it all! 16.Nov.2004 11:32


As a Christian I renounce the activities of the troops and the cover up of whatever Bush is wearing. Whether a wire to give him answers in the debate or a medical device because he's in ill health, the public should know about it (See link in the opening post above for photos)

babble 16.Nov.2004 14:40

from bubbaland

"Do you support the troops?" is a fundamentally meaningless question. There's no meat to it. There's no there there. Nobody should get trapped into the mind game of answering it "yes" or "no." The right answer is "what do you mean exactly?" The people asking the question usually go on about their business without even trying to explain themselves. They don't know what the fuck they mean either.

my morbid side 16.Nov.2004 21:56


He was proud. Not proud enough to pay for his hospital bills or to replace the Hummer he was proud to serve in or the taxes used to train him to defend America and not build Bush an empire, and this and that. But proud all the same. "FUCK YOU!" he said, GLUG GLUG GLUG, as he rolled away.

Next day. BANG, case closed. The VA can use the taxes that would have been flushed on his life, which he obviously didn't think too much about, and use it to place bandaids on the other's wounds.

What? You think the real jailer of HELL will be any kinder than I am??? REPENT!