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Prophecy Nov 12 : A l;etter to American Moms

We need to talk
A letter to American troops in Iraq

Problem : War criminal Bush

America is at a crossroads. Will America follow Bush the Hun, and become the next Nazi Empire, you know, with the Waffen SS first putting utter terrorism on Iraq, razing their cities to the ground, and holding them under a reign of terrorism, so they can be 'privatized' and 'neoliberalized' and robbed of every last cent of oil money, and then, like all colonies after an Imperialist Colonial Power gets done them, Iraq can then be thrown onto the scrap heap of history as an empty dried out husk, and finally those people can try to fix up their ruined country, although they won't have much money to do so, but at least Bush will be gone because the O-I-L will be gone, and yes, even though they will have been robbed blind, well at least Bush the Hun and Attilla the Blair will be gone, which will be huge relief, even if they will have been sacked looted and plundered.

After this the Waffen SS can then roll onto into Iran, which will be no problem, because after being trained by George Bush in the terrible arts of sadistic War Crimes, after being blooded and lured into sharing the guilt of George Bush and his friends, the HAVE MORES, after being devils going to hell and doing War Crimes and sharing his guilt, after that weird Hitler strategy is used on American boys, well they won't be American boys for very much longer, and instead they will be the Waffen SS, which means they won't have a problem rolling on into Iran next.

And then of course it is onward and upward to the Caucasus, which also has lots of O-I-L and the historic opportunity to sack and plunder is just so great, as you can read in the Project for the New American Century, well with history being just perfect now, with no great powers around, well you can see how this historic opportunity to loot murder spread terrorism and horror and fear , well the chance to grab all this stuff right now while the sacking is good, well it just cannot be passed up.

This will require that American troops commit war crimes and violate the International Law and destroy the Constitution of the United States, just as King George and his Aristocracy have done, well not completely, but they are working on ruining the rest of the constitution ....

Do you recall that attack wars, where one country attacks another country, well those are War Crimes Wars. Under international law there is only one good type of war and that is defending yourself from an attack war, such as the war being fought by the resistance in Iraq. For both America and Britain have the bad war and Iraq has the good war, as history will certainly remember, once the endless mendacious propaganda of America and Britain is sent down the toilet to join Joe Goebbels, who also resides in the same historical toilet.

Every single order given in the Iraq war is a war crimes order. Under International Law soldiers have the duty and the responsibility to refuse to follow the orders of Hitler or Khan or the Hun.

Now American boys in Iraq are currently being trained as the new Waffen SS by being blooded and bonded with Bush, sharing that foul man's war crimes and becoming just as guilty as him so they will go on and on and on, all the way to Caucasus. The crimes of George Bush are rising up to high heaven, and they are destroying not only American boys in Iraq but the United States of America.

You fellows in Iraq, you American boys, I know you are just dreaming of leaving Iraq and being home maybe in say one year, or even less if things work out. But given how you must conquer Iran and southern Russia, you won't be coming home for maybe a decade. You know the Waffen SS was on the road for at least seven years, and that is the direction you are heading. After George just cranked up the sanctions some more on Iran, so the O-I-L can't be sold and stays in the ground, and I know the wickedness of that man's mind, because it is pretty obvious what he is and it is pretty obvious what he is doing and where he is going.

My task is to stop the Iraq War, America's mistake war which even though it was a mistake will still be fought, because of O-I-L. My task is to undo the treason of that War Criminal George Bush and bring you guys home from Iraq, preferably within a week, but given how damned hard it is to get things done on this planet, maybe that will take longer, but be sure of this, we will be doing everything possible to bring you home ASAP. That is, if you still want to come home. I mean you guys still were hoping to vote down Bush and maybe get home really fast, right. I mean you haven't changed your mind and decided to stick it out, train to become the Waffen SS, and then sweep accross the globe for a decade or so, or at least until George Hitler destroys America not to mention half the planet, half I say, if we are lucky this time.

Now here is what I am going to do. I am going to get you American troops to stop following your war crimes orders. American troops have been trained in illegal blind order following, which then leads to war crimes, which then leads to world wide hell, except for George Bush and the elite HAVE MORES, who get really rich while all this is going on. They also get to change America into a terrible Nazi state, so even if you did come home, you would need to learn the Seig Heil salute if you wanted to fit in, since it be a different America than it was before you left.

