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Update: Blue River Face Tree-sit is now Blue River Face Tree Village

Resistance expands in the Mckenzie area.
Activists continue to occupy the upper canopy in unit 5d of the Blue River Face Timber Sale located in the Mckenzie Ranger District, Willamette National Forest. More treehouses have recently been installed at the 150 ft. level in hopes of offering the 40 acre unit protection from the chainsaws. Traverse lines running through the treetops are in place as a deterrent to cutting.

Our wish is to bring about increased awareness of the continued cutting of native and old-growth forest in the Mckenzie Watershed. The tree at Blue River Face are massive and the forest is lush. Owls can be heard hooting in the cool night air. Flying squirrels are visiting the tree-sits and telling us they would rather live in an intact forest than a managed stand of trees.

Thanks to community support the Blue River Face action has been going for several months, we would like to express our gratitude to all those who have offered their time and energy to collect food, drive activists and food back and forth and spent time ground truthing the area.

We would encourage folks who would like to visit the area or help in any way to contact us at blueriverface(at)riseup.net Maps are available upstairs at Growers Market building, 454 Willamette in Eugene.
blue river 14.Nov.2004 03:55

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keep rockin in the tree world!!

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Say hi to the trees for me!