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How about coming up to my place and I will show you my pretzels

Now is you chance to add a caption a picture of our resident and the queen of the damned.
C: George, this is a press conference. Put the rubber chicken away until later.
W: For this minute, I will forget about sticking it to the world.
W: Brown suga, ...
C: OH! OH! OH!
¡Metalo dentro de mi! 16.Nov.2004 10:07


Venga y voy a comer tu Pretzel con gusto!

I think 16.Nov.2004 10:45


Has had some dental work

lies lies lies 16.Nov.2004 10:58


all lies


Gee George ... 16.Nov.2004 11:31


Condi: Gee George, I would never have guessed that bulge in your pants was PRETZELS! I always assumed it was a pair of socks.

Dubya: Yeah, well they're, uhh, NUCULAR pretzels. And anyway, what difference does THAT make now that the voters have spoken?

Condi: Nuclear pretzels? How so?

Dubya: Well, it goes back to when I accepted Jesus as my personal lord and savior. I was baptized in a river at one of those revival things, but I found out later what I thought was a river was the runoff from one of them nucular plants.

Condi: Wow! What happened?

Dubya: Three days later my friggin' jewels fell off! THAT'S what happened! Oh, yeah, and I found Jesus. Changed my life, I can tell ya.

Condi: I can certainly see that.

Dubya: Hey! Don't get smart with me! Just because most of the world thinks I'm, errr, testicularly challenged doesn't mean I'm gonna let you crack wise. I'm your f***in' president and don't you ever forget it!

behold 16.Nov.2004 12:08


Behold the puppet master!

Whoops, that wasn't were I was suppose to put my hand.

I have been annointed, next stop bohemian grove! 16.Nov.2004 15:41

king david

C:"It's good to be the queen"

B:just keep telling yourself that condi, your taking the heat for 9/11 dumb beeatch


Next up, rumsfeld out the door, wolfie steps up, then cheney goes...the propaganda has already started. "Cheney in hospital...but he's ok, even after a grueling campaign schedule". 3 months from now:

"I regretfully admit, the doctors are making me retire"...next up, giuliani on a leash.