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Activists Increase Militance in Wake of Bush's Re-election

In the wake of Bush's re-election, a string of militants are rising up and taking direct action against Republican, military, and corporate targets. You are cordially invited.
add some life to your town with these stickers!
add some life to your town with these stickers!
North Carolina: Vandals hit GOP Headquarters

Illinois: Republican office vandalized
 link to www.chicagotribune.com

Kansas: Vandal hits headquarters of county GOP

Wisconsin: Tires slashed on 20 GOP vehicles, Milwaukee police report

Peaceful protests protect America

Vandals cause major damage to Wal-Mart

We held our signs high. We passed out flyers. We've marched in the streets. We've blocked traffic. We made noise and cried out against the war, against oppression. We went home with uplifted spirits, again preaching to the choir and irking passersby. We even went out and voted.

But the monster is still in office. There is to be four more years of absolute terror in the white house. Four more years behind a veneer of moral values and nationalism. We are fucking mad.

The resistance will not be hindered by this election. But if we are to survive, we are going to have to call into question our tactics and whether they are effective. The same protest and black bloc tactics have become predictable. The FTAA in Miami and the RNC in New York City proved that they are ready to handle whatever we can throw their way. Direct confrontations with police are only going to get us beaten and arrested while newspapers and politicians laugh at us. Stripped searched, scoffed and spat upon.

We won't get anywhere by bargaining with them. We need to stop them, put the pressure on, and make them feel afraid. They need to go go to sleep every night pissing their pants in terror.

We need mass decentralized actions, fucking shit up at night. In every city, against, against military recruitment centers, against republican offices, against banks, against walmarts, and against - every component of the military industrial compex.


You know what needs to be done. You know how easy it is to throw a brick. How much magic flows out of the tip of a sharpie. How a fire can destroy and create at the same time. How easy it is to pour it down a funnel into the bottle. It's amazing what you can accomplish with two or three people at night in the shadows. It's all up to you now. We are everywhere.

 http://www.crimethinc.com /  http://www.infoshop.org /  http://www.autonome.org /  http://www.counter-inaugural.org

SAVE THE CHURCHES! 11.Nov.2004 18:46

concerned citizen

I, for one, am worried about the possibility of Evil's footsoldiers throwing stink-bombs (glued to a rock or brick with epoxy) through church windows on Saturday night/Sunday morning. I fear that some really angry, fearless, and/or sinfully proud people (i.e. SORE LOSERS, still stinging from the righteous wrath of America's moral majority) would blasphemously defile His houses of worship after the bars close and before the sun rises!

Some churches are more deserving than others, according to certain Satanically-influenced viewpoints, especially those churches that have taken strong, public pro-Bush or pro-36 stances before the election. These refuges of righteousness tend to be located at the edges of the city and in the suburbs, where virtuous followers of Christ have migrated to escape the Godless hedonism of urban Sodom & Gomorrah.

I suspect many people would perceive a well-aimed stink-bomb as an apt metaphor, and, although it wouldn't cause significant property damage, it would sure get lots of press from the secular liberal media.

For the love of God, stop this terrorizing prank before it starts! Let every one of His holy HVAC systems be as fresh and pure as our saved souls (washed clean by the blood of the Lamb) on the Sabbath day!

God Bless America!

washington d.c. on inauguration day 11.Nov.2004 18:52

joe citizen

If you want to protest gejorge on his inaugburation you should plan to be there when he takes the pledge. You should plan to be there at least one weak before the big event. Bring your guts and leave your i.d. behind. this is your chance to be a patriot.

May I have the envelope please? 11.Nov.2004 20:36

TGND (the guy next door)

My vote to the academy for best Direct Action is for the Wal-Mart heavy equipment parking practice. Thank you very much.

Make America, itch, scratch, bleed, and bleed out.

regarding that sticker 11.Nov.2004 20:40


I fail to see what chucking bricks at semi-random through store windows is going to accomplish.

I agree that direct action is needed, but there's something to be said for choosing appropriate targets and methods.


The children are revolting: 11.Nov.2004 23:37


Five arrests in the Wisconsin tire slashing:
four are paid employees of Wisconsin Democratic Party!
One is son of U.S. Representative Gwen Moore,
and police want to question son of former Actin Mayor Marvin Pratt.

SOMETHING to keep in mind 12.Nov.2004 14:21


Direct action is needed, especialy gained millitancy, if we want to disrupt the corrupt system. However, if we let reaction rule our every action, our lives, then we will be fighting forever.
For every brick that gets thrown, see to it that a non-hierarchical nieghborhood meeting gets held, for every molotov exploded, plant a back yard garden, for every tire slashed, a bicycle built.
It's throught the creation of our own society, our own communities, that we will seal the fate of our oppressive current society. We can smash the state all we want, but if we don't have a community to fall back on, then we really are screwed. Keep this in mind, for destruction in an of itself is not a very good substitute for carefully minded creation. Lets work for both.

