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Prophecy Nov 13 : PEOPLE POWER!

Not just a slogan but something that you do....
Now you might be aware that America once had a really strong populist tradition, at one time in the nations infancy, and then this populist tradition was destroyed by capitalism and robber barons. You might be aware of that, and then again, that might be a part of American history of which you are not aware, since the winners usually attempt to write history, and the robber barons won, getting their weirdly illogical system of growth to infinity or eventual collapse made the ideology of the country. I say that robber barons, who were the winners, get to write history, because they won, but they can't change history because history already happened, and what already happened cannot be changed, but it can be written, although since these are the robber barons of America we are talking about, perhaps we can say that history can be spin doctored, rather than written, and then perhaps history can do some Roving around from place to place, getting some tweaks here and there and some adjustments, perhaps under some renovations, depending on how that written spin doctored history plays with certain selected focus groups. Now if you want to understand why you just cannot have both populism and robber barons at the same time, you need to understand something about populism, and something about robber barons, which would then help to explain how America wound up taking a wrong turn down a dead end street. Now that was a dead end street for very obvious reasons :
1) you cannot use the figure eight squiggly infinity sign in mathematics when you are doing economics. Now because Robber barons are on the throne in America, it would prove to be the case that Robber Baron ideology is found to be given a place of honor at places like Yale or Havard, the nations higher institutions of learning, and various MBAs and PhDs are given out for studying the screwy ideas of robber barons, thus giving such screwy ideas the shine they receive by having courses devoted to them, as though such a bizarre ideology deserved a place in the pantheon of world philosophies. Despite having doctorates in the subject of robber baron mentality and robber baron concepts and ideas and so on, as of yet no one from Yale or from Harvard for that matter has ever been able to figure out how to have both robber barons ruling the world without also having the Amazon Clear Cut, no coral reefs, the coastline in Ohio instead of in New York like it is now, and various other problems that become apparent when you have robber baron ideology, which attempts to incorporate the infinity sign into economics mathematics where it doesn't belong, for this is what it would take for even an outstanding institution such as Yale or Harvard to take something as weird as the thinking of a bunch of evil and wicked robber barons and justify it using higher education and degrees and so on, thus making a valid philosophy out of infinite greed.

2) The second problem with robber baron ideology is that you cannot keep wringing dimes out an economy and then expect the economy to work right forever. Sooner or later such an economy must collapse. Once again no one at Harvard or Yale has ever been able to figure out how to stop the infinite and eternal sackings and the plunderings and lootings of the robber barons, America's elite HAVE MORES, 'have more' being a good thumb nail description of robber baron ideology and something I think would perfect for the tombstone of their capitalist system, since it captures it all so perfectly. Since no one has ever figured out how to both give power and the throne to robber barons, without having them wring dimes out of the economy, the place is doomed sooner or later. At this time robber barons won't be doomed, because fortunately, having squeezed so many dimes out of the economy, they are rich at the same time everyone else is completely ruined. As time goes by it keeps getting harder and harder for robber barons to find dimes to squeeze. You can squeeze every last productivity out of workers in some place, and then finally you just can't squeeze more dimes out of that place, and so robber barons then have to go to places like China, where they can pay 35 cents an hour, and even then they will have to squeeze and squeeze every last bit of productivity out of each person working there, until none is left and then they will have to find someone to work for a nickel. As time goes by, of course, they won't be able to sell much of anything to anybody back home, since they sacked so many people and then left them in destitution, another problem nobody has been able to solve at Harvard or Yale, and robber barons aren't interested in the problems of other people, thus creating a ruthlessly driven dog eat dog society, often filled with crime and violence, not to mention an executing justice system, and thus all the problems of the world wind up on the doorstep of the robber barons who create those problems, leaving Harvard and Yale to justify something like that.

