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Sorry Everybody -- a website to register your apologies to the world

It will make you smile...sort of

homepage: homepage: http://sorryeverybody.com/

Portland is so sorry 11.Nov.2004 23:33



Love it or Leave it 11.Nov.2004 23:42

blue state

Fuck Canada. Don't just GIVE 'merica to the Bushies. Else they'll win by an even BIGGER margin when Jeb runs in 2008...

Uh, I'm sorry.

My new bestest information superhighway 11.Nov.2004 23:56


THANK YOU SO MUCH WORLD, for this web site. It's my bestest ever...in light of how totally fucked we are...what's that saying....um....misery loves company.....WELL IT'S TRUE!!!!

We are sorry, and you know, that other sorry, too.

Thanks world for understanding...we apologize...BIGTIME!!

fucking pathetic 12.Nov.2004 00:15

sick of whiny liberals

geez h. fucking kristicle, this shit pisses me off! the only thing that we have to apologize for in this country is NOT FUCKING CALLING THE REPUBLICANS ON THEIR SHIT LAST TIME AROUND. Thousands of people (mostly people of color) were disenfranchised in the last sElection and who the hell worked on doing anything about it the last four years? NOBODY! certainly not the useless fucking democrats. gore called jesse jackson off when the good reverend was in florida in 2000 trying to raise the topic. all the folks thrown off the voting rolls there NEVER got their right to vote back. FUCKING RACISM AND THE DEMOCRATS AND GOODY GOODY FUCKING LIBERALS DID NOTHING ABOUT IT. they had four fucking years to bring about justice and did nothing, so the rethuglicans stole it again, only bigger, and ripped off even more people of color.


indymedia people -- can you start composting this "we're sorry" shit?! PLEASE! this ain't news, ain't useful, and ain't interesting. thank you.

. 12.Nov.2004 00:20


Why don't you do something rather than feel sorry. Idiot liberals whining and moaning, stuck in their own internal workings of self doubt and fear and can't pull themselves together and have the courage and self-pride to try to do something. The election is not over. The electoral college has not convened. Public pressure can force recounts and show that the election was stolen and the outcome illegitimate.

Send money to help the recounts -
Produce, print and distribute literature outlining the various cases of vote fraud
Talk to your neighbors and co-workers
Write letters to media and elected officials
Hold demonstrations at newspaper, radio and television offices to demand they report openly and honestly about the vote fraud
Don't be afraid to call it theft
Don't be afraid to say Bush is a traitor to democracy and the Constitution

Stop whining about how sorry you are, and ACT!

Get some self respect 12.Nov.2004 00:34


Eewwwww, Blechhh, vomit vomit vomit

That website is such self-serving, pestulent, garbage. It is like a puss filled sore.

The people of Venezuela rose up and prevented a coup in their country, but citizens here, (with a few exceptions) just tuck their tails between their legs and feel sorry. Everyone who posted to that site needs an ass whoopin to knock some sense into them. People will whine and complain as they are dragged off to be executed and still never do anything. Absolutely revolting how low people have sunk.

makes no sense 12.Nov.2004 00:39


I'll never understand how people whine about whiners. Seems pretty hypocritical to me.

It's just a group of people dealing with it their way. You've got yours. Chill out or go vandalize some GOP offices or something.

makes no sense 12.Nov.2004 00:47


I'll never understand how people whine about whiners. Seems pretty hypocritical to me.

It's just a group of people dealing with it their way. You've got yours. Chill out or go vandalize some GOP offices or something.

To Get Some Self-Respect: 12.Nov.2004 06:17

Take a Joke

I'm sorry you don't see the humor in this website. Did you see the apology from the pretzel? There were also several photos talking about being in the belly of the beast, and some from other countries saying that apologies aren't good enough. Some postings are from red state folks - one said "No I won't move to California. I'll fight from behind enemy lines." There are a whole lot of messages - funny and pointed - on this website.