No Smashing 12.Nov.2004 15:51


Look, I'm as pissed off as anyone, but smashing and breaking things is not going to solve anything. In fact, it will just make us look like more of a lunatic fringe. Look, the blue states have most of the intelligence and a good chunk of the money in this country. Plus, we are actually literate. The only language the "establishment" truly understands is MONEY. So boycott 'em. Any company that agrees with the reds--OUT YOU GO. We need to put our heads together and find which companies (and it can be tricky) are basically red, and then starve 'em. Even if we only boycotted them a few times a week, think of what that would do to their wallets. Don't forget: we've got Wall Street too.

no going to solve anything? 13.Nov.2004 00:08


Yeah, there were those that thought destroying a million dollars worth of tea wouldn't solve anything. And yet our country might not exist if people hadn't chose to do it anyway. I suppose the question is what is trying to be solved. If what we want is to obtain liberty from a corporatist government than it might be wise to look to successful strategies of the past. While following the lessons from the past is not a guaranteed path for success it is a good place to start.

Solving Something? 13.Nov.2004 12:23

School Marm

Yeah, kicking a rapist in the nuts really, really, hard solves nothing because it is violent and that is bad, bad, bad. You are a bad person if you stop the rape with violence. Pain compliance is for police officers only!!

And if there is no Peace Officer around then lie back and think of Ghandhi.

FSU 13.Nov.2004 13:27


I say fuck shit up! We've done everything else. We now must make life hard for these crooks. Take action, break stuff, steal stuff, throw bricks through all the SUV's and cars the have the W sticker on them. Fight fire with fire, what else is there to do?

how bout direct action with a goal 13.Nov.2004 15:00


dorect action is a tactic. now if all you want is to make yourself feel better, then direct action anywhere at any old time may well do the trick. the sound of shattering glass always is a little cathartic, right?

But if we want to make real change then we've got to make a stand, strategically, and then employ all our tactics to back it up. How about secession? We want self-determination right, and if they try to stop us, we'll resist where it really counts instead of chucking a rock through a co-workers car window.


in solidarity.

Resistance with reservation 13.Nov.2004 15:15


I don't think brick throwing and breaking things will do anything but get bad attention. the media will have a field day with it and just label you anarchists and domestic terrorists just like they did in Raleigh. And the potential for legal retaliation is great. Those 3 people in Raleigh were (are?) held on $50,000 bail. When did you ever hear of vandalism or destruction of property being a crime with such a high bail? You don't!

This type of action will not gain much public support. What will work is to support the petitions and legal actions being taken against Bush and the administration. With evidence and numbers, at least these show people are serious, but also willing to use peaceful channels to accomplish their goals. Protests and marches also work to gain public attention. If the authorities resort to violence, then that makes them look bad and you look good. Gives you a much more weightier argument.

Resorting to violence will only taunt the regime to enforce the Patriot Act to its fullest, then you lose numbers because they are in detention centers. Stay free! You can be much more effective if you don't give them any legitimate reason to arrest you.

PS: "Form Reset" should NOT be right next to "submit" - this is the second time I typed this!!

Genius I say!!! 13.Nov.2004 16:56


Yes, throwing bricks through glass, wonderfull. Once the window is broken, they have to put a new one in, and we know eventually they will run out of the rare and precious sand used to make windows, and they must be getting low on the fire used to melt it.
I am a republican but I fully support any and all legislation anyone passes through non-violent and legal means. I actually think you all have some good ideas and I wish you well in advancing them (the good ones) but I think to actually affect (effect? I can never get that straight) change you should try and disassociate yourselves from people like this. Anarchists also, although it is noble to try and accepet everyone, your final goal is still a form of government, and anarchists (the ones who know what they are talking about and believe in) are anti-any form of government.
Also, and I am reluctant to point this out, once the citizenry adopts a policy of direct action the only counter to that is more direct action. I dont think it is in quiestion which side of this equation is more proficent in obtaining its goals through violence. Just some thoughts, you may now ad homunim, blast my spelling, and generally flame.

once again 13.Nov.2004 17:31


Without direct action this country would not exist, and would not have had any social progress. There has been no social progress that has come about through pure legislative means. Direct action has been required every single time. What is it that makes people think that now is any different than other period of history? If we want freedom there must be those who will resort to direct action to obtain it. There is no historical precedent for any other way to achieve progress. Learn the history of social progress. You think breaking windows is bad learn about how the workers rights' movement used dynamite to blow up buildings. It worked.

Incidents of vandalism 15.Nov.2004 19:26


Half of these reported incidents of vandalism occurred before the election. That weakens their significance.

--This doesn't show much for outrage over Bush's re-election. One of the incidents was even a republican attacking a democratic party headquarters before the election.