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Prophecy Nov 12 : A letter to America's Churches

Arise and shine
Prophecy Nov 12 : A letter to America's Churches When we consider that there is widespread opposition to the war in Iraq, and when we consider that what passes for support for this war is quite fragile having been based, after all on endless mendacious spin doctoring, and thus by definition, is fragile (and serves only as another tool to demoralize the opposition), given this widespread understanding of the state affairs, one must ask why there has not been much a visible or active anti-war movement in the United States of America. Certainly this feeling against the war must be widespread in churches as well, and so I would expect that perhaps churches could be asking themselves the same questions I have been asking myself over the last couple of years. This would include asking myself, 'what do we do' compounded by intense feelings of frustration when confronted with something obviously damnable and wrong as a war crime, which is the very worst of the damnable wrong things that can go wrong in a society, and yet nevertheless seems to go ahead and happen anyway, which is demoralizing, while not knowing what to do about it spreads mass confusion and disorientation.

As a consequence of this wide spread disorientation, not to mention the demoralizing effects of wanton, right in your face acts of defiant wickedness and criminal law breaking, combined with that endless Karl Roving and doctoring and spinning, which one finds in any Soviet State when it is in an advanced state of decay and thus has little credibility, the result of all this has been to bring the nation of the United States of America, and the entire planet, to the very brink of one of the most horrible catastrophes that can befall humanity, the unleashing of the wicked forces of sacking followed by looting and plundering, followed by more sacking and more pillaging, this terrible social phenomena not having been seen on planet Earth for about fifty years. International Laws were established, given the wide spread planetary revulsion against the ruthlessly sadistic marauding that caused such wide spread suffering to humanity during the Second World War, These laws forbid the so called 'preventive strike' war attack or the 'preemptive strike' war attack being used as a cover for what were wars of looting, pillaging, and plunder, and which is what we have seen developing as this Iraq war gradually formed and took shape, in the midst of a cesspool of constantly changing lies and mendacious propaganda, which took the form of throwing everything but the kitchen sink at this O-I-L war, and apparently just hoping something would stick (which leads me to conclude in hindsight, that the much feared reputation of figures such as Karl Rove is much overrated, even if the relentless plotting against the American people of such individuals cannot be completely discounted, given their dangerous predatory goals, and the suffering and loss of human life that follow).

Now given that the Soviet Politburo and its Propaganda Arm the Soviet Media System is widely discredited by the citizens of the United Soviets of America (a clear indication of the advanced stage of the decay that exists) what is remarkable is that no matter how much of that Karl Roving and spinning and doctoring go on, most people know what is really going on, all the Roving of that propaganda from place to place being an indication of just how impossible the task really is, since the system has no credibility. Therefore if one were to say that this was an O-I-L war, therefore declaring it to be a W-A-R C-RI-M-E, this would not come as some shot of lightening out of the blue to most people, since most people understood right from day one that this was an O-I-L war, leaving the propaganda machinery of that discredited Soviet system to Rove from one justification to another, tossing a kitchen sink onto the pile as well, and then to proceed ahead with the war with inadequate propaganda preparation, since no amount of preparation was going to work in any case.

If we pause to reflect on what has happened over the past two years, it becomes clear that there the purpose of propaganda which Roves from one place to another all the time, is not to convince, since Roving around is not convincing by definition, given its ever changing chameleon like Roving all over the place, not to mention that habit of tossing a kitchen sink onto the pile, and so this suggests that the purpose of this very devious type of propaganda, since it could never by definition convince being ever changing, is to produce the very results we have seen it produce, which is massive disorientation, which is then combined with brazen acts of defiant wickedness which is then pitched into the face of a defiant and restless population, murmuring under the oppressive Soviet system, and the purpose of that part is to create the feelings of helpless demoralization we see today.

