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A Movement and Country in Denial

In 2000 the presidential election was blatantly stolen, but for 4 years much of the left insisted on blaming Ralph Nader and all but ignored the undeniable vote fraud. 2002 elections outcomes were also manipulated with rampant vote fraud. Through all this the Democratic Party and the liberal progressive intelligentsia did little to reinstate the disenfranchised black voters who were illegally expelled from the Florida voter rolls. They also did little to address the vote fraud and the easy manipulation of voter machines which are owned and controlled by Republican interests.
With it's 11,000 lawyers and millions of dollars the democrats are doing virtually nothing about the stolen 2004 election. Instead they are once again blaming someone. This time the 'red states'. And they are already talking about strategies for 2008 as if that one will somehow magically be fair. Knowingly or unknowingly they work to prevent real dissent, and protect the status quo. This sort of thinking permeates many leftist media outlets and indymedia is not exempt. If you go to NYC Indymedia, their front page has not a single headline about vote fraud. Likewise if you read the latest NYC Indypendent, there is almost no mention of vote fraud in this post election issue which is billed as an election wrap-up.

This while hundreds of stories are accumulating from many states, and dedicated individuals nationwide work to raise the issue to national prominence and challenge the results before the Electoral College convenes on Dec. 13th. Not only do they have to struggle against the mainstream corporate media nearblackout, but against the denial of much leftist media as well. Bush is not yet (s)elected. Now is the time to ACT!

hmmm 15.Nov.2004 19:25


I posted to the NYC Indymedia site as a comment to the announcement for the new issue of the indypendent. I talked about how it seemed weak and that there was not any coverage of the stolen election and vote fraud. My comment disappeared.

exactly, thanks 15.Nov.2004 20:30


I couldn't agreee more PDX Dragon. I couldn't agree more. Talk about misplaced hatreds.

Worth fighting for Kerry? 15.Nov.2004 20:43


The plus side of Bush stealing the election over Kerry is that the international community knows our war criminal has the support of a large percentage of the christian fundamentalists and other Amerikan ostriches. The Bush regime's agenda is known to the world. Four years of the other pro-war candidate Kerry might actually prolong the world's tolerance for U.S. atrocities.

The big story is exposing the election fraud and the corruption of (the illusion of) Democracy. Third parties will never be viable so long as the corporate party controls the vote counts. Expose the vote fraud and Kerry's complicity in it, but don't do it because you think Kerry will do the right thing.

hmm 15.Nov.2004 21:40


maybe we need a mass copy and paste of articles about voter fraud into NYIndy and the surrounding communities? If that does not work then maybe we should give the post a sexy title and include election fraud articles in it?

reply 15.Nov.2004 21:56

PDX Dragon

As you point out, it has nothing to do with Kerry.

Kerry helped Bush at every turn. He validated the lie of the 'war on terrorism'. He validated the illegal and unethical destruction and occupation of Iraq. His party helped Bush get on the ballot in the manner Bush wished to in 9 states while doing everything possible to stop Nader. Kerry collected millions of peoples dollars and all the volunteer lawyers with the promise he would fight for every vote and then handed the White House to Bush without a fight even though the vote fraud is rampant. If Kerry is not on Bush's side, he may as well be.

What does matter is for people to stop Bush, stop the stolen election, and reveal how corrupt the whole thing is. Such a victory would empower a new level of citizen action, and whoever was in the White House would know they could not just dominate and control the public so easily. It would be a landmark first step in a new participatory democracy.

Disappointed in Kerry, yes, but there could be a reason he is quiet 16.Nov.2004 07:02

