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New Organization Explores California Secession

California group forms committee to explore California secession and launches website moveonCalifornia.org.
They are mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore.
A Santa Barbara man is forming an organization proposing that California secede from the United States.
"Some might consider this a knee-jerk reaction to recent political events," says Jeff Morrissette, founder of the Committee to Explore California Secession.
While the chances of California seceding from the U.S. might be considered comparable to hell freezing over, organizers do believe they have a legitimate message.
"While I acknowledge I can't possibly speak for all Californians," Morrissette says, "I do think the majority of people in this state do not want to entrust their future to religious conservative idealogues who have a stranglehold on the politics and policies of this nation."
Morrissette also cites what he calls the "economic sabotage" of energy brokers and traders who bilked California citizens out of as much as $9 billion during the 2000 and 2001 energy crisis.
"Most Californians believe that it is not a coincidence that these energy companies were not-so-strange bedfellows with the Bush administration and their actions were motivated both by greed and politics."
While the U.S. may be climbing out of an economic recession Morrissette says the agenda of the right is taking the country into what he calls a "cultural recession."
"The Conservatives are not only impeding progress on stem cell research and gay civil unions, they also want to roll back the gains our country has made over the last half century especially with regards to women's choice and civil liberties."
The Committee to Explore California Secession launched a website moveonCalifornia.orgthis week with the goal of sparking a debate among Californians. The site will publish views on California secession both pro and con.
"Secession may not be the answer nor may it be realistic," says Morrissette. "But it will send a message that California--the world's fifth largest economy--will not stand idly by and surrender our future to a religious theocracy envisioned by the far right."

Contact: Jeff Morrissette, Move On California, PO Box 457, Santa Barbara, CA USA 93102
Email: info@moveoncalifornia.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.moveoncalifornia.org

if this'll keep more of 'em from moving up here... 15.Nov.2004 20:39


...then i'm all for it!

No to racism 15.Nov.2004 21:17


This is the kind of comment I've come to expect from nationalists and Nazis in different countries. Blame the foreigners, particularly ones of a different color.
If this is your politics before you even get your beloved Cascadia, then we who do come from another country have a lot to be worried about.

. 15.Nov.2004 21:46


I think the poster meant more Californians from moving to Oregon. Humor it was

We need a national web site and organization 16.Nov.2004 09:28

An Oregonian

Focusing on such issues as not wanting Californians to move up here only weaken our movement, for they are distracting divisive issues. If you are concerned about Californians moving up here, that is another issue for another forum. What we really need is a web site and discussion forum to bring all secession movements throughout the country together, so they can network, coordinate, work together on state initiatives. We really do all need to work together here.

We need the support of other state secessionist movements if we are going to be successful.

We need to coordinate efforts with them so we have an organized plan. If each state or region has its own hodge podge movement independent of the others, it will lose power and be more likely to fail.

Educating the public is another big challenge. Most people see secession as a radical/fringe issue that has no hope of passing. They generally think we are talking about civil wars or violent overthrows. They question whether it is even legal to talk about such things. They also have serious questions about what we would do if we did secede (civil defense, economic trade, etc.) So we need a significant public relations effort to bring this topic out from the radical/fringe/violence curtain to be seen as a viable solution in the eyes of the general public. Furthermore, once a state measure for secession is up to vote in any state, the opponents will capitalize on these conceptions and tear it down. So we need to write FAQ white papers that describe the issues of secession and take other actions to reach out to the soccer moms and others in our communities.

For those reasons, I suggest we setup a national secession web site, with a discussion board, with focus areas on different states and regions, and movements (e.g. Cascadia, Oregon Washington, California, New England, Vermont, etc.). We need lawyers, input from a variety of people, people driving state initiatives, etc.

If we want to ever do anything more than talk about this, we need to organize something like this. All we need to do is register a domain name, get a hosting company, load something like phpBB ( http://www.phpbb.com) on it, have some people to moderate the forum, and were up and running. I would do it myself but I have way too much stuff to deal with right now.

growing food 4 seccesion 16.Nov.2004 13:12

Cascadian in CA

All about small permaculture gardens all over the west that wants 2 withdraw from the Bush regime & US imperialism..

Foraging 4 acorns and other wild edibles would also help in times of need. We can do this nonviolently and also trade GMO free permaculture food products w/ Asia and other countries without interference from US military tax & biotech corporations..

in case anybody's interested 16.Nov.2004 15:15


"Permaculture" is not a generic term for sustainable agriculture.

It's a particular sectarian doctrine created and promoted by a particular guy.

When I first heard about "Permaculture" it was from a hippie in Philadelphia, and I said, "Oh, you mean like what the Amish people do?"

And of course he looked at me like I was nuts and said, "NO!"

'Cause they're a DIFFERENT sustainable-agriculture sect ...

Parallel Movement - Republic of Pacifica (Oregon, Washinton, California, Hawaii) 25.Nov.2004 13:11


check out  http://www.republicofpacific.org
(go to the expression of interest page and follow instructions)

crude site but lofty goals - emphasis is on LEGAL and LAWFUL exploration of independence for 4 states bonded togheter by an ocean and common thinking.


Can the rest of California seceed from LA and San Francisco 22.Aug.2005 10:09

Keith Chandler

If you look at a map of California counties. most of them went Republican including Orange, San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernadino Counties (2,3,4,5 largest in the State) So I propose that we let LA county and SF bay area leave seceed from us, and they can take the close minded ad-hock hatred with them! Oh and they can have their social wellfare system too!