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building a broad movement for Secession

Secession of Cascadia
Written for the public meeting of 11-13-04, by some of your neighbors
Secession of Cascadia
Written for the public meeting of 11-13-04, by some of your neighbors

What We Want?
According to the United States Constitution, all citizens have the rights to free speech, free assembly, the right to bear arms, the right to choose one's own religion and many more things that are now being trampled under the feet of Bush and his allies. Now that Bush believes he has a "mandate", and he feels his views are backed up by his God, he doesn't care that we feel unrepresented by his policies and administration.
But what about the Constitution? The Constitution is a contract between the People and the government, and the government has broken this contract by creating laws and executive powers that destroy our constitutional rights. The US government has handed over the powers and the moneys of the people to Corporations and their advocates (such as the World Trade Organization, and its predecessor NAFTA) at the direct expense of the People, our health, and our kids' futures. The US government has committed genocide, tortured and illegally incarcerated people (including US citizens) proving the "Land of the Free" to be the "Land of Hypocrisy". We demand the right to alter or abolish our relationship with the government, because this is our inherent right. We demand self-government, because without a say in what governs our lives, we are slaves to the political and economic interests that can buy the most power.
Imagine democracy, where everyone has a say in his or her own life and in the workings of their communities. Although this may seem like a huge responsibility for individuals to take on, this responsibility already lies squarely on our shoulders. If we shirk it, fascism has a field day. It's time to get to work to determine our own futures.

Human Rights for All! A World without Imperialist Genocide!
In the recent presidential election, voters were given a choice that had nothing to do with our actual vision for our society, communities and lives. Instead, the political debate was cast as "Bush and anyone but Bush" and "the spoilers ruining it for the Democrats" and "Compassionate Conservatives vs. Neo-Liberals". All this typecasting is only useful to try to control and rebalance a teetering fašade of a government. How much of what politicians say is just for the effect it has on voters? How many promises are ever kept? Much is being taken from the People- our families for war, our money in taxes, and our time and good health in the desperate search to make a living in a time when the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. And all these resources that are being extracted from us are being used to conquer and grab the resources of other parts of the world.
All of this is going on, while many people in this country are legally or socially disenfranchised, and the rest of us are given the choice between two puppets as potential Presidents. If this nation's regime does not represent you, it is time to let the rest of the world and the rest of the nation know it. The stakes are too high for people both inside and outside the United States, and to stay silent is complicity.

How Are We Going to Get There?
People all over the nation, most visibly in Cascadia and New England, are beginning to form movements for secession. Because we supposedly have the inherent right to alter or abolish our government, this movement has many different tactics that can be employed. To reach the goals of legal secession, material independence from the United States, having functional direct democracy, and beginning the work of laying a foundation for the long-term survival of our independence- we must have a broad and diverse movement. We must be capable of adapting to changing conditions, and defending our movement's successes. It's time to talk strategy, and brainstorm tactics!
It is very important that our movement is not isolated from other places and peoples that are trying to secede, because we will only have enough resilience and people power to make headway if we work together and support one another. We must defend one another, share resources, and make sure that we are not isolated and boxed into a corner by the crushing weight of the US and its corporate media.

Though it is a scary time to try to make change, I am proud to witness my community standing up and acting from the strength of its desire for a humane society. I am looking forward to our successful secession.

This is for real 13.Nov.2004 16:42

Skella Brega

Fuckin' A! We're doin' this, get on board with us. Meet at 5:30 today in PioCourSquare.

What is the plan for Native Soveriegnty in Seccession? 13.Nov.2004 17:35


Have folks talked about what the plan for Native Sovereignty and Native Lands is under secession? Have folks talked to native communities and asked them to be part of this proccess? If we're serious about secession we need to be serious about the fact that this isn't our land that we're seceeding with - it is all stolen land from the natives. How will a secession deal with this? I'm curious what conversations have been about this issue at all?

You're right. 14.Nov.2004 00:15


Really nobody has a "plan." What do you think the plan should be? I personally think the struggle should include everyone that's ready to take control of thier community. No single group, has the power to do this alone.
Right now I don't think the federal government would stand idly by as communities voted to do somthing moral, somthing right, like concede land. Thier financial backers wouldn't let them. That's why we need to organize an opposition that has the power to make, and defend local positions that are contrary to the "interests" of the federal government. For example how many acres of BLM land are there in the state of oregon? How many national or multinatonal corperations are fucking with native lands? Does it seem possible that empowered, organized communities, could respond to these problems, and more? Better than the broken and obedient ones do now? The most unifying element on the left has been globalization, it seems to me that it needs to be localization, or organizing our communities to take thier power back, and making reasoned socially just decisions about our common future.
This dialogue needs to broaden.

thanks for contributing.

