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Dr. Dean for DNC chairperson?

Dr. Dean for DNC Chairperson, a movement in the making?

The way the leaders of the democratic party can stimulate and give some juice to our group is to offer the DNC JOB TO Dr. Dean. This would send a wonderful message to the troops that we are going to be democrats again and not some cheap imitation of a republican. Let's start now to put the NeoCons on notice----here we come.

homepage: homepage: http://journals.aol.com/tendjoe/THETRIALOFGWBUSH/

Please wake up from your dream! 15.Nov.2004 19:41


"The way the leaders of the democratic party can stimulate and give some juice to our group ..."

What group? Are you referring to the democrats? Trying to revive the democratic party makes as much sense as trying to revive a bunch of rotting corpses. Do you honestly want to make real change possible? In order to do so, you must wake up from your dream!

The democratic party is completely and absolutely controlled by corporations -- just as the republican party. And Dr. Dean is not going to be able to do a damn thing about it -- even if he wanted to -- and he doesn't. Please re-direct your energy to those few persons who are not selling their souls to Corporate America!

dissapointed dem 15.Nov.2004 21:05


A move to the left is a good start. Dean was a hopeful nudge. The centering prior to 2004 achieved little. The lack of desire to rigorously count the strange vote anomolies that ran in ohio and florida
is also interesting.

Dean is linked to the cia through his Dad and it is unclear as to his viability as shown by the media isolating him.

The media played a large roll in peoples opinion

how about the rnc 16.Nov.2004 07:29

who knows?

The democratic party has proven itself part of the problem, not part of the solution, and it's present leadership would rather lose than stand for anything other than what the republicans stand for.
The republican party has shown that it will do everything to stay in power, no matter how underhanded and/or illegal.
Since the republicans are in power until the empire falls/exhausts it's resource base, it might be better strategy to join the republican party, infiltrate libertarian ideaology into their modus operandi, and minimize the harm they do from within. God knows, they infiltrate us regularly.
Though the prospect is too awful to give much thought to now, the notion has crossed my mind that we would be better off changing the constitution to let ah-nuld "assume the position" because the alternative is 8 years of jeb as dictator.
Don't look to the democrats for change.