3) you cannot have robber barons and the constitution of the United States of America, and keep vainly insisting that all people are created equal, because under robber baron ideology the most sacred principle is the sacredness of robber baron property, and far from being created equal, some people are elite HAVE MORES and everyone else is the hired help, some people are the Monarchy and the aristocracy, while some people are the peasants, and so on. I use the term 'the sacredness of robber baron property' because under the system created to cater to, wait on, and serve robber barons, no one else has the right to anything, including clean water, food, or even life itself, because those things might come into conflict with what is really sacred, robber baron property rights, thus violating every principle of the laws and the court system in robber baron land, which is what is wrong with the laws and court system, in case anyone wanted to do another one of those studies to find out - let me save you the time. Its also what is wrong with the world, but to say that would be to state the obvious, since everyone already knows that, so it does not need to repeated over and over and over again. You can also tell that you cannot have the constitution of the United States and robber barons, because robber barons, the elite HAVE MOREs who are the political base of George Bush, are currently committing one of those international war crimes wars of plunder and looting in Iraq, and you can tell that you cannot have democracy with robber barons, since robber barons have been privatizing, neoliberalizing and globalizing in Iraq, and no one voted for that nor would they vote for that in Iraq, but then only robber baron votes count in robber baron land, and I think most people would already know that by now as well. So then when America sticks around to put Democracy on Iraq, you can be sure that only robber barons will be voting in that election, and so it will no doubt turn out to be as valid an election as they just had in the United States, and as I am sure they just had in Afghanistan as well. We can also look forward to having looting sacking plundering robber barons screaming about their sacred rights when someone tries to take away from them any of Iraq's property which they have now privatized which makes that property theirs, by the law, a proposition our wonderful court system in robber baron land will uphold, which explains the disrepute in which the court system is always held in robber baron land.

So then to summarize, if you are going to have robber barons, you cannot have a constitution of the United States, since not everyone is created equal, so you will just say that you do and have lots of spin doctoring instead of a constitution, and the court system will of course uphold that legal principle, since when you have robber barons the sacredness of their private property trumps even the constitution, a proposition with which judges will of course agree, as their voluminous rulings attest. You will also have to put up with squallor, terrorism, as some highly angered but powerless and weak people, nevertheless try to get at those robber barons by blowing up Wall Street and the Pentagon on 9-11, which those robber barons, being robber barons after all, when then, having the evil and warped minds they do have, as the world full of starved babies they surround themselves with testifies, well with that warped mind naturally according to the uncanny calculations and schemings of robber barons, that terrorism can then be used as a real good excuse to go plundering against places like Iraq, and robber barons also insisted for a while that there were terrorists in Venezuela, and the 9-11 commission also told us that their are terrorists in Iran and that the Iraq war was a mistake in intelligence, which it certainly was as is becoming more and more apparent all the time, but still that mistaken war needs to be fought for some weird reason never quite explained fully, and as for the mistake of not attacking the right country, which was Iran the 9-11 commission stated, well mistakes exist to be fixed, which explains why this week Bush put more sanctions on Iran's O-I-L, because if Iran sells more O-I-L, well then that would come off the bottom line, and don't think that robber barons don't think about such things all the time, because they do, which explains American foreign policy in regards to Iraq and Iran, and given how terrorism is such a great tool for starting sacking, looting and plundering, as we have seen, well the sky is the limit.

And there are a whole rafter of other reasons not to have capitalism or robber barons, which I am sure could fill books if anyone wanted to write a book on the subject, or perhaps a set of encyclopedic volumes, but I am just writing a pamphlet so I will just leave off by mentioning the worst part about having robber barons, which I found out when I was twelve, and caught sight of my first robber barons, saw them ruling the world with vast fortunes while babies were forced to starve off and die, and that worst part is the agonizing pain of soul of even having to look at something as foul as a robber baron, the huge demoralizing struggle trying to get rid of robber barons, as the whole moans and groans in ever increasing misery, as the revolutionaries struggle to maintain hope that someday they will wiped from the face of the earth, and the huge sadness that blankets the globe in that fashion, with the only people who might be happy in robber baron land being robber barons, who revel in sadism and sacking and plundering, thus explaining human history, since robber barons have always existed in one form or another and have always been every bit as evil and wicked as they still are today.