Solution MOM

Now we have a problem bringing you guys home, and I know you want to come home, and right away, and you were hoping that voting out Bush would help, but he stole the election again, so we have to toss out that strategy. Since I am up against impossible odds, I must therefore pull out the biggest guns I can find, and so here it goes.

Once again, in my typical strategy, I toss my bread out onto the waters, in the hopes that this message will reach the moms of the American boys in Iraq. I am going to get in touch with your mom alright. Next time you phone your mom on the cell from Iraq, you can talk to her after I get ahold of her, and she can counsel you about the difficult decisions you face in not obeying the orders of that croaking war crimes toad in Washington. Which would then make you a war criminal as well, thus guilty, which would then marry you like a bride to George Bush, making you into the Waffen SS, which would then mean you won't be coming home for about a decade, if you come home at all. While you are gone your mom will be living in America under the Bush Hitler regime, with no constitution of the United States, and we all know how bad that can be. So while you are over in the horrors of America's mistake war, your mom will be back at home in America worrying herself sick about you guys, when she is worrying herself sick about herself, giving her twice as much to worry about, since she now lives under Bush Hitler, with a wrecked constitution so George Bush can do the Waffen SS technique on Iraq, which is the only way in the world he has a hope in hell of doing the vampire bat neoliberalization looting and plundering thing to Iraq, and sucking up all that oil.

Now if I was Shakespeare all the time, then my pen would write really powerful well written letters that were poetic masterpieces, thus wowing the world and winning my cause and so on. But unfortunately I am not always Shakespeare, and while I might come close once in a while, well perhaps this time will not be one of them, but never mind. I will just write even a bad letter if I have too, and change the world with bad letters if I have too, thus wowing the world with bad letters instead of good ones. What ever the case may be, whatever whatever whatever...

And so I am writing this letter to your moms and surprise surprise, by the time this is over, you guys are coming back from Iraq in a surprisingly short order. As short as possible, because really when you stop to think about it, there is no reason to have war crimes orders being given for even one more day in a war crimes war, despite all the mendacious lying and plotting of that Bush and Blair today over in the Wolf's Lair, and all their reasons why you should stay in Iraq.

And so I am pulling out the big guns, and I am going to get your mom, who is worried sick, and you should be worried sick about your mom too, not because she is worrying about you, but you should be worrying about your mom losing the constitution, which is what is happening, and thus being forced to live in Nazi land while you are far away doing the Waffen SS thing to the planet for a hell of long time,. Robbing people of their plunder for George Bush.
no more calls? 12.Nov.2004 13:30


Yes I am going to talk to your mom, because I know that I can and I know that your mom can talk to you. Well unless that George Bush suddenly croaks out a new toad order, banning all phone calls home. If that happens well then you would know why. After all the Waffen SS is in training, and if there is one thing that Bush Hitler does not want is a bunch of weenies in the Waffen SS who have to phone home to their mommies. And come on guys. You know how important it is for you to phone home to mommie, even though George Bush doesn't want you phoning anyone anymore. After all those phone calls to your mom, well they are the highlight of her week. She is so darn glad to hear the sound of your voice, because you made through to make the next phone call, after she spent the whole week worrying, which is all she does, thinking about you and worrying and longing for you next phone call home, always fearing, trying to deal with her secret fearing, that maybe she will be that one mom who doesn't get to have her next phone call with you, which is the highlight of her week, and the one thing she wants more than anything, even if that phone call would be the low point of the week for strangely weird creep like George Bush, who after all has a hard military campaign to work out, and cannot have his Waffen SS training plans ruined by weenie SS troops who whine and cry for a phone call home to mom. Not only would George Bush not want you to talk to your mom about the war, he might also want you to not talk to your mom about the always growing Nazification of America, with its ripped up treaties, and stomped on International Laws, and half shredded constitution, and its creepily weird secret arrest laws, and now its pro-torturing 'Attorney General, which is just par for the course for America under Bush Hitler and his wars of looting and plundering O-I-L, and thus just exactly what you would be expect to be happening to your mom back home while you are away at Iraq, and just what Bush would not want you to find out about, thus cutting off your phone calls no doubt, or at least wishing that he could, even if he doesn't have the nerve.

But that man has lots of nerve, so you just never know what he might do next. After all he has half shredded the constitution of the United States of America already, and when people start something it usually means they intend to finish what they started.