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Death Defying Machine

New show coming on in one hour! Hurry home and tune in! Friday 6pm - 9pm PST (GMT-8)
Tonight's show is going to be about the end of civilization as we know it, the Shit Hitting the Fan, the World moving on, the apocalypse/post apocalypse, and whatever other catchy euphamisms you can think up to describe that thing that we all know is going to happen, and soon. What will cause it? What will we do? Who will survive? What will the world (or at least the part of it relevant to us who will be talking about it) be like afterwards? Will we have a utopian anarchist society or will we be ruled by well-armed, roving bands of thugs and barbarians? Will we have Tofutti? Will we have Tofurkey? Will we have PBR? Find out tonight on news channel WRPI (Web Radio Portland Indymedia)!

If you want to add a comment to the show, you can post a comment to this article, you can email me at clamydia AT(that's an "at" symbol made by holding down "shift" and hitting the number "2") mail DOT (that's a period, not the word "dot") com, or you can instant message the screenname for the studio portlandimcradio. I'll be broadcasting the number to call in over the air. See you there!
clamydia, you know better than this 12.Nov.2004 19:12


You're promoting a cult.

The real disaster is the ongoing Empire as Usual.

As in "Four More Wars."

dear "..." 12.Nov.2004 19:26


What the hell are you talking about? MAking vague assertions that someone is wrong is no way to make an argument.

Sorry I missed the show 13.Nov.2004 01:43

great post

will it be tofutti or tofurkey after the rapture? What's a vegan to do?

perhaps 13.Nov.2004 23:13


tofurkey is soylent green...