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Does this remind anyone of anything?

Its Vietnam all over again
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A man set himself on fire about 2 p.m. Monday on Pennsylvania Avenue outside the White House.

The man, whose identity and condition have not been released, was taken to a hospital for treatment.

"Members of the uniformed Secret Service responded and administered first aid to the individual until D.C. fire and EMS arrived," said Secret Service public relations spokesman Jonathan Cherry. "The individual has been transported to the burn unit at Medstar at the Washington Hospital Center. An investigation is currently under way."

The investigation is being conducted by U.S. Park Police, whose jurisdiction includes the property directly outside the fence surrounding the White House.

President Bush went about his regular schedule during and after the incident, said White House spokesman Trent Duffy.

One witness said the man approached a security checkpoint building at the northwest gate of the White House and showed a writing pad with the word "urgent" written on it. When a uniformed Secret Service guard asked if he could help him, the man began walking along the fence toward the guard.

Another witness near the scene heard the unidentified man yelling in Arabic, "God is great," several times. And several witnesses said a bag the man was carrying started burning, pouring out thick black smoke that enveloped him.

The man appeared to fall face forward on the ground in front of the gate security building, the witnesses said, and uniformed Secret Service agents rushed to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher.

The section of Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House was cordoned off. Secret Service agents evacuated the immediate area in front of the White House, including the North Lawn area used by television organizations and other journalists, while initial examinations of the man and his bag were conducted.
Yes 15.Nov.2004 20:12


That people can not be beaten in their homelands. That all a dysfunctional society like America can do is increase the number of the dead before they are finally driven out. That Iraq must be a uniting force in the world, against the likes of US.

Yankee / Cowboy go home. Allah, ease the pain of the very brave.

No 16.Nov.2004 02:33


No, what reminds me of vietnam...is an entire administration of throwback, nixonian, crooked, treasonous, snake oil salesmen, that have taken over our government through corruption, lies, fear, spying, terror, and imprisonment of it's own people.

It started with daddy bush...but when he looked like a deer in the headlights, when he answered this question like this in 1992:

reporter: Mr bush, some say you just don't get it.

h.w.:......pause....pause...ugh, oh...pause...I get it.*blink blink*

...he figured he would set up his son to try this same stage trick, except W's impersonation of a deer in the headlights was on 911, he deserves an academy ward for that one.

"I did not want to scare the children"...yeah, and you needed an alibi too, that's why you didn't testify under oath for the commission that you approved. We know and you knew, maybe osama will do bush a favor and give him 911redux.

... 16.Nov.2004 15:45

this thing here

>That people can not be beaten in their homelands.<

i think there is one hell of a lot of truth in that.

this is just classic. it says everything about the bush presidency:

>President Bush went about his regular schedule during and after the incident, said White House spokesman Trent Duffy.<

a thousand people could set themselves on fire in front of the white house, or even in front of bush's desk in the oval office, and he wouldn't notice. let him live with the thousands of dead bodies his actions have made piled around him, and at most the man would chuckle and make an innappropriate joke about the smell...