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from blackboxvoting.org
repost from today's blackboxvoting.org

BREAKING -- SATURDAY NOV 13 2004: Black Box Voting has launched a fraud audit into Florida. Three investigators (Bev Harris, Andy Stephenson, and Kathleen Wynne) are in Florida right now. We will initiate hand counts on selected counties that have not fully complied with our Nov. 2 Freedom of Information request by Monday (Diebold counties) or Tuesday (other counties).

BREAKING -- SATURDAY NOV 13 2004: We have reports that both David Cobb (Green Party) and Michael Badnarik (Libertarian Party) will be filing for official recounts in Ohio. Black Box Voting is also launching a fraud audit in Ohio. Gotta be replaced: Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell. Please invoke the following name change on Blackwell immediately, as he is 2004's Katherine Harris. He should now be referred to at all times as "Katherine Blackwell." Please retain this moniker for any future runs for governor. How to be your own media. Spread the word. Latest Katherine Blackwell outrage: Failure to properly account for provisional ballots, and refusing to allow citizens to see the pollbooks.

BREAKING -- SATURDAY NOV 13 2004: Black Box Voting is implementing fraud diagnostics on the state of New Mexico. Information we recently received is indicative of widespread vote manipulation. We are not going to publicize the specifics here.

BREAKING -- SATURDAY NOV 13 2004: Black Box Voting is requesting legal assistance for a specific county in Georgia. Indications of corrupt voting processes, with possible criminal actions by local officials.

BREAKING -- SATURDAY NOV 13 2004: Black Box Voting is launching a fraud investigation on Pima County Arizona.

BREAKING -- SATURDAY NOV 13 2004: Black Box Voting is launching a fraud investigation on the state of Nevada. Pro bono legal help certified to practice in Nevada, needed immediately. Multiple irregularities. Need people to take affidavits from election workers, statewide.

BREAKING -- FRIDAY NOV 12 2004: Ralph Nader to audit Diebold machines in New Hampshire. According to Nader, the current situation with voting machines warrants investigation. Several elements make voting machines "probative" for investigation, according to Nader, a consumer affairs lawyer: proprietary ownership, secret code, vested interests, a high-value reward, and lack of any real consequences, or likelihood of getting caught, for vote manipulation. "We are told that shenanigans are just politics," said Nader at a press conference on Nov. 10. "Well, it's not politics. It's taking away people's votes."

SUNDAY Nov. 7 2004: Freedom of Information requests at  http://www.blackboxvoting.org have unearthed two Ciber certification reports indicating that security and tamperability was NOT TESTED and that several state elections directors, a secretary of state, and computer consultant Dr. Britain Williams signed off on the report anyway, certifying it. Scroll down for more.
process? 13.Nov.2004 19:30

king friday

thanks for posting this. do you have info on the process of these investigations?
as far as I understand, hoipefully just 'understood', it is to even gain access for a recount [even if it was possible with the evote] requires $1k per county request.

Get Michael Moore to dish out some money for the recount 14.Nov.2004 09:48

Give back

Concerned citizens who paid to see Moore's F 9-11 should confront opportunistic Moore to stop hiding behind the millions he's made because the corporate media was muzzled. That money really belong to the people not in his private pocket. He has become one of them if he does not use that money to launch a anti-fraud movement which could lead to Bush's impeachement.

How much do you REALLY HATE BUSH, MOORE? Prove it!

Write your senators, congressmen, local media 14.Nov.2004 11:03


One thing that people can do, even if they don't have money to contribute, is start bombarding the press and legislature with demands for an investigation.

It would also be cool if Portland City Council had the walnuts to officially demand an investigation, since the fate of the nation is at stake. That goes for all Oregon elected politicians.

And where the fuck is John Kerry during all this!!! If that prick doesn't go national and start demanding an investigation, I'm going to ask for my campaign contribution back!

