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We're Sorry World!

wonderful link
. 15.Nov.2004 22:56


This is the most pathetic bullshit imaginable. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves and do something about it! Only in this country will you find some many fearful cowardly people masquerading as concerned citizens.

Unfortunately, Some Amerikan Assholes Aren't Sorry 15.Nov.2004 22:58

Ashamed of my fellow Amerikans

Talk about useful idiots...or more accurately useless idiots...


Not again! 15.Nov.2004 22:59


Jesus, Not this again! That is not wonderful. It is another example of the cowed obedient liberals who will just walk passively down the road of fascism mumbling how sorry they are. Stop whining and do something! It is not too late to stop Bush!

Hey 16.Nov.2004 00:41

Catalina Eddie

I'm sorry Bush "won" and glad JFK lost, but I ain't apologizing to anyone. The vote was hacked. It was hacked from way back, and it's time to send them ALL to prison; the whole corrupt bunch.