The reason that this population can be disorientated is that American society exists in a state which is a deeply corrupted expression of its supposed ideals, once again being very similar to the decayed Soviet system in that respect. The end product has not been a free society, but rather a powerless society, trained to follow orders, and this system is then used to prop up a system of inequality, where not all people are created equal, far from it, but rather society is reorganized in the form of an Animal Farm, with one group of pigs living in the house while the rest of the animals are consigned to the barn, and once again the resemblance to the Soviet system is remarkable, since the Soviet system also claimed to be egalitarian and equal and thus free, but of course was not, just as American society is riddled with inequality and injustice, since not everyone is created equal, and certainly not everyone has to face the consequences of law breaking conduct, being equal before the law, as propaganda nevertheless continues to want us to believe, as can be seen in the show trials of the wreckers of the Soviet System, when a few CEOs were dragged through the Stalinist court system of the United Soviets of America, in the hopes of tricking people into believing that this proved that all people were equal before the law, including the most elite and powerful.

What undermines this constantly creative not to mention endlessly Roving propaganda system, is the fact that criminal war crimes are taking place, while the constitution is trashed and international law destroyed, leaving truly terrible crimes unpunished, thus proving that in the Animal Farm of America, the discredited legal system spares the criminal, if the criminal is the right criminal, while ruthlessly executing justice (notice the word execute) when the weaker are dragged into the vortex of that American Injustice System (has anyone else noticed how the injustice system knows very well that it executes innocent people, given that some are discovered all the time using DNA, and yet the Soviet state continues on with its executions of the weak and its exoneration of the powerful while the Soviet Media features Buff and Biffy, the two happy air heads, whose cheerful and friendly banter is meant to portray the happy life in The United Soviets of America, where everyone is one big happy family.) The Soviet Media system does not give voice to the weak and the powerless, indeed its ruthlessness as it relentlessly pursues the enemies of the Soviet Politburo was placed on public display, when that Soviet Media system featured Buff and Biffy who in between their usual air head bantering and presentation of what passes for news in such a Soviet system, also participated in the spin doctoring of a massacre, as they helped the Soviet Politburo in its relentless pursuit of the lightly armed, badly outgunned defenders of Fallujah, who were standing in the way of George Bush and his political base, whom some call the Soviet Elite, but whom George calls the HAVE MORES, since King George in addition to his many other talents is also the Lenny Bruce of his crowd of associates, given how funny they found his remark (although they probably are finding it less funny as time goes by, as in HAVE MORE O-I-L, or how about the one about HAVE MORE TRILLIONS, while for the animals out in the barn, well they will borrow that money on their charge card, give it to those pigs in the house, then get their programs cut, because of the bankruptcy and all, and then spend the rest of their time paying down that monster debt, which began in the Reagan years, and is the debt of those pigs in the house, who, by the way are going to be paying it down themselves, having spent it or banked it or whatever the hell they did with it, if it is the last damn thing I do (on a cross)....this repayment will take the form of public ownership of their assets, if they can't raise that much cash to pay it all back, although those HAVE MOREs, being the pigs in the house after all, are so fabulously rich beyond belief, I think they might actually be able to come up with around 8 trillion to cover that debt, but if they don't, there are certainly eight trillion dollars to be found in their pile of assets, since, as everyone in the Soviets of America knows, they own just about everything.)


Now to answer the question I first posed above, and address the issue of why there is no anti-war movement, when there is so much anti-war sentiment, the answer is simply this - that Soviet System is so corrupt, and in such an advanced state of decay, having plundered the population for close to twenty five years by using their credit card to get even richer than they are already were, well given this simple fact, the American people, far from being free or even democratic, are powerless, enslaved, although one form of slavery they know longer have is that belief, that once existed in the past, to their own ruin by the way, that Americans were free and democratic, although even back then it was not really true, as the results of the advanced stages of the corruption of that system as it worked out in history so clearly demonstrate. Nevertheless, since Americans live in system of obeying orders and looking to elite institutions for so called 'solutions', when those institutions completely fail and collapse as they have in the United Soviets of America, they find themselves confused, disorientated, with nowhere to turn. Never having had power, but knowing only weakness and powerlessness, and having depended on forcing whatever small concessions they could out of a stubborn system, when the times comes for them to exercise personal power, they wander like sheep without a shepherd, in a state of confusion and disorientation, since they don't know how to exercise personal power, not having a had much of an opportunity to learn, not being a free and democratic people after all, but rather a sacked, looted and plundered people, as that hugely growing debt borrowed by those pigs which they are now supposed to pay off should prove to anyone who looks at the situation, and indeed, I think most people would be aware of that fact as well, knowing what a rotted out Politburo and Soviet system they have in that country after all, just as most people would know that the Iraq War was about O-I-L, and therefore was an international war crime of the very worst sort.