Keep working at it 15.Nov.2004 07:33


First, I'm confused as to why the person above thinks that the money Michael Moore has made on his film (which he had to fund and launch himself because no one had the cahunas to back him) belongs to the people. He worked hard for it. And anyone who has visited his website and thinks that he HASN'T contributed to this cause in time and resources hasn't been thinking much at all. Check out his site to see that he IS working to get voter fraud out in the open and something done about it.

Now as for John Kerry, I read on www.democraticunderground.com that he is doing quite a bit about looking into voter fraud. Don't forget he has to do things politically correct if he doesn't want to screw things up for the Democratic party forever. Just IMAGINE what a field day the "bought and sold press" would have if he started getting mouthy and making unsophisticated demands. He has teams of lawyers working all across the country on this as we speak.

I agree that we should all bombard our local representatives demanding a full investigation of voter fraud. And if anyone is found to be involved in voter fraud (you know there'll be at least one patsy), s/he should be charged with treason. Of course, we all know that treason goes all the way up to Georgie Poorgie, but the accusation will never make it that far.

As far as your own community goes, get yourself some removable stickers up at Staples and write things like "Voter fraud!" and "Demand a recount!" and "Kerry WON Florida and Ohio!" etc. Stick them EVERYWHERE you go (on doors, shelves, in toilet stalls, at the library, etc.) to remind people not to just let this go. Put signs up on community bulletin boards and on telephone poles in the dead of the night. Put them on your car and drive around. Just don't use any profanity and keep your remarks intelligent and upbeat. We don't want to be counted in with the lunatic fringe. We just want to be counted, period.

Write or Fax your Elected Officials 15.Nov.2004 08:12

Vikki Vikki@AzaleaNews.com

Dear Senator or Congressman,

Voting is based on the honor system.

Just like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

However, the IRS believes in 'trust with verification.'

As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) I know the IRS would never allow a paperless trail from America's taxpayers.

American taxpayers have to store and file a paper trail in case of an audit.

As an American voter, I demand a paper trail with a printed ballot deposited after voting that will confirm a voter's intent at all electronic voting booths.

The printed ballots should 'tie' to the electronic results within an acceptable margin of error.

It's not a big deal to fund printers at the electronic polls.

Optical scanners should also be 'tied' to the hard copy's ballots within weeks, as there is a growing concern of the validity of these procedures.

We drop million's of dollars worth of bombs in Iraq in a few days.

You cannot claim that we can not afford a few million printers produced in America to back up our votes just like election officials demanded in Nevada.

You have sent our children to Iraq to die and be wounded so that Iraqi can be a Democracy.

Right now, you have a chance to prove to the world that we are a Democracy where every vote counts.

Please don't let us down.


Solidarity with Ohio Voters Today 15.Nov.2004 09:56

madrone a global citizen

Recommended Actions for Individuals and Organizations

1. Express Your Solidarity: Support the demands of Ohio voters for a fair accounting of the election in that state. An injury to one is an injury to all. Indifference to one is indifference to all. Time Sensitive: send e-mail messages of solidarity in time to be read into the record at the community-sponsored public hearing on Ohio electoral irregularities the night of Monday, November 15th. To meet the Monday deadline, send e-mail messages of solidarity to

Citizens Alliance for Secure Elections
Co-Chair Susan Truitt:  susan.truitt@lexisnexis.com
Co-Chair Bob Fitrakis:  bob@freepress.org

2. Support the Conyers/Wexler Investigation: Reps. John Conyers (Michigan), Robert Wexler (Florida), and others have asked the U.S. General Accountability Office to investigate the role and reliability of electronic voting devises in recording and calculating election results in this election. Contact the U.S. General Accountability Office urging it to immediately begin this investigation. Time sensitive: much of the primary evidence need to evaluate electoral concerns may not be preserved without immediate action. Contact info:

The Honorable David M. Walker
Comptroller General of the United States
U.S. General Accountability Office
441 G Street, NW
Washington, DC 20548 Also contact the GAO by e-mail:  webmaster@gao.gov

3. Call on your party officials to act: Endangered confidence in the electoral system affects all Americans. It is the business of all citizens and their elected representatives to address this promptly. Fair elections is an American value, not a partisan issue! Contact the party of your choice. For example, the Democratic National Committee, the Republican National Committee, the Green Party National Committee, and the Independence Party of Minnesota. Urge them to actively support 1) the demands of Ohio voters for a fair accounting of the election in that state, 2) the Conyers/Wexler request that the U.S. General Accountability Office investigate the role and reliability of electronic voting devices in recording and calculating election results in this election, and 3) a broader investigation and reforms as necessary to restore confidence in the electoral process.

