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No Stolen Election Event: TONIGHT!!! PDX

If you are concerned with the fraudulent outcome of the 2004 sElection...come to an event TONIGHT at 7:00 PM at the Old Church in Portland...Let's all stand up together! We must act now before the electoral college is seated on December 14th...
More and more evidence is being revealed that the vote counting in many
places (Ohio, Florida, New Mexico) was fraudulent. Please keep in touch
with www.Nov3.US and Black Box Voting.org for up to date information and to
find out what you can do

*Support efforts to make every vote count in Ohio
*Hold public hearings in your community
*Wake up the media

Attend a community meeting Thursday November 11th at 7pm at the Old Church,
SW 11th and Clay, Portland: Help America Audit: Reclaim Democracy. Learn
how you can affect change by spreading the word. Be part of the action
within a supportive community. As an effective change agent in your
community -- join us to ignite change within our country. Sponsored by
Actionspeaks (mailto: actionspeaks2004@yahoo.com).