Danger! You don't have enough information 14.Nov.2004 19:13

Barry-Brian: Scrivner bearpaw37@hotmail.com

Secession is not the answer. RETROCESSION is what your probably wanting to consider. If you read the constitution it is real clear that there isn't a single law that congress can pass that affects any individual state or the People therein. So, how did congress get the power to right laws for the states? CONTRACTS! After the Civil War Washington D.C incorporated in 1871 and reorganized in 1878 and later adopted "United States" as a corporate trade name. One by one all the states incorporated through their Administrative and Reorganization Acts and unlawfully conceded subject matter jurisdiction to U.S. Corp., thus becoming its subsidiaries. The constitutional republic of states is still there. It is just covered over by this invisible layer known as "subject matter", a jurisdiction we have unwittingly volunteered into. One of the ways subject matter jurisdiction affects us as individuals is by our claim of being "citizens of the United States". If you claim such citizenship you have no rights, read 'Twining vs. New Jersey, U.S. Supreme Court 1908'. The Constitution was written to protect only Citizens at the State level, there were no federal citizens at that time and it didn't contemplate such citizenship. America was founded as a Confederacy. There is a universe of difference between a confederacy and a federal government. If you read the 14th Amendment and study the redefined legal terms such as "person", "citizens of the United States", "due process of law", "priviliges and immunitites", etc., you will find that they don't mean what you thought they meant. For more info I recommend www.originalintent.org. You will be absolutely shocked at what you didn't know, and empowered by what you'll learn. Or, contact Me and I will share with you what I know. Anyway, it is possible to retrocede this fraudulent jurisdicition back off of the states and restore our sovereignty and our rights. In either case understand this, it is highly likely that the U.S. Corp. will get violent with the states that try to either secede or retrocede. That is why we had that thing called the second amendment (which is really the fourth amendment, if you look at the actual page of the bill of rights) to ensure that the People would always be the government.

One more thing; we can't have it both ways. The constitution does not provide nor guarantee a "democracy". Democracy is- demos (mob) + ocracy (rule) = mob rule = 51 % telling the other 49% what to do. Sounds like a corporation to me. The constitution guarantees an American Republic, where we all get a voice in government, but we cannot tresspass on the rights or property of another, ever. Sounds like freedom.

Are you ready to unlean what you've learned?

Native Americans 14.Nov.2004 19:19

Anonymous (Me)

We could ask and if granted a "right" or if given a nod of "Yes" to occupy land (which land would be seceeded from the rest of the US territory) by Native Americans then this land would actually be the only legally-occupied or owned land in the United States (perhaps excepting Alaska). Thoughts? Who would be asked? Dunno!

response and some suggestions 14.Nov.2004 19:29


So good to hear that some of us aren't alone here in Wisconsin considering such options.

My first suggestion is that we use as binding element, the document that returns us to the legal root of the American democracy, the Declaration of Independance. While 4th of July peons to this great document would have us believe that it argues for the inherant equality amongst men, the Declaration states that such equality is in fact self-evidently true. Because it is true that all men are created equal, and because in their equality they share absoultely their Rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, it must be true that governments abrogate their claim to legitimacy whenever they violate this inherant equality. Governments, according to the argument of the Declaration, are associations amongst neighbors. Therefore, it is not the Right of government, but of the People, to judge at their leisure, when the government violates the inherant Equality amongst men. Indeed, just as the potter is master of the clay, the government establish by the Second Continental Congress, still in effect, has no power to judge the will of its legal master, which is the Declaration.

Canadians for Cascadia 14.Nov.2004 20:57

Chadermando thermobc@shaw.ca

I think its great that some Americans feel strongly about their democratic rights. In BC we have the Citizens Assembly which is formulating a new way of electing governments in BC. I think its a great process.


IMO once we get this sorted out in BC I would be open for a Cascadia union of Independent states based on a common respect for democratic values, human conditions, and environmental standards that justify free trade. IMO this could be the start of a New Regional Order, or Cooperation Agreement for Regional Free Trade from a grass roots level.

A form of citizen based governmental relationship that is sovereign from the multinational controlled program we have now at a global level with the legitimacy of the people as its authority.

