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election fraud

Florida county vote totals don't look right

Alleged vote fraud/stolen election in Florida, based on the optical scan county vote numbers listed at www.ustogether.org/Florida_Election.htm
Kathy Dopp has a website showing Florida county vote numbers at www.ustogether.org/Florida_Election.htm The vote totals for the 52 counties using optical scan machines are impossible without vote tampering, as they are so far off the mark of the percentages of registered Dems and Repubs. If vote totals had come in anywhere remotely similar to the percentage of registered dems/repubs, Kerry would have won the state and the election.
Fundamental Flaw 15.Nov.2004 03:41

In your paradyme

The model you suggest funtions only if you assume registered Dems vote Dem and registered Rs vote R. Grandpa and Grandma don't play that. Several Florida counties with more Dems than Rs that voted R this election did the same, although in lesser numbers, in 2000.

But does Kerry want to win? 15.Nov.2004 08:38


It would be a plus for the world to know that the country pushing US-style democracy is in reality a non-democratic rogue nation. But to try to get Kerry elected seems futile. He doesn't seem to want to be president because he knows that he would be a puppet of the military-industrial-complex and that he would have to resume his Vietnam role as a "killer" (Remember what he repeated: "We will hunt them (the terrorists) down and we will KILL them.")

If Kerry is not in the forefront then all this energy spent by true patriots and believers in democracy will be wasted. The corporate mafia and Bush gang control the WHOLE government and the Supreme Court! Impeachment is a pipe dream! And after impeachment: more of the same corporate rule.
And worst...Patriot Acts will not be repealed by the compromised Democratic Party

Other possible tactics: Get the numbers and facts checked and then send them out all over the world.
Denounce the stolen election.
Organize with Nader for 2008 (but beware of Patriot Act 1,2,3 is Fascism
BOYCOTT corporate goods! Buy nothing but the bare necessities of life.
(Women must get together as a UNIFIED political force to boycott targeted
corporate goods and oppose war and militarism)
Tax revolt!

No, you paradyme 15.Nov.2004 08:39

The republicans stole the last election

They are stealing this one. You would have to be severly brain dead not to see that. Don't feed us that Dixiecrat line of shit because we don't buy it. GW Bush is a liar and a fraud and his crime family has hijacked our country and is flying it down the toilet. If that's where you trolls and brownshits want to go, then that's fine, but the rest of us are not going along with you.