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The Daily Poetry Movement

We sold our votes to the con job and now we try to find unity in being conned? I ask, are we as stupid as the cannon fodder who voted for Bush? Seriously! Do we unite behind the organization that is selling our votes to the highest bidding corporation? Or do we unite to create democracy where there is none, in The Ol' US of A.
by Scott Orlovsky

August 18, 2003

conservatives often view me as a radical
a communist
a socialist
a homosexual
and other labels
they believe denigrating enough
to invoke a public outcry of ostracism

liberals too, often view me in many of the same terms
yet more because they feel ashamed
at how a seemingly right-minded
bluish-white collared
almost thirty
white American citizen
could stray so far from the parameters acceptable
to the mainstream press and public

but progressives view me as a progressive
a preacher of a Green revolution
in consciousness and socio-political awareness

of a movement away from the coddling
of the Fortune 500 wet-dream
to control and exploit every market in the world
and the laissez-fairing of the poor of the globe
in a 21st century Gilded Age

to a hand-in-hand democratic-socialism
that narrows the gap between powerful and powerless
with decentralization of multi-national corporations
and creation of worker-owned cooperatives
with free health care and free education
and direct democracy via the internet

and progressives believe in me as a progressive
a teacher of world cultures and human hirstory
dedicated to the thousand-petal lotus of uni-racialism
and homo sapiens' sapient responsibility
to each other and the sickening planet

an advocate of proportional representation
the rebalancing of federal and state power
and the elimination of the winner take-all political process
that entrenches the two party head and tails of the same coin

and even though many perspectives of me
and other thinkers whose ideas disagree
with the marketed poppycock of the bankers and oilmen
with the Manichean discourse of daisy-cutters
with the Spencerian breath of sweatshops and depleted uranium

our words, our thoughts, our ideas
our electronic octopus' garden
with conches full of beauty and social justice
nestle in the coral waiting for any snorkler
to examine the incandescent perspectives
of our dedicated flock
Poem 11.Nov.2004 15:00

Joshua Hughes

Would you all shut the fuck up
You media fucks
You are fucking greedy bastards!!!

Would all you fucks quit stealing my tax dollars
You government fucks
You are fucking greedy bastards!!!

Would all you fucks quit taking all of my money for gasoline
You Oil fucks
You are fucking greedy bastards!!!!

Would all you fucks quit moving our jobs overseas
You WTO fucks
You are greedy fucking bastards!!!!!

Would all you fucks stop lying and keeping us sick
You Pharmaceutical Fucks
You are greedy fucking bastards!!!!

Would all you fucking politicians BOTH sides Shut the fuck up!!!
You're trying to scare us

I don't even want to hear it anymore.
I don't believe any of you care!!!
You can all rot in hell and leave me alone.