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Iraq War is New American Nightmare

"Mosul area Deputy Gov. Khissrou Gouran said gunmen tried to storm a food distribution center in the city but were forced back by National Guardsmen and security guards. The gunmen were trying to destroy election registration cards held at the center, Gouran said."

-- MSNBC.COM at  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6403689/ on Nov. 11, 2004

(re)poster's comment:

after months in a nation under seige, average people are going to take desperate measures. remember that the fallujah 'offensive' began a few days ago, but the seige of iraq has been ongoing long enough for 80 percent of the population of a large city to flee the us military when it telegraphs for weeks that it is going to attack that city and destroy all the 'terrorists'. (the 80% departure figure is based on mainstream media reports...)

if it is true that 80% of the city has fled for other places for an indefinite period of time, if not forever, how are the 20% of the people who are left in the city supposed to feed themselves and survive? it has been 1.5 years since the us war on iraq began, but there were 2 wars and 12 years of intense economic/social sanctions before that.

the very same iraqi families that do not have the means or the will to flee fallujah in the face of a us military campaign that has been advertised for over a month are the ones who just a year and a half ago relied upon UN food boxes containing flour, sugar, salt and a couple of other staple items for survival.

believe me, the people that remain in fallujah are not all 'insurgents'. they are female and male, very poor, very old, newborn and everything in between. they are afraid to leave their homes for fear that they will be killed and named as insurgents or terrorists by their american killers.

heavy metal music is not used only as a terror/psy-op device by the us military; it is used as entertainment and stimulation for the troops, just like the speed.

i believe that the original post from msnbc is a least as likely a situation of angry people trying to get food to feed the people in the city of mosul as it is an insurgent strike against voting. iraqis have had decades of casting ballots that somehow were all counted for saddam hussein (an american puppet). the message has been clear: vote for saddam (american puppet) or die. iraqis have had years to learn the meaning of a meaningless choice.

when reading this type of news report, one needs to consider the source of the information as well as the circumstances around its publication. for example, if the reporter is embedded with the us military, is it likely he is going to be speaking to someone that is not favored by the us military? one might ask, who is 'mosul area deputy governor Khissrou Gouran' anyway? is he a mosul native and trusted representative of his people or has he been in the united states or on the us payroll for years? has he by any chance been working as a director of an american corporation for the last couple of decades? does he have the support of the people of mosul and iraq, or does he have a dozen armed guards and an entourage of SUVs supplied by the american taxpayer?
The Benevolent Amerikans 12.Nov.2004 21:23


Iraqi civilians facing severe crisis in Fallujah.

The Amerikan slaughter in Fallujah has created
a major disaster, in which innocent civilians
are dying, because the Amerikan military are
denying them medical help, say aid workers in Iraq.

The biggest concern is the people in Fallujah, and they cannot be reached because Amerikan forces have set up a wide cordon around the city to prevent any-
one from entering and exiting the city, thus denying
any assistance to those still trapped by the Amerikan

It is not known how many civilians are left in Falluja, but estimates are that 60,000 people are still there, but due to the Amerikan suppression,
the exact numbers are unknown.

The Amerikans are not allowing aid workers to
enter Fallujah, to bring food, water, medicine,
etc., to the civilians still trapped in Fallujah.
Aid workers say that they need to enter the city
to evacuate the wounded, to help the elderly,
woman and children, and to remove the dead.

The Amerikan military refused to comment on why they
have refused aid workers to assist those in need, but says that its only priority is to kill all of the terrorists and insurgents in Falluja.

Original article at:

Iraqi official says 90 percent of Fallujah fled 13.Nov.2004 12:33



"Dawoud said about 90 per cent of Fallujah's residents evacuated the city before the start of the mass ground assault on Monday."

Translation: everyone that remained behind, whether a resistance fighter or a civilian, was/is a legitimate target.