Things this website does:
* humorously get the point across that US policies have negative impacts (very very negative) ones on the whole world.
* gets the point across that not everyone in "red states" voted red. The sectionalism isn't as clear-cut as everyone seems to think it is.

Why must the movement continually bash way everyone who tries to do something good? There are cosntructive ways to offer criticism (like the people who put up their own photos with a different message on that website) or even offering a polite critique here? But more often than note, we seem to tend towards a form of self-righetous bashing. That bashing seems more aimed at making the self-righeous basher feel more self-rightenous and good about him/herself while making the other person feel crappy and disempowered, than about actually changing our movement, our tactics, our strategies for the better.

Are Democrats our saviors? 12.Nov.2004 07:38

Wimpy the Ranting Madman

Voting (none / 0) I wrote this comment a few days ago and really think all of you need to sit back and read it. I made a few minor rewordings but the content is the same. Take a closer look at your beliefs and tell me I'm wrong? I'll listen. You are unbelievably stupid, we are unbelievably stupid! Both political parties top leaders probably have pet names for us. Dopie or Dummy, maybe even Stupid Peons. LBJ was well known for being able to get the Dead to rise and vote. African Americans were painfully discoraged from voting and still are. States, Counties, Cities all have had incidences of ballot box stuffing. These abusers have been Democratic and Republican alike. Yet not a one of you sees beyond the shallow exterior of politics in America. I believe that both parties agree on only one thing! Only Democrats or Republicans will ever be elected from now until the end of time. Can't you see or are you blind? Third party candidates have to jump through hoops like a dog at the circus and in all 50 states to get on the ballot for the Presidency. After Perot pulled 5% to help Clinton defeat Bush Sr., and then Nader pulled the same to help Jr. beat Gore, they changed the game again! I watched as the parties west back to the states which they controlled and made it even harder for anyone else get on the ballot. Is it my immagination or is the Electoral college composed of only Democrats and Republicans. Wouldn't they have to include others if they were on the BALLOT? And if that doesn't suck the idealism out of you, Isn't the Supreme Court full of Democrats and Republicans. Aren't they appointed to the position for life? Well that's good but why do theu still always seem to split down party lines on their opinions. Have you noticed that seniority reigns in both houses as freshmen congressmen and senators are lucky to get a desk much less a decent committee appointment. Pork and cash contributions are the name of the game and it flows from the top down. If you don't toe the party line you get NOTHING! No committees, no campaign money, nothing but a free ride home next election and a boot in the ass. I am amazed that the president is allways blamed for the trade deficit and the national debt? I know the deficit is higher than under Clinton but the last I remember congress had to approve it. Don't they approve it? Why don't they catch the same heat or more? Could it be BULLSHIT? Hasn't the national debt been around for a while? Shouldn't we blame both parties as each have contributed their share? This system has been rigged for a long, long, long, time Baby! Our Democracy may be the best but it damn sure isn't run by the people! By the people, or for the people! Never has and never will. Do you think so? I sure would like to hear that Spin. And if Kerry wins a recount, we again have a president that lost the majority but won the college. Whoopee! Isn't that gonna make my day! Won't a lot of work get done then! Kerry will be able to accomplish all his goals with a Republican senate and house against him. Well the good thing is he can blame national debt on Bush! Wait, isn't that a double standard? Oh right, it's politics. "Can't we all just get along?" Well no! The system isn't made that way. I would like to make you understand one thing. A two party system is only one party away from dictatorship, or monarchy, or worse. And although several other parties are available for you to support they scare me even worse that the Dems and Reps. But hell why am I wasting my time, all of you are either Democrats or Republicans and you have been feeding at the trough just like the dicks in the goverment haven't you. All of you party supporters like the system don't you? Why