Democratic National Committee
430 S. Capitol St. SE, Washington, DC 20003
Phone: 202-863-8000 For internal Email to the DNC: go to

Republican National Committee
310 First Street, SE, Washington, DC 20003
Phone: 202.863.8500 Fax: 202.863.8820
Email:  info@gop.com

Green Party National Committee
PO Box 57065, Washington, DC 20037
Phone: 866-41GREEN or 202-319-719; FAX: 202-319-7193
Email:  info@greenpartyus.org

Independence Party of Minnesota
Mailing address: P.O. Box 40495, St Paul MN 55104
Phone: 651-487-9700 Email Party Chair: Jim Moore  Chair@mnip.org

4. Call on the media you consume and organizations of which you are a member. Ask them to actively support 1) the demands of Ohio voters for a fair accounting of the election in that state, 2) the Conyers/Wexler request that the U.S. General Accountability Office investigate the role and reliability of electronic voting devises in recording and calculating election results in this election, and 3) a broader investigation and reforms as necessary to restore confidence in the electoral process.

Contact information: too numerous to list. You know who and where they are!

5. Activate your elected officials: Contact your local, state, and federal elected officials urging them to actively support 1) the demands of Ohio voters for a fair accounting of the election in that state, 2) the Conyers/Wexler request that the U.S. General Accountability Office investigate the role and reliability of electronic voting devises in recording and calculating election results in this election, and 3) a broader investigation and reforms as necessary to restore confidence in the electoral process.

Contact info for state and local elected officials is too extensive to list here but here it is for federal elected officials: Minnesota Senators and Twin Cities Area Representatives -

Senator Mark Dayton

Washington, DC Office: SR-346, Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, District of Columbia 20510; Phone: 202-224-3244; Fax: 202-228-2186
Metro Area Office: Federal Building, Suite 298, Fort Snelling, Minnesota 55111 Phone: 612-727-5220; Toll free: 888-224-9043; Fax: 612-727-5223 For internal Email, go to  http://dayton.senate.gov/webform.html

Senator Norm Coleman

Washington Office: 320 Senate Hart Office Building, Washington, DC 20510 Main Phone: 202-224-564; Fax: 202-224-1152; Scheduling: 202-228-1503Minnesota Office in St. Paul: 2550 University Ave W, Suite 100N, St. Paul, MN 55114 Main Phone: 651-645-0323; Fax: 651-645-3110; For internal Email, go to  http://coleman.senate.gov/index.cfm?FuseAction

Rep. Martin O. Sabo
District Office: Commerce at the Crossings, #286, 250 Second Avenue So., Minneapolis, MN 55401; Phone: (612) 664-8000
Washington, D.C. Office: 2336 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20515 Phone: (202) 225-4755 For internal Email, go to  http://www.house.gov/formsabo/IMA/issue.html

Rep. Betty McCollum
Local Office: 165 Western Ave North - Suite 17, St. Paul, MN 55102 Phone: (651) 224-919; FAX: (651) 224-3056
Washington, DC Office: Longworth HOB, Washington, DC
20515 Phone: (202) 225-663; FAX (202) 225-1968;
For internal Email, go to  http://www.mccollum.house.gov/ and click on "Contact"

