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The Secret

An essay about love, truth and world events
Hey ... do you want to know a secret? Here it is: we're in a spiritual war, and we're winning.

I know you're pretty distressed these days - it seems all hell is breaking loose - but you know what? It's like a fever breaking. The world has been sick for a long time, since recorded history, in fact. We've just been too delirious to notice.

Think about it. Even with their monolithic, psycho-techno propaganda machine, the elite couldn't keep *millions* (the largest mass protest in history) of people from making a stand against a transparently imperialist war -- *before it even started*. It took years, thousands of lives, and a draft before the Vietnam War protest gained that kind of impetus. People aren't going to line up for war and the racism that props it up the way they used to. We're getting wise to their game, and that's forcing the powers that be to come at us with their gloves off (  http://www.la.indymedia.org/news/2004/11/118943.php ).

Make no mistake - these are the desperate acts of a bully who's finally being stood up to. Fearful of losing his "lunch money" racket, he's forced to show how tough he is by bashing the skinny kid's brains in. "Say uncle!" he bellows with upraised fist as he straddles his battered and bleeding victim. The skinny kids spits into his face. In that simple, defiant act, the bully's reign is finished.

Here's another secret: you are stronger than they are. They need you, you don't need them. You carry your power in your spirit, which is, in all honesty, the force which creates the universe.

Yes. In a very real way, your spirit creates the world you live in. And if you have love and truth in your heart, your spirit is stronger than anything built of deception, contempt or fear. I've read that in physics, matter is simply trapped energy. What if fear is really just trapped love? I think we can all agree that lies are nothing more than blocked truth.

Don't keep these propositions a secret. Spread them far and wide. Love conquers fear. Truth conquers lies.

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