Kerry Supporter who is happy about PDX and Nader

As I watched as much as possible the election of 04, until 1:30am or so, my heart soared in response to the exit polls and sank in response to the entries made by the mainstream media. Too many republicans gaining office made me ill. It didn't seem right. Then I saw Sen. Edwards come out live at 3 am to make the famous "every vote will be counted speech".
At 9:30 Kerry made his "concession" speech in Boston on the advice of his campaign team,
that challenging Ohio's results would do him no good anyway. I was devastated. 4 more years? It seems like the whole world is against Bush. This made no sense. In the meantime, independent media has covered the irregualrities, as well as local newspapers and MSNBC. You see, if National Media were to cover this, true civil conflict would be under way. The current administration is just suppressing the inevitable: challenging the legitimacy of the "vote". Possible armed struggle against the oppressor. I have emailed and will follow-up with letters and faxes to my Congress Representatives about the "vote"(Rep. Lynch of Mass. and Sen. Kerry of Mass). Anyone who feels cheated should do the same, that is precisely why we have reps. in Congress. Internally I am working through the rage that I feel Kerry abandoned us after getting about 50% of the vote, by conceding too early. One thought I had about Kerry's demeanor is that if he comes forward too quickly in opposition to the "vote", then there may be a counteraction by republicans on election committees to cover up even more evidence, thus making the recounts in Ohio and NH less conclusive in terms of fraud. Kerry is no dummy, and perhaps he is biding his time. He knows independent media and organizations like blackboxvoitng.org, Nader and the Green party are doing the right thing. And thank god for Nader and the Greens! Thank god for the people of Cascadia and Portland. Your ideals could very well tip the scale towards reform. It has to. In our common cause to rid our country of this evil administration, let's stick together. I too am disappointed, so far,
since Kerry conceded. There is a reason, and I am convinced it's a strategy.

Kerry is no leader 16.Nov.2004 10:43


If Kerry wanted to be a leader, he had his chance. Sitting on the sidelines now, if he cares at all, is an act of cowardice. He is no leader and he has shown that. He has shown he will not stand for what is right. He is not doing it now, and would not do it in the White House.

He has also committed fraud. Many many people donated money in case there were legal expenses regarding vote fraud. The Democrats are sitting on millions of dollars and not putting it towards the purpose it was intended and when it is sorely needed. That is a fraud just as much as the stolen vote by the Republicans.

Yes, but 16.Nov.2004 12:06


Yes, Kerry sold us down the river and he's not worth figting for, but we still need to investigate the fraud in order to deny legitimacy to the Bush regime.

Freedom's Just Another Word 16.Nov.2004 13:18


Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me you ears for I have not come to praise elections but to bury them! A cursory examination of the lying history of both England and America shows that vote fraud is the norm. Not only in the 20th century I hasten to add. Therefore, we must look at the structure of the system as inherently flawed and intended like a Casino to produce one result: the House always wins. We can argue about whom exactly the "House" is but it is not the populace.

How will this change? Two choices are before us: we can fight for freedom through traditional civil rights means or we can act radically. Acting radically does not necessarily mean having something in your hand. It means having something in your head. If all governments are illegitimate-and there is no reason to assume that this is not the case-then withdraw your consent and your participation from this imprisoning process. Boycott the taxes; boycott the benefits; in a word, secede!

There is good news. 16.Nov.2004 15:59

Charles Ramsey

While researching the 2004 election I was surprised to find that mayor Ferman Yearby and 16 others of the town I went to school in was convicted of vote buying on june 29 1990. Rather than worry about getting rid of Bush you should try to convict as many of these people as you can. In nearly every county I find there is evidence of voter fraud.

Kerry is letting others do the work 16.Nov.2004 18:30


Kerry's avoiding the limelight, and really... you can't blame him. I'm kind of glad that this isn't all over the media, and a lot of people really don't know wtf is going on with Ohio and New Hampshire.

(not really) best case scenario: Recounts favor Kerry, Bush gets the fuck out, and the "red states" wage a civil war on us with their ridiculous amounts of privately owned arms. In the meanwhile, democrats and radicals topple Diebold, Walmart, Exxon mobil (along with many other oil trade companies), FOX/CNN/ABC/WTF, yeah right it'll never happen, but one can dream right??

(not really) worst case scenario: Recounts don't change a goddamn thing, right wing media takes control of people's minds, and Bush becomes a dictator. He decides to nuke all the "blue states" (more like putting us out of our misery), nukes the entire middle east due to growing impatience with palestine, israel, syria, iran, etc., and the 700 club gets their own channel that operates 24/7.

Heh... and it'll never dawn on Bush's followers that he is slowly turning America into a cult. I mean... c'mon. Bush isn't a true christian to begin with. God didn't tell him to wage this fucking war and kill over 100,000 innocent civilians while he's at it, but he's got the power and the big guns. He's not gonna pass that chance up!

Shit... I'm rambling. WTF was I trying to relay here? Oh yes, Kerry's on the case... or more accurately, his brother is on the case (more than John Kerry seems to be, anyway).


more to come...?

The Biggest Fraud of All Times 26.Sep.2006 09:58

The Second Coming inlink98@yahoo.com

The liberal-progressive intelligentsia is a billionaire's bought and paid for juggernaut of sleezy politicians, judges, and various other elitists whose aim is to take control and enslave the world. There is a wave of opposition building that is going to crest and sweep the world clean of these wolves in sheep's clothing.