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Prophecy Nov 13 : Justice for Black America

Smoke a little pot, do a little crack and smack...do a little time...
Now there may yet remain some controversy in a place like the United Soviets of America over whether or not The Soviet States has a functioning justice system, or perhaps a justice system which, while functioning, could use a little fine tuning every now and then to keep it up and running in fine working order like it is right now.

A few comparisons should help to settle any doubts about the United Soviets justice system that may have arisen after the Supreme Injustices of the Supine Court issued their justifiably world famous hanging chad decision in the Florida election in 2000, thus tossing the country to George the Hun, who being a super weirdo, was then wired for sound and kept in a straightjacket during the election campaign, only to be unleashed after the election to just feel free to be himself and raise a city or two right to the ground, which must have been an enormous relief to him, you know, to finally get that one of his chest, since apparently he couldn't be Hitler during his first term because then he might have a problem getting in for a second kick at the can, making it neccesary for King George to not run on the highly unpopular Hitler platform, but just run with no platform, you might recall, which didn't matter, because with those squirrely new voting machines that leave no paper trail he really did not need much of a platform, since he faced no opposition in any case, since he spent most of the campaign running against himself, which I suppose means that the theory was that people could choose brand name or no name Bush, and given that choice would probably choose the real thing, if they bothered to show up at all. Well show up they did, since the Anybody But Bush platform had drawing power, even thought the Democrats were running John Kerry, but despite that last minute attempt to get rid of George the Hun, he of course did get back in, as was foreordained, and now with the strong mandate given to him as was trumpeted by the Soviet Media System, and the political capital he gained in the campaign, he promptly set about doing the Hitler thing everyone was wondering about during hsi first term, thus at the very least, putting an end to that endless waffling over that one issue if nothing else was accomplished by having him BAAAACCCKKK for a second kick, boot stomping, and city leveling crack at Iraq.

Now speaking of crack, you might know about how in the Soviet System, which is a brutal dog eat dog system, where you either have a nickel, or you starve to death and drop dead like flies, well some people can be found getting nickels by selling a little crack or maybe seeing if someone wants a little smack or perhaps growing a little pot. These are highly dangerous activities in the Soviet Empire, especially for young black males, who, having that 40 per cent, or was it 60 per cent, unemployment rate, are just guaranteed to be found peddling some pot, crack, or smack, and thus are found to be in jail at any given time usually in numbers in the millions, for as everyone knows the Soviet Union has more people locked up gulags than any other country on earth. The Supreme Soviet also has a law that says once you spend some time in the joint, you can never vote again, which like the Supine Courts hanging chad decision, and like the Supine Courts ignoring of that dumping of one hundred thousand black voters at the last minute from the Florida vote rolls, with no time to appeal, and thus no time to vote, all helps to keep black people off the voting lists, which helps robber barons reduce the number of possible voters that may result in popular pressure for populism, rather than robber baronism.

Now given how apparently even one hundred thousand black voters tossed off the rolls at the last minute was not enough to win the election for George Bush, we can see that not only should they have made sure by tossing off two hundred thousand, it is also the case that this example only confirms what we already see in the other examples, and of course when a chad which was hanging had to be banned from counting, because it was hanging, and someone never thought to just give it a slight tug so it would fall all the way off like it was supposed to, making a perfect hole with no chad left hanging, well when you consider it all, get the big picture it becomes pretty clear that there is no justice in the Soviet System for blacks, because that it was robber barons wanted, which means that the courts do what robber barons say, not being courts at all, but just looking like courts, since every country needs to be seen to have courts or it would be incomplete.

We can further see the same pattern emerging, of courts crushing blacks while liking robber barons a lot, when consider the pot, smack, and crack issue. As you know it is a dog eat dog place, and should some peddle some pot, smack, or crack they can't vote for the populist ticket, and they also get free room board in the many gulags of the Soviet System. Even worse, let's say they needed to raise a nickel, and they did that again, despite having been raked over the coals by a judge for diong that the last time, making the second judge to have a go at them even more furious, and then, even worse, if they tried that a third time, thus thoroughly exhausting the patience of the court system, well then three strikes and you are out, and they get a life term of hard labor in the Soviet Injustice System.

So then if a black should sell a little pot, or peddle some crack or smack, or do some other damn thing, well the consequences range from severe to monstrous and imaginable, given the robber baron ruthlessness and merciless relentless pitiless nature of the Soviet Injustice System which mirrors the aristocratic HAVE MORE robber barons who sit on the throne, and thus obviously, given the similarities evident there, write the laws and issue decrees and so. So this is what happens to a black over some pot, crack or smack, but if a robber baron should smoke a little pot, let's say (or so it would seem, since it seems like they been smoking something this summer when they were spin doctoring that massacre in Iraq, you know preparing public opinion for the razing of a city to the ground by Adolph, as if they knew ahead of time Adolph would be back and off his leash) and then if after that a robber baron should smack and then crack Iraq, which is a violation of the Constitution of the United States of America, and an international war crime, well rather than spending some time in the gulag for that pot, that pot being more than enough for a life sentence by the way, never mind getting away with the crack and the smack given to Iraq.

The similarities between the two defendants is that both were trying to make nickel, or in the case of the robber baron, trillions in nickels which is what Iraq has, but that would be about where the similarities end, and I will leave you to ponder the matter and draw your own conclusions.

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