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election fraud


Another 'HOOP' that American citizens must jump through for their candidates.
Kerry allegedly had $45 million that was allotted for 'election fraud' lawsuits which he never initiated. So that money remains unspent.

Why was the Green Party forced to come up with the recount money?

Why wasn't the measley $100,000+ recount money that was being asked for... PAID BY Kerry in his OWN ELECTION?

This speaks volumes about what is going on behind closed doors!!!
they opened the doors, so you gave your consent to accept the mark 16.Nov.2004 08:31

Matt Marriott

How Michael Moore is used to cover-up electronic vote fraud, NATO war crimes and 9/11

... if you ask yourself : why doesn't Kerry contest this grotesque fraud insted of conceading defeat, try remembering what did you ask yourself as Kerry admitted to be part of the same satanic secret society as his "oppositor" ...


Don't rush to conclusions just yet 16.Nov.2004 10:13

supporter of voter's rights

INSIDE THE ELECTION FRAUD BATTLE: Think Kerry Is Not Involved In This Fight? Think Again.

by Betsy R. Vasquez

Here is an illuminating article on Kerry's possible strategy, which I found a few hours after posting something here at PDX to the effect: Kerry's seeming lack of response is a tactic...we must wait and see....

see: opednews.com/vasquezBetsy_11604_think_Again.htm

Kerry, being a former prosecuting attorney, is waiting for "hard evidence" before he makes his case.......don't discount him yet.

what's the point? 16.Nov.2004 10:43


I'm sure they can fake an execution, just like the moon landings, only try to get your lighting correct this time (see here for light propagation math -  http://www.gieis.uni.cc).

Tweedle dum - tweedle dee politics is all over the world, only in the US, a full blown dictatorship run by Skull & Bones, connected families, and royal families across the globe.

A society will take so much, then a shockwave of realisation hits it and all hell breaks loose. Let's just say the won't be connected to the face of the Earth much longer, if they do not present themselves for prosecution.

By seeing that this is the main theme across the indymedia service, it is a powerful indicator of such an event shortly.

Questions To Betsey V. 16.Nov.2004 10:49


But there was hard evidence of these voting machines being compromised several months BEFORE the election. Why did he wait even this long?

Also why didn't HE pay the crummy $150,000 for a recount of his OWN election instead of asking American citizens to fork up the money?

I am really posing these questions.

At this point 16.Nov.2004 11:07


Treat anything you hear from MSM and the left-gate keepers as a lie first. Work backwards to discover truth.

Michael Moore, did you know...that disney agreed to give up the film...with one catch. They keep the money. So while you watched that film and of course I'm guilty as well and ashamed. Know that those dollars went straight to Eisner...and we know where his loyalties lie...it definitely ain't bambie or the seven dwarves.

So check this out, Moore, gets his "message" out, he makes some cash, he tries a publicity stunt of going around dissing Nader, then he winds up on his website.."hey, shit happens, wait for my next movie farenheit911 1/2"...at least that's what I think he plans on exploiting next.

Let me guess...he's endorsing hillary in 08....PUH-LEAZE...that is not something to look forward to, because I won't vote for her...would you? If the democrats have their way again...it will be Jeb Bush/Giuliani vs. Hillary/Barack...learn something here. Hillary is a woman, a no-no in the south, and barack is black, another no-no in the south. That team is worse then kerry/edwards. Nothing the clintoncrats will do, will change that fact.

Dump the democrats and start fresh. A true progressive party, not wannabees with fancy hats.

vote 16.Nov.2004 19:02


vote vet