Populism is a system whereby you have something called Democracy, and when something proves to be popular and in the best interests of everybody, its gets voted on and then gets done. This can be compared to the way it is now, where everyone pretends to vote and then politicians just do what robber barons say, or robber barons just connive to steal the election, but in either case, only robber barons get to vote, and everything is always done in the bests of interests of robber barons, which means that many people get sent to hellishness, with lots of crime and punishment but no justice, and perhaps the odd outbreak of terrorism, which does not work, but usually just helps robber barons, as history shows, but some people are desperate to try something, anything and so they become international terrorists.

So then you can see how populism cannot coexist with robber barons.

Now many people have moaned about that fatal flaw in the American people that causes them to have the robber baron system and not vote the right way and so on. Such an analysis flawed, and is often made by certain terrorists who assume that somehow the American people are free and thus they must have supported robber barons, and therefore blowing up an American or perhaps beheading an American will somehow cause them to think twice and change their ways..

Well Americans could change their ways, but there is no changing the ways of a robber baron, as all of history, including some pretty interesting current events, so richly proves.

Now I would suggest that if there was one flaw with Americans it was always that they had trust, and thus they confined their activities to the Soviet Politburo, but now that Supreme Soviet system has lost every last trace of credibility, and so finally it is time to move on. Which means that is time to have populism instead of Politburos.

For example I have suggested as populist actions, you know, things that Americans can do themselves, the setting up of a parallel voting system, independant from the Supreme Soviet system. There, finally at long last, populism could be born in America, since people could actually vote on things for a change, which would be different than it is now. They could have populism instead of asking some powerful Commisar to do it, and then fighting those endless battles with the Soviet System to get that to actually get done, rather than just spin doctored and spun and then hung.

Now someone might say, yes, but with a few fixes people could still vote now, to which I reply, yes, but they will only vote on what they Supreme Soviet system allows them vote on, and they will have to jump through ten million hoops to vote on anything else, and then if history is any example, even then they won't be able to get to vote on that thing that they wanted. So controlling the agenda is just like not voting, and that is what you get when you 'tweak a fix' to the Supreme Soviet voting system, which can keep its faulty and highly suspicious no paper trail voting machines, for elections hopefully no one will bother with in the near future, having the option of really voting at the populist election after all, thus making it not worth the effort to fight with the Politburo over those suspicious damn voting machines the Politburo bought for everyone to use in this last election, in which we are told and constantly reassured, George Bush won his re-election.

Now someone might get all demoralized and say what is the point about populism, with everyone just being so cynical and not interested anyways so why bother. And I would point out that everyone is so cynical and not interested in the Soviet System. They also want populism and are grumbling about it, as you can tell when the Democratic Party, after running the Bush Clone for half an election, suddenly decided to run on phony populism at the end, you know populism provided that the deficit wasn't to terribly bad, which it is, since the nation is currently borrowing half a trillion dollars a year for the robber barons, which means then that the Democrats were talking about populism only, with no intention to deliver any populism, since once they got into office and saw the size of that deficit for the first time, well they would just have to hold off on the populist promises for some time to come.

Now to get everyone out of their defeatism, their worn out ground down idealism, their demoralization, their hopelessness and whatever else they might have got from living in the Supreme Soviet system, I thought I would describe a populist platform, just to indicate how people could have a populist platform, but only if they did it themselves, since there is no way in hell that the Supreme Soviet would give them populism, for obvious reasons, and this would also help to illustrate how under populism people actually do get to vote on things for a change, and which people will do themselves while telling official Commissars and so on to piss off, thus not letting them screw everything up (or at the very least try to screw everything up).

Now consider the following populist plank. Back in the Reagan years robber barons hatched a plot to get trillions of dollars for themselves and also to bankrupt the government, thus destroying any chance of populism forever, since the debt would go sky high, thus making things impossible to pay for, and thus eternally removing the threat of populism, or at least until the American people paid off that sky high 8 trillion dollar debt. Now that George Bush is back in office that plot is back in full force. Meanwhile those trillions of dollars the robber barons put into various forms of property and perhaps bank and so on.