Well one could on and on describing the processes at work, but let us just say that at the end of the day we find ourselves confronted with a hostile cabal of fabulously rich elite HAVE MORES, who, this being the Soviet System after all, have just stolen another election, even being so filled with hubris and that special kind of brutish stupidity so characteristic of the arrogant confidence of the powerful oppressor, even went so far as to put in place those outrageous and highly suspicious voting machines with no paper trails, while the Soviet Media system gives air time to Politburo officials and talking head pundits who instead of giving democracy give reassurances instead, who instead of giving the reassurances of true democracy give reassurances to a concerned public that those squirrely looking voting machines, despite the fact that no one can check up on the damn things, which is the problem, are nevertheless safe and secure, this being another example of the stupidity of their hubris, since it is obvious that the problem is that those things are not safe and secure, and so then having that scheming Politburo just telling someone the damn things are is not very reassuring at all for that very reason, no, quite the contrary actually.

Under such a system can anyone actually say that 'George Bush won the election'? Is 'hard evidence for vote fraud even a requirement under such a devious looking system, when given the choice between paper ballots and thus security, that Politburo, being the thing that it is after all, choose the squirrely machine instead. I don't think that anything more needs to be said about it, but there are also other things wrong with that election as well, and the more the merrier I say.

The end result of this process has been to leave the human race facing its greatest hour of mortal peril. A decisive turning point in human history has been reached, when it will no longer be business as usual. Given the horrors of the ruthless massacre in Fallujah, and the leveling of cities we are seeing, with the promise of more, and given the truly brazen acts of shattering of the international war crimes laws, including the laws against plundering we saw being shattered when George Bush and his HAVE MORE friends were 'privatizing' and 'neoliberalizing' Iraq, which after it is done will make the O-I-L of Iraq private property and thus protected by the most sacred of laws, the laws protecting the private property of robber barons, another fine example of inequality before the law, and just one more of the endless trashings of the constitution of the United States of America.

What makes this perilously dangerous situation so perilously dangerous is the perverse psychological manipulation of the sons and daughters of worried American mothers on the battle fields of Iraq, as George Bush uses a massacre to hold a wedding ceremony and marry himself to those troops in the hopes of creating a Waffen SS, who sharing his guilt, can therefore once that weirdly perverted manipulation of the troop psychology is complete George will finally have that murderous instrument he requires if he is to have any hope in hell of using the American Military as his personal crushing force even on the streets of America, since ordinarily American boys will not shoot their own mothers and fathers and grandmothers, but once such a perverse 'war plan' has its chance to complete its truly evil and malevolent work such an instrument can be created. So as you know I am calling out desperately to the mothers of those boys in Iraq, in the hopes of undermining that devious and throroughly disgusting plot of George W. Bush, that warp minded little toad in the ToadHouse, and with any luck my plan will succeed, by cancelling the wedding and undoing the damage already done, leaving George to run in elections instead of running amock in the streets of America which is what must inevitably result if that crazy man is not stopped dead in his tracks.

I remain optimistic, however if it should prove to be the case that humanity once again gets an F minus on its report card, thus failing the test, well then such was destiny, and then perhaps in some years time, assuming George Bush does not destroy half the planet with his obviously diabolical schemes, some future generation, assuming there is one, will get an A plus instead of an F minus, proving that the lesson was finally learned, and then humanity can achieve its salvation and liberation and move on from there.