Realize what you are starting 15.Nov.2004 05:56

Disgusted in Michigan

Realized that if you do manage to get the political energy necessary for secession (a big IF), you will eventually be forced to defend yourselves. The imperial federal government will not hesitate to send troops (foreign, U.S., or the baby-butchering WACO Fedthug variety) to crush you. Your leaders will be targeted for assassination by the FBI (like Judy Barry, Darryl Cherney and so many others) or you will be jailed on trumped up charges like Leonard Peltier.

You have to be willing to shed blood for your freedom. Are you a pacifist? Then you have already given up the key means to fight.

Probably the only way that you could avoid bloodshed is if the American people, upon hearing of your secession, threatened a general strike if the U.S. intervenes.

I wish you well. The republic created by Washington, Jefferson and Adams is not only dead, but cold, stiff and decaying. If you do really well, I will join you.

Disgusted in Michigan

Been There, Done That, Got Amnesia 15.Nov.2004 10:02

Bill Ross rossb@sympatico.ca

Rule of Law = Western Civilization = Toast If freedom is to have any potency, we must stop skirting the main issues and exhibit true courage. There are basic issues which underlie all that is happening. Use as few stones to kill as many birds as possible. Here's what we have lost (the Rule of Law): "the suppression of forceful and fraudulent methods of goal seeking" "absolute property rights" "all are treated equally by the law". This means ALL, including king and judges This used to allow us to compete on a level playing field, with the best ideas winning and being emulated, an evolutionary process, allowing us to build our civilization, on a path to excellence. Those who claim that natural law is "unfair" completely misrepresent natural law. Survival of the fittest does not mean "the most powerful". If it did, we would all be Romans. The truth is that the fittest are those most able to adapt to changing environment, to use time, energy, fact, knowledge and the environment to the best survival advantage. Given the undeniable conservation of action and consequence, those who say it is unfair and action must be divorced from consequence to be fair, merely move the cost to civilization which is now reeling and will soon be destroyed by those who attempt to control human evolution and progress to their advantage. When the lights go out, as they must on this path, we will all be in the same impoverished situation and reason may prevail. As long as our civilization is able to be preyed upon for political profit, it will. Reason is dead and will remain so until basic survival demands it. Those who think they must compromise fact and reason to get power in the hope they can use this position for good are fools. They must either keep their false promises or be just another discredited political liar. Far better to figure out how to sell the truth. Full Analysis: http://www.rossco.org/HumanNature.pdf Read the appendices first. Regards; Bill

Think more, talk less 15.Nov.2004 10:29


To succeed you need a place to go. Remember that we took land away from those who couln't defend it a few hundred years ago. We didn't stand up on English soil, we left. The only place to go today is to some other sovereign nation.
The only ones close enough that might help are Indian Reservations. Without that little bit of information and planning, the government will crush you like a bug.
The only means of retaking control of the government is through a mass withdrawl from the tax system. All tax systems, Federal, State and Local.
Stock up on your tuna fish first. It'll be a long haul.

There are much better options. 15.Nov.2004 13:19


Greetings everyone,

Just to let you know, there are some PROPHECIES that I'm aware of that state something like this, "Beginning as soon as 2005, The United states of America will engage in bloody civil wars which will lead to it's eventual division into 5 different countries or territories. Sectarian religious fanatics will play a big role which will not only destabilize the USA into a land of complete destruction, but also involve the rest of the world into a final WORLD WAR III. Survivors of such a holocaust will envy and eat the dead, while they await the gift of death. This is because the end result of weather, atomic, biological and chemical weapons will produce an end result of the real LIVING DEAD.

But do not fear because if you and others are in the position of creating a new territory such as Cascadia, realize also that you can help the rest of North America and the world choose a new path of reason and peace.

At this point the USA has generated a lot of fear and hatred to itself from the rest of the world with it's foreign policies, for which people like George W. Bush know no limits in their personal crusades for world domination. If the USA breaks apart in civil wars and anarchy, other nations such as Europe may also follow in their own civil uprisings when considering the now vast new immigrated ethnic majorities in those countries from 3rd world and Muslim nations. Furthermore, other countries such as China, Russia and her allies will then lunch their own counter offencive on these now destabilized countries and then NORTH AMERICA when they see themselves as PEACE MAKERS to justify further their own war actions in much the same way as the USA led invasion into Iraq. Known and even unknown weapons of mass destruction from all sides will result not only in the destabilization of Earths climate, but will also destroy the worlds ecology and wildlife.

