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Chomsky in 2008? Reflections on politics post-November 2

This time, more than any other, requires a new space for critical discourse, for public intellectuals to "speak truth to power"
As Democrats are left salivating over a possible Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama ticket in 2008, progressives are looking for different kind of campaign and a different candidate next time.

As US foreign policy will continue to be the issue in the coming years, there is a need for America 's public intellectual and most vociferous critic of its foreign policy to make an independent run for President. Noam Chomsky should make a run as the People's President if only to provide a new platform to critique American foreign policy in an age when many are feeling helpless and distraught at the recent Republican rout.

It's time for the distinguished linguist, author of over 80 books, MIT professor and public intellectual to take his show on the road and take his criticisms to a broader audience. He's been visiting Congress since the 60s lobbying against the Vietnam War -- this is hardly new to him.

There's a myriad of reasons why he should run. The death toll in Iraq is now over 100,000 and larger if you include the effect of sanctions prior to the War, over 1,000 US fatalities, 65 UK and 66 'other' soldiers. There are also over 12,000 injured soldiers. 21,972 have been evacuated for medical and 'other' reasons. 600 US military troops have deserted the military since the beginning of the war and 21 have committed suicide. As least one in 5 soldiers returning home reported serious mental health problems. The major political parties and the mainstream news media have not asked the important questions that need to be asked.

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no way 16.Nov.2004 03:46


my opinion: a waste of time

a lot is at stake here and it will take more than a president to stop the rich

this empire will not fall peacefully

No 16.Nov.2004 13:24

George Bender

Chomsky supported Kerry. Nader in 2008!