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imperialism & war

Foreign Fighters?!?

"foreign fighters loyal to" George W.!
"foreign fighters loyal to"

Foreign fighters here, Foreign fighters there...
Lemme see, who's the "foreign fighter" here? The arabic guy who travelled 100 miles to help his cousins keep the US outta Fallujah, or the lily-ass Marine from San Diego?

What the fuck gives with this _idiotic_ terminology? It is regrettable that Washington actually attains successes with this kind of brainless propaganda aimed at the 2nd grade reading level...
Terminology misunderstanding? 16.Nov.2004 06:02

Mike stepbystepfarm <a> mtdata.com

That apparent silliness is simply a misunderstanding about the usual terminology of war.

The US was/is at WAR (officially so) with Iraq. The point here is simply that soldiers of combatant STATES aren't considered "foreign" to a war.

The reference here to "foreign fighters" is to ones from states claiming NOT to be in the war. Thus a fighter from 100 miles away (say Syria) is "foreign" not because Syria is another country but because it is not a combatant state. If, for example, the US declared a state of war against Syria or vice versa then those fighters would immediately cease to be "foreign".

The language of war is highly specialized to war betweeen STATES. So are things such as the Geneva Conventions (which do not really provide much if any protection to soldiers fighting on behalf of a non-state entity).

Sorry 16.Nov.2004 07:08


We are not at war with Iraq. The last war the US declared was WWII, 63 years ago.

If you say that we are in a "War on Terror" then that includes anybody. Hell, we've got our own foreign fighters right here in Portland with the Portland 6 (or 7 or 6, depending on how you count).

Either way, the Geneva Convention does apply to any organized war/conflict/etc., despite what the new Attorney General Gonzales may think.

A beautiful example 16.Nov.2004 07:19


This just again demonstrates the use of image control which has become Psyops in doublethink linked to phrases and words that twist the original meaning like our good friend Mike has just done by the hair splitting in its very narrow definition which side tracks the original truth.
Good point about the deliberate pathological hypocrisy of our media. Think tanks of well paid consultants craft these semantic attacks on reality.

well wait a minute 16.Nov.2004 14:51


No no no no.

The U.S. has already conquered Iraq, so NOW the Iraqi forces are whoever is working for the U.S. Anybody else is by definition either a local "insurgent" or a "foreign terrorist."

That's the vocabulary they're using.