ruin a good thing. I hear nothing but silence from the voters? Aren't you outraged that I would look at our glorious system this way? The American Ideal of Democracy! Touted around the world as the best damm thing since sliced btead! Yet it has many great things that I love! I'm not leaving and I question anyone that does whether they are thinking clearly. I accuse them of not loving their country. Oh you do but don't like the policies? Well welcome to Democracy! Majority rules dumbasses or didn't you know that? I see Enron, Adelphia, Worldcom, Tyco, executives fleece their stockholders, I see Wall Street boys churn their clients to clean the green from their pocket books. Corporatations outsource to cut costs, nothing new, remember the Steel Industry? How about electronics? Well I forgot it's Bush's fault he started outsourcing jobs when he was 2 years old back around when? And then there is the grandaddy of them all. The original Dracula! The master of the Spin, second fiddle to no one in the entire world. How about this for debt, overspending and mortgaging our future. $ 7 , 4 4 0 , 7 6 3 , 9 6 6 , 8 2 8 . 1 8 Well that was yesterday's it's increasing fast enough to make your head spin. Look at it all you Democrats! Read it again all Republicans. I don't want to hear you crying for your man or bitching about the injustice! Yea, we know injustice! It's what BOTH parties have been doing to America! Go ahead, I know your next phrase, blame it on the other one, They did it. It wasn't us! Not Me! BULLSHIT! Both parties have killed America so both parties can "Eat shit and die!" Behold when the US goverment finally falls, as they all do, will it be remembered. I remember the Greeks, Egyptions, Romans. Signs are all around us pointing to a imperialist past. Wasp's, Irishmen, English, French, Spanish, Eastern, African Americans citizens walk our streets. Behold the melting pot of the Naive! The home of the lame brain! Right under our noses the greatest con of them all, and it's still going strong. We all need to grow up and quit acting like getting your man voted in makes a big friggin difference. Scream at me all you want it doesn't change the system! Cry for Kerry it doesn't change the system! Jeer or cheer for Bush it doesn't change the system. It's political and that synonymous with BULLSHIT! Our goverment has been taken over by TWO GROUPS, it's been in their grip since the Civil War! It's rigged, it's precast, it's a free country where you get to vote for only one or the other? Can it be saved? Revolution? Have you EVER seen a revolution since America's that didn't come out 100 times worse than before. All of them with the exception of maybe France's ( You know the place, great wines, Paris, lovers of all things American ) come out dictatorships or monarchies, or worse like maybe Islamic fundamentalist!!! And if the Democrats do manage to get the election overturned and Kerry installed as president. Which has a snowballs chance in hell, will the Republicans allow it? Won't it go to the Supreme Court again? Won't it come down to party lines again? Isn't that how Bush got in last time. We are finished ,kaput, Rome will be burning, TKO'd, down for the count, toast! All that will be remembered will be the great US Constitution and the ideals we have been unable to obtain. No one to blame but ourselves, well maybe Bush! I'm tired of trying to point out the truth with you if you don't listen, you are too busy trying to convice me of the truth. Who's right? See you in anarchy boys and girls! Wimpy - The ranting madman

Check Out the Opposition's Site 12.Nov.2004 11:08


I found the "We're Sorry" site entertaining, thoughtful, diverse in the messages expressed (some of whom promised to do all they could in the future). Now if you want to see a total waste of bandwidth, check out the "We're Not Sorry" site (thread a few messages up).

THIS is what we are dealing with. Gloating, gun-toting, close-minded, white trash bigots who use babies, bathing suits, insults, and guns to make their "point".

It's really ugly.

To: sick 12.Nov.2004 12:05


No one is forcing you to look at the site; if you don't like it, don't go there. Believe it or not, it is NOT all about you.

sometimes you need a little humor 12.Nov.2004 14:56

not so funny girl

I liked the website. Sometimes you need a sympathetic ear and a laugh when times are hard. The site NEVER says "we should do nothing". It brought home we weren't alone in our feelings of shock and hurt and rage.
I was so glad to see a visual of so many people still ready to fight!
I love the support from so many other countries!!!
Sometimes thats all you need to get energized.