Instead of destabilizing the USA by creating new territories or micro nations such as Cascadia, I suggest to EVERYONE a much different and more reasonable approach, since this is not just a domestic problem, but rather a global one.

(1) Take all your BUSH concerns to every known peace group and peace organizations existing in all countries world wide. These may include such groups as Amnesty International, Green Peace, etc.
(2) Among all these peace groups in all countries, formulate an international constitution for the federation of Earth and world peace, and take this to every known news media in every concerned country world wide. INDY MEDIA can play a big role in presenting this and making it happen.
(3) Within this new global constitution: (a) Include every countries right to vote concerning the election and decision of any one head of state in any one country. Such as; ALL counties of the world should have taken part in the vote of the USA presidential elections and government's decisions to invade Iraq. Also the same goes for any other country, it's people and Government. This is to insure that no one person, religion, government or country can take on the role of world police force for it's own selfish purposes and domination. A world police will only work if it involves ALL countries of the world instead of the select few. (b) Include the mandatory right use of all existing alternative energy sources, sciences and technologies, and economies which are user friendly to the health of human beings, the ecology and the world's wild life. Anything to the contrary such as fossil fuels should be dismantled and banned. (c) Includes global humanitarian concerns world wide such as; overpopulation concerns, mental-emotional health care, correct education, etc.

Simply put, if you have the will to create a new territory or county such as Cascadia, then surely you also can have the will and motivation to take this advice to motivate the people of the world towards a new world peace.

Peace in wisdom,

World Peace Symbol
World Peace Symbol

What about Canada? 15.Nov.2004 14:31

Northern Neighbour

"The only [sovereign places] close enough are the reservations."

What about Canada???

And as for turning to the Native Americans, be aware that they may be very unwelcoming. After stealing their land and oppressing them for hundreds of years, they may not want to fight to save you. But if they do, I believe it will lead to a less racist, more accepting society (don't get me wrong - the Natives in Canada are mistreated as well).

Someone commented above about the inevitable use of force. Well, American citizens can handle bloodshed, provided it is not their own. As soon as other Americans begin to die, public support will collapse and the government will have lost power. So you have to make sure you don't appear to be enemies when CNN starts broadcasting. Play Gandhi's game. You must be willing to die for the cause, but you can never strike back. A few people will die. But when faced with the American military, you will save a lot of lives by not fighting back. And bring an American flag and signs that say "Americans for a free America".

As soon as CNN broadcasts American citizens holding American flags being gunned down in the streets by the US military, you have won your war of secession. Your greatest defense against the US military will be to incorporate the use of the US flag into your protests.

And if you secede relatively peacefully, look into Canada. It's a great nation!

Oregon will be a chore 15.Nov.2004 19:24


Has anyone looked at the voting results for Oregon for the pres slot? The dems won THREE counties. Thank god for portland; thank our loving god for Portland! Multnomah, Lane counties, and I think Lincoln county (have to look to be sure) went for anti-war. Tillamook was 50/50 almost exact. Oh, thinking while I am writing...I guess the I5 corridor will do; the folks down in Bandon and brookings can just move!

I am ALL FOR SECESSION. Sure would be GREAT to have all the money making resources for the cascadia states...the brain power... and let the fascist pukes up to their own devices.

Remember the last time some states tried to secede from the union? 16.Nov.2004 15:11

sheila sheilach@nwtec.com

You have read in your history book about the "civil" war?
The south lost and it was more than just a couple of states.

I would love to secede from this fascist,imperialist, police state but what about those who's main income is Social Security?

And if it was possible to secede don't forget not everyone here in Brookings voted for Bush and I have no intention of moving!

Even if the majority of people in Oregon and or cascadia approved of secession and passed an initiative to secede from the union, how could we get the US government to respect our choice?

They don't respect our vote or our voice now and any desent is met with violence.

I think all of Cascadia should get involved with this movement, let's give ourselves a real democracy instead of the sham we are currently stuck with.

Unfortunately there are many people who still support this facsist government, how do we overcome their resistance?
Give them a "fundie" exam and if they pass, deport them to the "bible belt" where they belong. ;^)

Secession will be a long and difficult road and perhaps "peak oil" will make that path tougher for this unelected fascist government to tread.

