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Media launch preemptive strike on election fraud "conspiracy theories"

Looks like a new offensive in the battle for public opinion has begun in earnest. After a week of deafening silence on anomalies and irregularities in the 2004 Presidential Election, the "mainstream" media has opened up with a salvo of "in depth reporting" aimed at creating a public mindset that those who think the election results deserve close scrutiny are just a bunch of internet conspiracy theorists.
NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw tonight aired a special segment on the election issue, the thrust of which was "Nothing to see here. Keep moving." This followed a similar report on NPR earlier today. The full text and a video link of the Brokaw report is at  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6463505/ The NPR segment is at  http://www.npr.org/dmg/dmg.php?prgCode=ATC&showDate=10-Nov-2004&segNum=14&mediaPref=WM&getAd=1

Both of these reports take a few overly simple aspects of the issue, "debunk" them (without any supporting evidence) and try to pretend there's nothing more to it than that. I've followed the situation closely from day one, and the sheer volume of irregularities convinced me that further investigation is warranted. That's all. I hadn't really made up my mind that there was fraud - that is until I heard these network hatchet jobs. Now I'm convinced.

Here's a transcript of the Brokaw piece:

Internet theories on election abound
Even Democratic Party officials discount claims of unfair practices

By Chip Reid
NBC News
Updated: 8:17 p.m. ET Nov. 11, 2004

President Bush declared victory eight days ago, but in the parallel universe known as the Internet, the presidential campaign is still raging. Web sites hostile to the president claim massive vote fraud, that the election was stolen, that Sen. Kerry really won.

Presidential candidate Ralph Nader says Republican officials in Ohio skewed the election towards Bush.

"This election was hijacked from A to Z," says Nader.

Most of the Internet stories focus on the key battleground states of Ohio and Florida.

In the Florida panhandle, they ask, how could Bush have won so big when registered Democrats far outnumber Republicans? In Ohio they claim a computer glitch gave Bush 4,000 extra votes. In many states, they insist, some voters pushed "Kerry" on touch screen machines, but the check appeared next to "Bush." And what about those early exit polls giving Kerry the lead? They say that means the election was stolen.

Convinced? Well, even the Kerry team is not, declaring in a statement Thursday that while they want every vote counted, "the outcome of the election is not in doubt."

Doug Chapin, director of the non-partisan group Electionline.org, says there were many problems on Election Day, from long lines to malfunctioning machines, but there's no evidence the election was hijacked.

"I don't think this election was stolen," says Chapin. "I think there are conspiracy theories. I think they are consistent with a phenomenon we have seen on the Internet in recent years."

On the Internet, stories are told and repeated, often without being verified. Regarding those Democratic counties in Florida that voted for Bush, they've been voting Republican for years. As for the 4,000 extra Bush votes in Ohio, officials say it was just one machine, caught and corrected.

How about those reports of a vote for Kerry getting Bush? Election experts say it happened both ways, and in most cases it was voter error. And as for the early exit polls they were just that, early, and election officials say, wrong.

But those explanations are likely to have little effect on the president's Internet critics, who are convinced the Republicans stole the election - again.

2004 MSNBC Interactive
URL:  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6463505/
Re-prove It 11.Nov.2004 19:08


Who can answer Brokaw's counter-claims?

--- 11.Nov.2004 20:00


The whole point is that it's now impossible to "prove" either that the election was stolen or that it was legit. That's what "black box voting" means. You either believe what the boxes tell you or you don't. If you doubt the box, too bad. There's no other information. It doesn't exist. There can't be a recount. "Officials say those Democratic counties have been voting Republican for years" means "officials have been telling us that those counties have been voting Republican for years." It's now a known historical fact that voting in Florida was openly and blatantly corrupt at least up to four years ago and apparently still is. Consistency with previous results indicates continued corruption, not new legitimacy.

Well stated --- you got it 11.Nov.2004 20:43


That's right, the "democrat" voters, vote republican...and the republican vote...republican...uh huh...the 'dixiecrats'....right...and the sun is cold and day is night...and up is down...and.....ouch...my head hurts.............................

Pre-emptive strike! 11.Nov.2004 20:51

General Stryker

As evidence of a pre-emptive media stike ...

Bev Harris has been yelling long and loud, well before the elections started. Perhaps she is just a looney. Perhaps she is just a conspiracy theorist.