Now let's suppose we were to ask people to vote by raising their hands, and I were to ask you and a bunch of your friends whether or not you wanted to pay back that trillion dollar debt, which, as everyone knows by the way, is all part of that devious robber baron plot to destroy populism and every budget and program, leaving the American people enslaved for a few generations while they work for robber barons while paying down that debt, that is if robber barons don't destroy the economy long before then, which they most likely will, but that is another matter. How many people would raise their hands to vote to pay off that tab for those robber barons? How many people would vote to have those robber barons pay off their own tab, either with eight trillion spare bucks they might have lying around, or in the form of eight trillion bucks of property. Currently it is about eight trillion, just sky rocketing since the robber barons first started stealing elections in places like Florida in 2000, and with Bush raising the ceiling, since apparently the country is not yet bankrupt, well I guess it will continue to crawl upwards and onwards, thus causing those robber barons a fortune during the time it takes betwen now and the first populist election.

So right there you can see the difference between populism like America once had in its vibrant youth, and the Supreme Soviet system they have now after having spent time since the 19thcentury with robber barons after all.

Now as the outraged public is well aware, having bombarded the media with angered letters, emails and phone calls and so on, the Soviet media system just finished three solid months of spin doctoring a massacre, as with ruthless relentless cruelty they stalked their prey in Fallujah, showing no mercy or compassion whatsoever, as the blind order obeying Soviet Military Machine, prepared to use overwhelming force to level a city in days, an atrocity not seen since Hitler tried using terrorism against conquered populations in order to loot and plunder, with the big difference being, as far as I can see, that the same thing usually took Hitler weeks or perhaps a few months to accomplish, rather than days, but technology has made progress since that time, thus explaining the about the only really difference between those two styles of military campaigning. Now keep in mind that this was a war crime, since the Constitution of the United States of America still exists partly on a piece of paper, those parts that have not been cut out with scissors and thrown out in the recent past, and thus the international War Crimes laws outlawing attacking defenseless countries and being the aggressor nation as well as the Geneva conventions, and war crimes laws against sacking, looting, and plundering, broken when George the Hun privatized and neoliberalized Iraq and gave out 'reconstruction contracts' and other such forms of sacking and pillaging. The Soviet Media system participated in this war crime for the benefit of the HAVE MORE robber barons, who as everyone knows, owns the media system, having concentrated all its powers, making it into the thing it is now, you know the type of thing where they spin doctor everything, political laws, social policy, massacres, foreign affairs, state politics, and so on, and you will notice how a massacre is just one thing to be spun and doctored and then sent spinning and spun and focused grouped and doctored a little more until it was done, and thus it was time to go. I don't even need to point out how creepily weird that all is, given the outraged phone calls, mails and so on the American people sent to the Soviet Media. Making it all even super weird, was the sight of Buff and Biffy, the two air heads, having their usual friendly chattering banter showing the world how wonderfully happy the Soviet System is, and how much everyone in America loves living in robber baron land, where we are all one big happy family, that was, in between spinning that massacre, and let me tell you having Buff and Biffy having their usual happy and playful teasing banter in between times of doing the gruesome task of spin doctoring that ruthless massacre was super weirdo, certainly makes a person's hair stand on end, and is that sort of thing that just epitomizes the Soviet Media System, which is also a war criminal system, clearly the Joseph Goebbels media system of the Supreme Soviet System, as everyone who saw that knows (except I think for that system, since apparently when they were done all that blatantly obvious spinning of that upcoming massacre, I suppose they thought it was doctored and spun until it was done, and then it was time to get down to the real business of the massacre, since apparently they thought that using their typical adroit skills that public opinion was prepared for that massacre, having spin doctored for months and months after all.

Now the citizens of the United Soviets of America already know what a brain dead and worthless media system they have after having that thing bought and concentrated by robber barons, and since robber barons are by definition sacking plundering looters and thus war criminals according to the Constitution and the International Law not surprisingly their media mouth organ is a war criminal as well. What this tells us is the importance of the News Media as a sacred public trust, which cannot be violated by subjecting it to commercial interests or allowing it to remain in private hands. It makes sense that as the first stage of their receiving justice for what they have done, is to seize their News Media Assets, and while it is true that they would expect money for services rendered, the services rendered are not something that someone should make a dime off under any circumstances, and besides, they won't need to worry much about hose dimes, being war criminals after all, and having so much else to worry about. Besides they don't always spin doctor massacres, since they don't have to, and can hide massacres and thus have made much more than a dime off of their ownership of the media which has allowed them to keep hidden the extent of their crimes against humanity as they sacked looted and plundered the planet with a free hand, so whatever they might have spent buying all that media up, they have more than made that back already and then some.

