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Two Dogs, One Cat Killed, Left In Dumpster

Aggravated animal abuse charges have been filed against a Medford man accused of killing two of his girlfriend's dogs and a neighbor's cat.
Gary Lee Wilsie, 37, was arrested this week after the animals were found in a Dumpster. The cat and one of the dogs were dead. The second dog was severely injured and later euthanized, Medford police Lt. Mike Moran said.

Wilsie, who is being held on $50,000 bail, told police he had nothing to do with the deaths.

Wilsie and his girlfriend, who live together, got into an argument this week, Moran said. Wilsie allegedly told the woman he would kill her pets if she left him.

The woman left, and when she returned to the home to retrieve her animals, she found four of her seven dogs running loose. One of her dogs, a gray Chihuahua, is still missing, Moran said.
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