As for the 4,000 extra Bush votes in Ohio cited in the article -- this is just *one* piece of ancecdotal evidence. There are many others.

More from  http://www.blackboxvoting.com/ <-- *Not the Bev Harris site!*
I-Team: How does the voter know that his or her vote is counted correctly?
Ries Jr.: It's one of those areas of a leap of faith....

Is this what we might call "Faith Based Voting?"

Carumba! There are lots of stories, lots of evidence but alas no smoking gun. Was there fraud? Quite possibly -- don't dismiss it. To dismiss it at this point would require an act of faith -- faith in the system -- a system that probably like to see the bush regime remain in power.

Other important news items gathered from Google ...
Lawyers with John Kerry's presidential campaign are in Ohio on what they describe as a "fact-finding mission" following the Democrat's election loss to President Bush last week.

Three Democratic congressmen - U.S. Reps. John Conyers Jr. of Michigan, Jerrold Nadler of New York and Robert Wexler of Florida - have asked the General Accounting Office to investigate.

Whether the election is overturned or not, said Phyllis Hasbrouck, it's key in the future to require paper ballots and to ban touch-screen voting. "If we don't do this, we'll never have a real election again," she said.

This is not over folks. There are allegations, or at least suspicions of election fraud. This strikes at the heart of democracy. These investigations, win or lose, may not change who will be the president for the next four years. But they need to be investigated! We the people need to know.

The allegations are extremely serious. To ignore them would be a derelection of duty. For the press to "whitewash", or "stonewall" this story is nothing less that scandalous! But that is how it seems.

WRITE YOUR 11.Nov.2004 21:22


or email your god damn senator and congress folk.

Better idea 12.Nov.2004 09:09


A way needs to be found to SHUT DOWN the corporate media!

How many more lies must we endure?

march down Madison avenue 12.Nov.2004 15:21


There ought to be a Media Freedom Day every year, when they march down Madison Avenue in New York City and protest the "Stalinist" corporate US media.

How Michael Moore is used to cover-up the electronic vote fraud 12.Nov.2004 16:39

Matt Marriott

As the results of Florida were announced, do you remember Edwards not rising an eyebrow about it and just repeating, one more time what he had repeated

again and again before the elections : "every vote counts and every vote will be counted" ?

Now if you ask yourself : why doesn't Kerry contest this grotesque fraud insted of conceading defeat, try remembering what did you ask yourself as Kerry

admitted to be part of the same satanic secret society as his "oppositor" ...

Now if you asked yourself in the three days after the election, where is Michael Moore ... and if you asked, when he popped up again, why does he do his

best to distract from the fraud of counting the votes ... try remembering what did you ask yourself as Michael Moore did his best to avoid the question

of the "plane that hit the Pentagon", the "detail" that immediately exposes 9/11 as a insider operation, even for a child. (1)

... and ANSWERS
Yes, that was the role of Kerry/Edwards/Moore (and of the stage background painted as "thousands of lawyers and millions of dollars to challenge any

fraud" - (2)) : to make you believe that with electronic machines it's still possible to trust the results of an election
... something that any kid that used a computer for a while knows it is a blatant lie.

Yes, the role of Bush and Gore in 2000, contesting for weeks the results, was to make people believe that it was necessary to "invest" in Diebold

machines next time.

But who cares ? The Dow Jones is up and above all, the oil price is down, right ? Poor fools ...
Staging of the "new economy hoax, version II" will not last as long as part I. Two weeks ?


(1) Moore is used to cover-up 9/11, pretending that Bush "failed". Any child can see that there was no plane hitting the Pentagon or crashing in

Pennsylvania. The BIG LIE technique leads the sheeple to stick their heads in the sand, terrorised by the consequences of this simple truth.
Moore is also used to cover-up the war crimes of NATO. Remember how he was supporting Wesley Clark, the general in charge of the 77 day bomb campaign

against civilian targets in Yugoslavia, following an unprecedented campaign of lies about the "genocide in Kosovo" ?

(2) In Europe, the night before the elections, each NATO country made sure that there was the possibility to see Fahrenheit 9/11 - broadcasted at prime

The reason is obvious ... the same tactic as the "thousands of lawyers" hoax : refresh the sheeple's memory with the logic they should follow
- Moore really hates Bush,
- so if Bush would steal the elections then Moore would be the first to come out and speak about it.

