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The mortician cometh

The appointment of Dr. Rice as Sec. of State
Dr. Rice as Sec. Of State?

From all the rumors and leaks, it looks like Dr. Rice will be our next Sec. Of State, and the world will groan one more time. The Bush Administration has made so many stupid mistakes, has infuriated the rest of the world with their arrogance, I suppose one more kick in the most sensitive part of the international body of politics will not make much difference. Dr. Rice, (nicknamed the mortician), will cause more wars and murder of the innocent----all in the name of freedom.

Bush sees his reelection as vindication and does not want any "Doubting Thomas" near him, so the one voice of reason is leaving and the one voice who will tell this president he is right on everything will take over international policies. It would seem that the more you screw up in this white house the higher you go.

Congratulations to the 60 million or so Americans who drank from the fountain of ignorance, you have now succeeded in placing the world in the hands of a person who is best known by the number of dead children still lying in the streets of Fallujah. The doctor is about to make her rounds.

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