6. Helpful websites:
commondreams.org (good articles by Thom Hartmann and Dennis Kucinich)

What is Citizens for a Secure Election-Minnesota? (Formerly known as No Stolen Election - MN Organizing Committee) It is an ad-hoc voluntary association of people who believe in the people's right to freely and fairly choose their elected representatives free from low-tech, high tech, or no-tech tampering. Due to time constraints, organizations have not been asked to formally endorse and designate representatives to the No Stolen Elections - Minnesota - Organizing Committee. Individuals from the following organizations have participated in the Committee: Welfare Rights Committee - Minnesota; Anti-War Committee; Friends for a Non-Violent World; MN Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild; MN Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union; Women Against Military Madness (WAMM); Veterans for Peace; MN Chapter of the League of Pissed Off Voters; Minnesota Tenants Union; Counter Propaganda Coalition; Code Pink; Twin Cities Peace Action Coalition. As is customary, listing the organization names does not imply organizational endorsement.

Unexplained exit poll discrepancy - MIT researcher's report 15.Nov.2004 09:58

friend of truth

The_unexplained_exit_poll_discrepancy_ v00k.pdf

From the Conclusions:

My purpose in this paper, however, has not been to allege election
theft, let alone explain it. Rather I have tried to demonstrate that
exit poll data is fundamentally sound, that the deviations between the
poll predictions and vote tallies in the three critical battleground
states could not have occurred strictly by chance or random error, and
that no solid explanations have yet been provided to explain the

Systematic fraud or mistabulation is a premature conclusion, but the
election's unexplained exit poll discrepancies make it an unavoidable
hypothesis, one that is the responsibility of the media, academia,
polling agencies, and the public to investigate.


EasyRider englandx@cubuffs.com

We need the data and facts. Opinions are for FOXNews and the rest of Murdoch's media to spin. Facts will kill the spin stories if we use the facts and present them in a manner Americans can see.

I have not had time to read this thread yet. I have been doing my own research. I have found some interesting facts. I started with Brad Minfel crap first and that lead me into some other finds.

We need to have the DATA behind all the county election results and the placement of electronic voting machines posted. So all of us can use them.

Bush is not the one between this vote changing operation. I won't every say the republicans in general are. Some of the Republican leaders are in on it. But we have a lot of fish to fry, let's not settle on the minnows like Bush and Karl. Let us get them all!

What I have found out is that Rupert Murdoch, Rothschild, Diebold, ES&S, Chuck Hagel, Halliburton, Cheney, Omaha World-Herald, Omaha.com, and World Media Co. all like companies with "Accu" in their name. Especially Accutech! Google on these words.

I'll post my search results when I finish reviewing a hundred sites I found referencing, connecting, at least two of them together. I think there are more connections. Web services, ISP, Hotels, Real estate, Voting machines, News Media, and more are connected and alot points for the moment to Omaha.

Murdoch owns Omaha World Herald corporation (beside the newspaper). They in turn own alot other corporations like Accutech and ES&S. ES&S and Diebold have brothers managing or CEO of each. Diebold has a system called "AccuVote". Throw in Murdoch calling the editorials and right-wing news coverage and we are sucking dirt.

Without posting the data behind the stories above we do not have a chance in hell of being heard.

Put out the data, be factual and no opinions please. The facts will show the world that America has lost it democracy to the extreme fascists and not to the republicans. We need the republicans on our side, not on the fascist's side of this.

I know many republicans who voted against Bush. Why? Because they are on the inside of the government and know that Bush is ruining America. We need these people on our side. Remember that.

Post the data, Post the facts. No opinions, please. We know who we are dealing with and what they are so opinions are not needed, but the data and facts to prove the crimes are needed.

A few thousand people checking ownership, incorporation articles, web sites, other connecting articles, and anything else that can be used against these guys can show a light up their ass that the whole country can checkout the crimes. Then the real Presidents of America will be revealed.

Long live Presidents Gore and Kerry!

Thanks, Bring out the Data and Facts to backup our message. What is the numbers of the votes by county for each of the elections? When and where were EVM installed? What we the changes in voting patterns? Who Installed the EVM?

Send me emails of stuff you have found.