Now considering all I said, and considering how justice will be done for this massacre and these war criminals will pay this time for sure, since we are having populism now, remember, how many would vote to cleanse the abhorent filth from the media system, and make it a sacred trust so that nothing like that would ever happen again, since no criminal could ever hide, or, if they felt they would not be able to hide but wanted to get that terrorism of Iraq business underway to facilitate smoother sacking and looting, well we could ensure that never again would a sacred trust be so debased and so defiled again. Since human life is in the balance with private property, and since people have been robbed, slaughtered, and denied a voice for years, I feel confident that this measure would pass in a populist vote, which would then help to make the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq not just some horrible thing that happened due to the endless rotten schemes of robber barons, including George Bush, also a robber baron and an elite himself, but rather we could then say that these young people died as part of the process that led towards the Second American Revolution, and that like all Revolutions, the seeds of the Second were sown on the fields of blood, since apparently Revolutions involve the shedding of blood, there being no salvation without bloodshed on this planet or so it would seem.

The above examples indicate what is possible under populism, which America once had, before it had robber barons, and which it will have once again, since those robber barons have stepped on a land mine, and believe it or not, they are on the way into the dumpster can of history where they have always belonged. The human race has long dreamed of being rid of those detestable characters and that they were never destroyed in the past was not for a lack of deeply felt longing, another factor to consider when you think about the possibilities inherent in populism, which would have a rats ass in hell of a chance of ever ever happening under the Soviet System, which is irreperable and contemptible, and must be destroyed and replaced.

There are already national networks in place that are ready to fill the void of that discredited and collapsing Supreme Soviet system. For example churches could become populist voting centers, or mosques and temples and so on, unless they are dead set against populism in certain churches, in which case instead of offering their services, they could plot to destroy populism and save the Supreme Soviet instead, which would not be popular, which means that certain churches and other minority places like that don't really matter, and therefore can just keep busy and we can pretty much leave them to their work, while they wear themselves out trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear, so that sows ear can be popular enough to defeat and destroy populism.

You know in the Phillipines they had a People Power movement that got sucked down into a black hole to disappear until the end of time, and of course America has just such a black hole as well, which proves beyond a doubt that you cannot have people power and the Supreme Soviet at the same time, since you cannot have robber barons and populism at the same time, which should be clearly evident, and this was the mistake made in the Phillipines, where the failure of that movement was inevitable from day one. But still they had a good slogan... PEOPLE POWER !!!

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destroy 12.Nov.2004 23:11


This system much be destroyed and replaced and the way this is accomplished is by withdrawing participation, and thus legitimacy, and turning towards populism instead, tapping into that coming flood tide of populist longing, that only requires a match to set the blaze going (my way of encouraging small numbers of people to not lose heart, since the world is loaded with logs and gasoline, and longs for salvation and deliverance, giving populists the easy job, while the Soviet Apparatus has the really hard job, being so damned unpopular after all, and spin doctoring and profiling that problem of theirs with focus groups and always getting the same answer about populism will leave them with a tough nut to crack, and lots of attempts at tricky spin doctoring, thus keeping themselves busy until hell freezes over, and so we might as well just get on with things since we Populists, who love humanity and long and dream of deliverance, have the easy job, and leave them to their work which the Supreme Soviet will find so very very hard.

logs and matches 13.Nov.2004 10:54

I see, we see

Check out the new car lots being built in Wilsonvile along I-5.
I wonder who thought it would be a good idea to put hundreds of cars with their tanks fulla fumes directly under those high voltage electrical transmission lines that pass directly overhead. Really, check it out!

The magnitude of ignorance in the suburbs is increasing exponentially as the robber barons scramble like rats for their life rafts. TWO NEW CAR LOTS!