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Join the B.U.S.H. Boycott! 11/22/04

NOVEMBER 22, 2004!


H.ome from Iraq!

"I earned capital in the campaign, political capital, and now I intend to spend it."
--George W. Bush, 11/4/04


We United States citizens have allowed the Bush Administration to effectively bankrupt the U.S. economy by using OUR taxpayer dollars to fund an illegal, preemptive war on Iraq. To date, over 1,200 U.S. soldiers and an estimated 100,000 Iraqi civilians have died and nearly 8,500 U.S. soldiers have been wounded in this illegal war.

A growing number of people of all political persuasions are renouncing this illegal war as a grotesque failure. To George W. Bush we say, "Enough is enough!" It's time we citizens take control of how our money is spent! It's time we, the people, TAKE BACK AMERICA!

We must band together as a UNITED FRONT to stop the funding of the illegal, genocidal war on Iraq and bring ALL U.S. soldiers safely home.

Preventing the flow of capital to the government is the only way that the Bush Administration will comply with our demand. This can be accomplished through a MASSIVE, collective, cooperative CASH-flow boycott.


WHEN: Monday, November 22, 2004*
(Phase I)

WHERE: banks, savings & loans, credit
unions, ATMs--nationwide


Bring all United States soldiers
safely home from Iraq.

1) On Monday, November 22, 2004,
withdraw as much CASH as you can
afford to NOT SPEND from your bank,
savings & loan, credit union, or ATM
until all U.S. soldiers are safely home
from Iraq.

The amount of CASH can be $5, $10, $20
or more, whatever you can afford to NOT
SPEND until all United States soldiers are
safely home from Iraq.


If you withdraw CASH from your ATM,
black out your account number on your
receipt. Write: B.U.S.H. BOYCOTT on the
receipt, and put it in an ATM envelope.
Insert the envelope in the ATM message

If you withdraw CASH from a bank, inform
the teller or bank manager that you are
participating in the B.U.S.H. Boycott and
will REDEPOSIT this CASH when all
United States soldiers are safely home
from Iraq.

Email, fax, call, write government
representatives, the media, corporations,
businesses, and financial institutions
explaining that you have withdrawn CASH
from your savings account, that you will
not spend, lend or invest your CASH, and
that you will REDEPOSIT your CASH when
all United States soldiers are safely home
from Iraq.

3) Put YOUR CASH in a safe place. Do not
spend, lend, or invest it. Think of it as an
investment in our children's future.

4) Tell everyone you know about the
B.U.S.H. boycott.

5) The B.U.S.H. Boycott is a grassroots
effort created and supported by
concerned citizens who want the illegal
war on Iraq to end. It is not controlled by
the media, political pundits, or corporate
America. Its success depends soley on
we, the people of the United States of

*THE B.U.S.H. BOYCOTT, will be REPEATED on the following dates:

Wednesday, December 22, 2004, Phase 2.

Thursday, January 20, 2005, Phase 3.

Got it half right 16.Nov.2004 18:16


I love the idea of Boycotts. Its basically the only power we have left since the entire federal government has been taken over by the GOP. But I was thinking of actually boycotting ATMS! because alot of them are made by Diebold, the fraudulent vote machine company. The cash boycott idea I just don't get how that makes a difference. Try not spending money at all unless its 4 absolute essential. Everyone I know is getting used books for Christmas. Oh, and I'd love to start a TANK-A-MONTH movement. Drivers aren't going to quit using their cars altogether, but cutting back to one fill-up per month would seriously hurt the big oil boys and be relevant to the issue that is casing this stinking war. Besides, I have $25K in the bank right now, and it won't fit under my pillow....

Tank-a-month...try it.

I like the idea 16.Nov.2004 23:01

mini-monkey wrench

money has no power if it just sits. when it it's in a bank, it's still being used. (your money working for other folks at the time) if a large enough number of people just took some of THIER money completely out of circulation, it would do no favors for the consumer/capitalist economy. if even more people did it, it could do some damage

also, buy less, barter more

use as little money as possable, cash if you have to

keep as little cash in the bank, as little debt as you can
and keep the hell away from the stock market (it's all a crap shoot anyways)