For the reasons I have spelled out above I am now appealing to the churches of America, who are churches of true religion, and prove it by listening to me rather than trying to nail me to a cross, which would prove that such was a church of the false religion, since it served no good purpose except to hurt and hinder humanity, rather help humanity, and thus was a tool of the Supreme Soviet since in the end such a church worked towards fostering the conditions which helped rather than hindered the Supreme Soviet Politburo, rather than helping and not hindering the entire human race.

So then since I am confident that churches can separate themselves out between true religion and false religion without my needing to say much about the matter of doctrines or dogmas and so forth, I will move on to pointing out to churches and mosques and other such places, whereever true religion can be found, that given the mass disorientation which confronts George Bush, thus leaving him with little opposition and plenty of time, I want to emphasize the point here that a mass opposition movement already exists, is already organized, and is thus ready to move at the drop of a hat or the push of a button, and since we are so behind on organizing and cannot now get caught up, due to that disorienting and the Roving caused by both defiant displays of heart breaking demoralizing wickedness and confusion sowing Roving propaganda, well given the urgent nature of the situation, I issue the following call to action on the part of America's churches of the true religion to make themselves into the defining center of gravity for the resistance movement against George Bush and his plots, as well as functioning as a kind of substitute for that Soviet Media system which his friends the robber barons have in their hip pockets, providing him with a decisive advantage which we cannot allow him to have..

Now to overcome that demoralization I will point out the obvious here, and that is that there is a large quantity of gasoline and fire wood lying around, it is heaped into piles, and thus our task, thankfully is made that much easier by the brazen hubris and the brutish stupidity of the oppressor, since after all, since we are in a hurry, it is handy to only have to be able to light matches, thus saving us the trouble of chopping wood and making piles of wood, which would take a long time, and isn't our job in any case, since that job was the one they took on long ago, and they did such an excellent job of doing all that chopping that now a bon fire awaits them, and the smoke of the burning of that thing will rise forever and ever. Hallelujah. And they also generously decided that it would be to small a thing to bring salvation to one nation in its gravest hour of peril, but due to their uncharacteristically generous nature, they also went globalizing and neoliberalizing and privatizing, thus piling up logs and pouring gasoline all over the face of the entire planet for many years, something which outraged many people, as you might recall from that famous battle in Seattle, but when you look back over it all, although protest movements could not stop them, perhaps then we could say that perhaps that was not such a bad thing because now instead of starting fires in Seattle and breaking a few windows, we can start fires wherever we want, and break more than windows, once again wherever we want, our freedom of action and our democratic choices and our power having been graciously and uncharacteristically granted to us by the Soviet Politburo and the HAVE MORE robber barons for whom they work, as everyone knows, and as that wracked up credit card certainly so richly illustrates in case anyone wants to suggest otherwise (which would be stupid, and outside the realm of mass consciousness , since as I said, everyone knows that, since its to obvious to miss, and even the Politburo admitted as much when they did that dirty task, using some spin doctoring, just as they spin doctored the Fallujah massacre, and with, at the end of it all, just about as a good result as anyone can see.

Arise and shine

After so many years of enduring the unbearable insult of putting up with the depredations of false religion, and its many Machiavellian plots and schemes, not to mention of enduring the insult of bearing the name 'Christian' which is the end product of such conduct, I am overjoyed to be blessed to live in the time of the redeeming of the tarnished honor of my faith, for I, too, am a deeply religious person, and that offense I have carried long enough, for the time of the honoring of that faith of Christianity has come, and I do know how to honor it. Christianity is made noble and honored in the world by courage and noble self sacrifice, since the Cross is a symbol of such concern for the safety and welfare of humanity. When you pick up your Cross and carry it with you wherever you go, tyrants lose all the power over you, because the power of tyrants has never been in their mendacious schemes or their constantly roving propaganda systems, those variant and ever changing propaganda systems that have roved here and roved there over the earth for centuries. Rather the power of tyrants is the fear they can inspire, and once you pick up your cross your time of liberation has come, and through this act of personal liberation you can bring the same freedom and liberation to others who are not only weak and helpless but also voiceless, since it turns out that being voiceless is the intended product of fear, since the truth is strong and powerful, which is why we find such creations exist as the Soviet Media Empire, and why robber barons, before they go globalizing in their quest for ever more sackings followed by ever more lootings and plunderings, always make sure to silence the voice of the people, doing so with the connivance of the entire Soviet State System and the Politburo, as you might recall. To open ones mouth under such a brutal system is to risk death on a cross, so then to pick up your cross and carry it with you wherever you go, thus making it available to your oppressor should they require a cross in your case, robs them of all power. It also presents them with a dilemma, since to use that cross you provided them with will destroy them in the process, lighting fires as it did, and spreading churches around the world, as one can see.