Fuck the Black Boxes 12.Nov.2004 18:42

Black Rod

Voting should be completely transparent. Nothing black. Nothing obscured. Nothing hidden.

Errors in counting thousands of votes are understandable and forgiveable. People goof -- so fix it. It is abundantly clear to me that the process should be completely visible to everyone. Nothing should be hidden. The only reason for hiding anything is if you have something to hide. Fuck "National Security" -- that's a flimsy excuse to avoid official embarrasment.

Honest mistakes are permissible. Fix them -- no problem. Fraudulent manipulation can only be discovered if (and only if) the process is transparent. Democracy *requires* freedom of information.

The simple fact that the powers that be encourage the "black boxes" makes me suspect. What are the proponents of Black Boxes trying to hide?

No Acccountability is a Deliberate Design 12.Nov.2004 19:37

wake up people

The vendors providing the government black box voting have years of experience making sure the banks and their customers have privacy and iron clad accountability when it comes to money. There is deliberate invisibility and unaccountability designed into the system. You can bet if it was people's money they would not allow such a cavalier invisible accounting system where you just "trust" them with your money.

Any ways to help prove voter fraud? 12.Nov.2004 22:03


Has anyone come up with any ideas on how to go about providing more concrete evidence of voter fraud?

I have an idea that may or may not be feasible but I welcome ideas from others.

What if a survey team was sent to one of the smaller counties that had a large number of registered democrats vote for Bush in Florida like Liberty County. The survey team could interview all registered voters in the county, in Liberty County thats only 4075 total registered voters, and ask them who they voted for, informing them that many people suspect voter fraud in the election and the team is seeking to provide evidence for or against fraud based on the survey being conducted.

I don't think it would take a very large team to canvas one of these smaller counties and while it wouldn't prove that the whole election was rigged it would provide some strong evidence that voter fraud took place in the surveyed counties if the vote totals were very different from the results of the survey.

And I think it would increase the demand among citizens for a serious investigation.

We can't expect the corporate media to investigate this, their parent companies figure that they will have to deal with Bush for the next 4 years and don't want to risk losing money by pissing him off and turning this into a big story or calling for an investigation.

Does anyone have any other ideas on how to go about providing evidence for or against voter fraud in Florida?

Intellectual Property 13.Nov.2004 05:17

Edward Craig epcraig@efn.org

I do not find it at all reassuring that I am not allowed to examine the code that reads my ballot. Now perhaps I cannot interpret it properly, but that my ballot can be tallied by somebody who may have chosen to change my obviously mistaken choices for representation, along with my answers to the questions the ballot asks me about civil unions or the redefinition of marriage, or whatever, does not reassure me in the least that it's an honest election.
So are anarchists correct when they point out that the elections are riddled with fraud? Why vote if the elections are fixed?

To Bobbo 17.Nov.2004 17:12


Read VOTESCAM the book about crooked voting practices in Florida by the Collier brothers. It's free on the net. There's already evidence. There's been evidence for years.

Then read The Weidner Method, also free on the net, about how to win a case in a corrupt judicial system, if you really want to do that. Then go to court, to wrest away from the govt., control of elections in your county. Then reinstate the old-fashioned paper ballot, counted by hand by little old ladies and little old men. Let the people sit up all night and take turns watching, day and night, to establish the chain of custody of those ballots until the count is in. Do that in every county in the nation.

However, bear in mind that if you do, your name will be added to FEMA's growing list of dissidents scheduled to be kidnapped and sent to one of the many concentration camps, installed and empty, on closed military bases in this country. Or, be elusive and don't be home when they show up at 4AM someday. Also bear in mind, that your family, if you have one, will likewise pay the same consequences for your actions.

Be a realist. Kerry is bought and sold too. Just a different style. We are relieved of wasting our energy hoping against hope that Kerry will do something to get us out of Iraq.

Bush is not a Christian. He just SAYS he's a Christian. His actions prove otherwise. What a clever plan to turn people against Christians, people who don't examine the evidence.

Look out for yourself and your family. People have survived danger and turmoil in the past by seeing it coming and making a sensible plan to get out of the line of fire in time.

Study history. It's happened before. The major difference is only the current high tech. Just a difference in style.

Trust your gut feeling in all things.