The call for independence is nothing new for this region 16.Nov.2004 18:38

Steven F. Scharff gopher_baroque@hotmail.com

In 1941, residents of Southwestern Oregon and Northwestern California felt ignored by their state representatives, primarily due to the lack of properly maintained public roads, so they organized to form what would have been the State of Jefferson. The interim capital would have been the city of Yreka (California). The secession movement was halted after the attack on Pearl Harbor, but the residents still maintain their unnique identity by referring to the region as "Jefferson State". You can read about it here: (State of Jefferson Home). I maintain a website devoted to secessionist, seditionist, new country and micronationalist groups at Microfreedom.com. If anyone has any information concerning related Cascadian organizations, please let me know about them. Thank you.

good ieda but think for a moment 21.Nov.2004 13:19

little malatesta heytravil_nomad@yahoo.com

i like this idea and i wrote a article on cascadia secession movemets right and left,even monarchist, i even support the CNP read the article called cascadia autonomy not corporate colony inspired by ecotopia of course.but there are a lot of right wing types in eastern oregon and washington whos might disagree you. know there are pople who dont just live inside citys who are well lets just say difreent ,be for you even begin to talk about this you need to bring it to othee who might diagree with with you beacuse there is more of them than you.although i find this discussion a insperation and a hope,i just think when you talk about secession you are only taking about portalnd and seatlle. what about the diffrent places the palces not on the anarchist route?

Some responses 26.Nov.2004 10:42

Maximillian anaxamaxan@yahoo.com

<p>It's interesting that whenever the topic of Cascadian Secession comes up, the biggest and most persuasive argument is that the District of Columbia will send in their mighty military to crush us, that the US FBI will assassinate our leaders, and so on. Yet, if those were not a factor, then the majority of Cascadians do support secession. My friends, we are <em>already</em> seceding! Many - most, I believe - Cascadians know that Cascadia is a special region of the world, even if they've never heard of the words <q>Cascadia<q> or <q>Pacifica</q>. (I prefer the term Pacifica, and will continue with that).</p>
<p>The State of Pacifica will not arise solely on the basis of <q>ecotopian</q> ideals, but on the simple premise that the citizens of Pacifica will better prosper economically, socially and ethically, as a free state rather than as a tributary to the USA.</p>
<p>There may be military conflict, but I daresay it could be laregly avoided. Pacifica, being a technological powerhouse of the world (both Microsoft and GNU/Linux) may be able to effect a relatively bloodless victory by <q>grabbing them by the balls</q> so to speak. The US military is so overwhelmingly dependent on high technology, it is both an advantage and a weakness for them. Additionally in this time of powerful communication, Pacificans will be able to make our message heard around the world, like no other secessionist movement in history - again, due in large part to our techological prowess.</p>
<p>Anyway, my points are that: <ul><li>Pacificans already support secession</li><li>The fear of military conflict can be overcome, by thinking beyond the shock-and-awe of the US Military, and leveraging the unique advantages Pacificans possess.</li></ul><p>

More power to y'all 10.Dec.2004 15:19


As a moderate Libertarian who lives in central Texas, I support what y'all are doing. There is secession talk here, too. Believe it or not, most Texans don't support W. Bush. He is no true Texan--he's a carpet-bagging neo-Con. For the record, I voted for Michael Badnarik--the Libertarian candidate.

From reading through your posts here and elsewhere, a few things jump out at me. Now, please don't take this the wrong way--I don't mean this as patronizing, but do those of you who consider yourselves liberals and/or Democrats know very much about how to organize yourselves to seceed? You'd need militias, commanders, and guns...lots of guns. You'd also need to know how to shoot well, and how to maintain those guns, including cleaning them.

My concern is there aren't enough of you, and you aren't weapons-trained nor militarized, and you'd get slaughtered.

What I suggest is that you consider a temporary alliance with the Libertarians and the traditional conservatives (who hate big government and believe it has no place in people's private lives.) We know guns, we know survivalism, we have communication gear, and we are organized. Most of us have some military or para-military training, too.

I know it boggles the mind somewhat to think about it, but if the Democrats, liberals, Greens, Libertarians, and traditional conservative Republicans (who are not neo-Cons and who strongly despise W. Bush) were to band together in a temporary alliance, we might have the numbers, the money, and the firepower and know-how. Basically, it'd be everyone against the neo-Cons (whom no one likes, anyway.)

Then, if we win and secure large amounts of seceeded territory, y'all can have your Cascadia, the yankees can have their New England, and--thank God--we can have our Republic of Texas, or perhaps some sort of southwestern states thing. (I.E., the temporary alliance dissolves, but there's still some sort of peace treaty in place.)

It's something to consider.

Best wishes and support to you,

Cascadia 15.Jul.2005 19:06


Cascadian Flag.jpeg
Cascadian Flag.jpeg