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Portland Community Liberation Front Targeted by PPD for Copwatching

Portland, OR - IN ANOTHER CLASH with the Portland Police Department [PPD], Portland Community Liberation Front [PCLF] successfully provided legal, non-violent observance of over five traffic stops on or near the intersection of MLK and Killingsworth Thursday, November 11 between 10pm and 1am. PPD's extreme response resulted in over $1,100.00 in minor traffic citations. This is not the first time the PPD has attempted to stifle the activities of PCLF and other community patrolling/Copwatching organizations. The events of the evening are indicative of PPD resistance to community involvement in police accountability.

On Thursday nights, PCLF (a police accountability organization by and for people of color that formed in response to the killings of James and Perez last year) holds its routine community patrol in North and Northeast PDX. They observe and document the activities of police officers during interactions with community members. The goal of community patrolling is to inform community members of their rights - which eventually may prevent another tragedy of police violence. When asked by police about their presence PCLF responds consistently in accordance with their rights, "We are here to observe, we do not intend to interfere."

During these patrols, PCLF has been subject to harassment, disrespectful actions and a lack of professionalism from the PPD.
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