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Inauguration Tactics: Simple & Effective

Check out this site for a potent new weapon.

The election is over. The fight is not.
Bush's election is bad for the US, and even worse for the rest of the world. But elections are only one part of democracy. We need to think strategically about direct action, learn from a rich history of nonviolent activism, and develop new tactics to take on this administration.

Let's start from the start: Inauguration Day.
On January 20th, 2005, we're calling for a new kind of action. The Bush administration has been successful at keeping protesters away from major events in the last few years by closing off areas around events and using questionable legal strategies to outlaw public dissent. We can use these obstacles to develop new tactics. On Inauguration day, we don't need banners, we don't need signs, we don't need puppets, we just need people.

We're calling on people to attend the inauguration without protest signs, shirts or stickers. Once through security and at the procession, at a given signal, we'll all turn our backs on Bush's motorcade and continue through his speech and swearing in. A simple, clear and coherent message.

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You can always bring anti-war and anti-Bush pinback buttons in your pockets and put them on once you've passed security and the back-turning demonstration begins.
that is a.... 12.Nov.2004 17:40

shesupsidedown shes_upsidedown@hotmail.com

BRILLANT idea...
I am orginally from Baltimore/DC so I will be there with family in tow...
may be able to arrange places to stay for fellow Portlanders making the trek....

sounds like the democrats 12.Nov.2004 20:37


this sounds like a good idea on some levels, but sounds like a moveon.org idea on others.

. 12.Nov.2004 21:15


No need to wait until then.

Turn your back every day by buying locally made and sold goods.
Turn your back every day by turning off the TV.
Turn your back every day by driving less and using less oil
Turn your back every day by investing local and sustainable efforts