So then arise and shine Christian churches who follow true religion, those who love your fellow human beings, for the time for you light to dawn has arrived. As they have said it is always darkest before the dawn, and given how dark, demoralizing, and confusing things have been, certainly it all seemed about as dark as it was ever going to get, and certainly that is what I experienced myself, and as it turns out, after surviving that long night of the soul, once again, as it must since it always does, the sun began to rise and dawn began to break over a suffering and desperate humanity. At the moment of the greatest desperation and in the time of gravest peril, as it seemed the world was once again damned to sink into the darkness of the depredations of plundering world wide war, the darkness was pierced and a light has shone.

So then, tell me you churches, does anyone light a lamp and then hide it under a bushel barrel? No but rather they set upon the table so that it can give light to the whole room, which is what that room needs. So Let your light so shine before humanity, that they may see your good works and give glory to your God in whom you have placed your faith and trust, and whose name you carry. For as I am sure you aware your eye is the lamp of your body. So, if your eye is sound, then your whole body will be full of light; but if your eye is not sound, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness! However you can defeat the darkness and keep that eye good and sound, if you remember always that no one can serve two masters; for either they will hate the one and love the other, or they will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money, so you will have to pick one. To serve money, is to become like the Politburo of the Supreme Soviet, and to serve God, well, then you would become like me, one must suppose, but I think that point is obvious. Yes, the difference is obvious. Futhermore, you cannot have populism and robber barons, for either one will destroy the other or vice versa, which is why, although America had a rich and diverse populist tradition when it was born, now it only has the Supreme Soviet and its system and nothing else, which proves my point. Oh and it proves that other Christian point about God and money as well, which should be obvious, for the system that serves money and thus destroys its own constitution in the process, making not all people created equal, but making robber barons instead destroys itself, until finally at the end it finds itself at a crossroads, and must decide whether or not to plunge right straight into hell, or not do that, and given the nature of the choice, and given how hot it is that hell, as history shows, I remain optimistic that after being manouvered into that sorry and desperate position, not to mention after having been stuck with the insult of giant sized robber baron 8 trillion dollar debt, which was just raised by the Politburo, since apparently they want more, well I remain optimistic that perhaps salvation has indeed come, instead of damnation, in which case no one should get mad at God about it or blaspheme, since obviously it was the wrong historical time, and that whole carrying a cross thing will of course have to be done all over alter by someone else after a bunch of deeply oppressed people are completely and thoroughly crushed down, and then wind up, as such people always do, stuck with something like George Bush (which explains the almost unconscious horror and was the true driving force behind that Anybody But Bush movement during the last election, since in a strange way, the people already know their time has come).

So then, in conclusion, once again I take another great leap of faith, working in the tradition of the great pamphleteers of the past history of the populist tradition, which has always existed, still does, and always will, as long people exist, and someone is around to love people, with this in mind I call out to the churches of true religion to pick up their cross and begin dragging it around the country, making churches and mosques and other such places the centers of the resistance movement to the depredations of George W. Bush, thus giving a center of gravity to that disorganized mass of discontent that exists out there, by giving people somewhere to turn to and somewhere to go instead of leaving them to wander like lost sheep, confused and wondering what to do, while being weak and powerless.