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election fraud

John Kerry sits on 51.6 million while third parties scramble for recount funds


In phone calls with the Center, spokesmen for both the Kerry campaign and the Democratic National Committee would not speculate on how they intend to use the $45 million in leftover primary funds.

What a bastard!!
What a bastard!!
Kerry Almost Doubles Bush's Recount Funds Primary campaign funds give Kerry the edge

By Alex Knott

WASHINGTON, November 1, 2004 - Sen. John F. Kerry may have a $24.8 million advantage over President George W. Bush in pursuing any recounts that result from Tuesday's election, according to the campaigns' most recent financial filings.

Under Federal Election Commission rules, both candidates are allowed to use remaining funds from their primary election committees to conduct recount activities, which in Kerry's case amounts to just under $45 million. That compares to just more than $16 million left over in the Bush/Cheney primary election committee's coffers.

Those funds, combined with the cash on hand each campaign reported for accounting and legal costs, give Kerry a total of $51.6 million that could possibly be used for potential recounts, according to the campaign's pre-General Election filings. By contrast, the Bush campaign has $26.8 million. Bob Biersack, spokesperson for the Federal Election Commission, said "it's possible" that Kerry could use the leftover $45 million from his primary funds for recounts. "There should not be any problem with them using primary funds for a recount," Biersack told the Center for Public Integrity. "One of the clearly permissible uses would be a transfer to a party and the party could use that money for a recount."

Recount Funds

The candidates' funds would not be the only source of cash available for recount efforts. Both political parties are allowed to participate, and as in 2000 the campaigns could establish separate fundraising committees.

In phone calls with the Center, spokesmen for both the Kerry campaign and the Democratic National Committee would not speculate on how they intend to use the $45 million in leftover primary funds.

Kerry's advantage stands in sharp contrast to the situation four years ago, when Bush raised $13.82 million for recount activities and Vice President Al Gore raised $3.46 million.

During that dispute, both campaigns used so-called 527 committees to pay the legal fees associated with the Florida recount, which ultimately led to Bush's election victory.

While Kerry appears to have a recount funding advantage, it may be temporary. Last week, the FEC told the Associated Press that candidates will be allowed to raise money for recount costs through unlimited donations from individuals. Such large donations could tip the balance toward either candidate.

The maximum that an individual may donate to a candidate during an election is $2,000. But since recounts follow elections, they exist in a legal gray area where many FEC regulations used to limit large donations do not apply. That is why Gore received donations as large as $500,000 during the 2000 recount and Bush received more than 800 donations of $5,000 or more.

Cobb needs $120,000 for a recount and John Kerry can't fork over the cash?

If anyone would like to demand their money back from John Kerry- send it instead to


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I never trusted this basterd 14.Nov.2004 23:49


I am so mad at my lefty friends for talking me in to voting for this basterd. I knew he was just a shill. So lets over turn the vote and what we get him? We need to take over the Demarcates

Good luck 15.Nov.2004 06:18


The 2008 dem spot has been reserved for Hillary. It was reserved for her long before Kerry even got this year's nomination.

All of Clinton's people are still in charge at the DNC (where the money is) and in the Kerry camp. They were there for a reason..

If you Listen to Hillary's speech this weekend you will note she sounds just like Bill. A southern conservative/moderate democrat.

Thats who owns the democratic party today and has since 1992.

once a boner 15.Nov.2004 06:55

always a boner

The media and elite forced him on us, so that he could throw it to Bush. Anyone else notice how he no one could say bad things about Bush at the convention, Kerry focused on vietnam, and lo and behold they start attacking him on that two weeks straight and he lets them. All planed. It's hard to lose to the idiot moron. And then it didn't work- Bush loses probably 20%-80% and that is why they had to fix so many numbers but we are all on to them! They are so caught and I am laughing my ass off at them. It is just a matter of time.

It was rigged 15.Nov.2004 07:36

all along

What a pointless waste of time and money.

Taking over the party 15.Nov.2004 08:51

NW Paddler

It is vital for us to take over the democrat party from these spineless meaningless twerps.
Where do we begin???
Seriously, NOW is the time. If we wait any longer we're all f'ed.

Why donít you try? 15.Nov.2004 11:01

Red neck

Taking over the Republican Party your chances are only slightly worse and you could have a greater impact.

Trumpets sounding! 15.Nov.2004 11:38


Taking over the democratic party? what the hell for? People have all the power they need to make change. Progressives just have to stop being so fearful. Look at the work of a single individual, Bev Harris, a Seattle grandmother. If 10,000 people across this country did as much as her, the whole country would change.

It is the will of people to not be cowed, to stand up and say no more! - that is what makes changes. Progressives are so afraid of taking a stand for truth, of being responsible for their own actions and lives. The liberal thinkers and well known progressive people all together have not done as much as Bev Harris. Think on this.

People have the power, but are afraid to exercise it. They have been fooled into obedience, and the leftist media, think tanks, party leaders have all helped fool the people. Kerry set the progressive movement way backwards, whether he was consciously in on it with Bush, or just a victim and unwittingg tool of the social brainwashing. Our possibility of change has never been greater than right now!

Stand up for your lives and for the future of our culture and the earth! Now is the time!

. 15.Nov.2004 11:39


The Republican Party has better sense than the Democrats.

Uh... Jason 15.Nov.2004 12:59

NW Paddler

So if you think we should all take a stand for what is right... why is it wrong for me to think that taking over the democrat party is wrong? This makes no sense. (Or did you just want to argue?)

Clarification 15.Nov.2004 13:34


Not that taking over the Democratic party is wrong, but that is not essential and that we are f**ked if we don't. Take it over, have a third party, or no party at all - it is the power people have that they don't exercise what makes that difference.

Real Power = Real Change 15.Nov.2004 16:13


when are the peeps going to get hip to the reality that the only real power that we have left is our collective control of MONEY !
our collective efforts should be focused on GENERAL STRIKES , BOYCOTS , & OTHER
FINANCIAL MONKEYWRENCHING. these activities will get the attention of the fascist
elite in a hurry if they become large scale events.
the trick of course is to creatively convince the sheeple to participate.....