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"Are Citizens of the USA Tired of Democracy?" A Response to the Presidential Elections

Prior to elections in Afghanistan, U.S. politicians asked, "Are the people ready for democracy?" implying that life under the rule of a repressive regime had stunted their capacity for participating as free people in the running of their government. In the reverse, those of us who are dismayed by officials' and citizens' conduct during recent U.S. elections are asking, "Have the citizens of the United States decided that authoritarian rule is to be preferred over Liberty?"
A Movement and Country in Denial
With it's 11,000 lawyers and millions of dollars the democrats are doing virtually nothing about the stolen 2004 election. Instead they are once again blaming someone. This time the 'red states'. And they are already talking about strategies for 2008 as if that one will somehow magically be fair. Knowingly or unknowingly they work to prevent real dissent, and protect the status quo. This sort of thinking permeates many leftist media outlets and indymedia is not exempt. If you go to NYC Indymedia, their front page has not a single headline about vote fraud. Likewise if you read the latest NYC Indypendent, there is almost no mention of vote fraud in this post election issue which is billed as an election wrap-up.

This while hundreds of stories are accumulating from many states, and dedicated individuals nationwide work to raise the issue to national prominence and challenge the results before the Electoral College convenes on Dec. 13th. Not only do they have to struggle against the mainstream corporate media nearblackout, but against the denial of much leftist media as well. Bush is not yet (s)elected. Now is the time to ACT!

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