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The Right to Resist

The Right to Resist

John Paul Cupp


The US imperialists and "Israel" speak often of human rights, of lofty virtues, and of noble ideals. What is the greatest of all human rights? It is none other than the collective rights of a nation's people to self-determination, to self-reliance and independence in all spheres of society, including economic emancipation. Part and parcel to this is the sacred duty and inalienable right of the masses of these countries to resist, including by force of arms, when their collective spirit is shackled and occupied.

It is widely noted that the founding charter of the United Nations spells out clearly the right of an occupied people to resist by force of arms, but more importantly the birthright of a nation's masses to the lands in which they were born guarantees this great freedom. Beyond all the rhetoric of "terrorism" lies the reality that every major national liberation struggle, at some point in time culminated in the need for armed struggle. The world knows the deaths of millions who laid down their lives for the cause of the homeland. Just as boldly, today Iraq and Palestine resist, gun in hand.

Are you not the greatest love of the whole world, oh yea Fedayeens! Iraq and Palestine are the symbol and pride of the Arab streets, glorious and defiant, her majestic Arab Intifadah! The lands of Al-Aqsa and the lands of ancient Mesopotamia are today an outstanding reminder of what is sacred and beautiful in the world.

Not so long ago the countries of sub-Sahara Africa were resisting Apartheid colonialism, by the force of guns. At such a time, Nelson Mandela was a controversial political prisoner, labeled a "terrorist", much as H.E. President Saddam Hussein is unfairly slandered today. The white Afrikaners, who had significantly greater control over the important channels of communication and finance than did the indigenous black Africans, engaged in serious propaganda. These efforts aimed to humiliate the black African people, and to demonize the legitimate grievances of their resistance forces. Nonetheless, the black Africans achieved many gains, and to this day maintain their struggle until victory, proud of whom they are and were they come from.

"Chimeranga!" (Liberation war) yell the Africans.

"Intifadah!" yell the Arabs.

"Resistance!" yell the entire world's people, hands held around the globe.

"Death to US imperialism and Zionism"

"We are with the resistance in Palestine and Iraq! They are our heroes and we are proud of them!" in their hearts the oppressed masses say.

It is time for the people in the United States to understand what the rest of the world understands, that the freedom fighters in Iraq and Palestine, who are labeled "terrorists", are the masses of these countries, they are the best and brightest sons and daughters of Palestine and Iraq. The Intifadah's martyrs are the seeds of blood for the whole of Arab society's national salvation, resisting, as is their human right. Fighting the fascists and crusaders of our era, they want a unique Arab existence and way of life. The struggle will continue in all forms until genuine independence is achieved, and the strength of the imperialist and Zionist aggressors is broken. The Arabs, like all people, have a right to resist.