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election fraud


All 3 Candidates knew the Voting machines were compromised.
There was no Election Fraud.
Did Kerry or Nader at any time mention the compromised election machines BEFORE the election?

Isn't that a key to this reoccurring riddle? For anyone seriously running for President of the United States of America... the MOST powerful country in the world... wouldn't that be a MAJOR bone of contention? Rigged election machines?... NOT in your favor?

Has it been any great secret for several months that the machines -- coincidently manufactured by the largest contributor to Bush's campaign -- had been shown to be easily hacked into? By students, no less?
Funny. That too, did not sound off any alarms for Kerry or the ultra left-wing Nader.

However if you're 'a paid actor' -- going through the motions of being a concerned Presidential nominee for the benefit of the gullible 'American People' -- a few compromised voting machines in key states are quite necessary to do the show.
How else can the fix be done?

Watch Kerry and Nader.
Look at how immensely condescending they as are as they lie, lie, lie.
Really. Is there anything more to say than this?
from fsrn 11.15 15.Nov.2004 23:37

king friday

Could the OH Recount Give Presidency to Kerry?
President Bush's small 136,000 vote victory in Ohio has come firmly into question after mounting pressure has forced a recount of sorts. The Ohio Secretary of State's office is now counting at least one hundred and fifty five thousand provisional ballots and an undetermined number of overseas absentee ballots cast in the November second presidential election. And the approximately five and a half million votes already counted will now be officially recounted, at the request of the Green and Libertarian parties. Should a majority of votes in the new counting turn out to be for John Kerry, the electoral vote count would then give him the presidency. But however the vote count turns out, there are thousands of Ohio voters who say that the election was stolen. Pacifica Radio's National Affairs correspondent Larry Bensky reports from Columbus, Ohio, where a citizens forum this weekend heard testimony from Ohio voters.


Who's Watching? 16.Nov.2004 07:24

Leslie O

And who's watching the Ohio Secretary of State's Office?