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Prophecy Nov 11 Reclaiming our media

before it kills again
Could it be possible to redeem the American Robber Baron media system from its contemptible disgrace? The answer to that question is no, it is not. No Robber Baron media outlet can ever be anything but a contemptible disgrace, by definition, being a bought off, concentrated robber baron serving media outlet after all. So then what else could it be but disgraceful, ruthless, relentless, not to mention a mouth piece for that disgusting George W. Bush, peddling that TOAD as though there was something to sell there when really there is nothing to peddle at all.

So I suppose that if America can have a craven military establishment, with I am sure even Generals wetting their pants because of that wolf in the wolf's lair, and even tough as nails drill sargeants coming off a long hard day screaming like a maniac shitting their pants because of the croaking of that TOAD in the ToadHouse and ToadHill in Toad, D.C., yes I suppose given the nature of that military I would suppose that even reporters can become craven toadies when they work for such a disgusting robber baron media system as the one currently destroying the United States of America. Because you see, robber barons they want Joe Goebbels and that's why they made sure to buy every damn media in sight. They also wanted Hitler, which is why they purchased Hitler, just like they purchased Bush, since what we are seeing, the war crimes, the violations of the law, the trashing of the constitution, and whatever long fucking list of high crimes and misdemeanors you might care to add to that fucking list, well that is what those robber barons, that one per cent with lots of percents, the elite HAVE MORES of America, well this stinking pile of offenses is what they wanted so they bought it. Which is just one hell of a way to be running a country. Meanwhile everyone is crushed down and dispirited and robbed of their voice and then soon enough they get their wallets stolen as well, because robber barons only let robber baron supporters talk on media, and they force that damnable media not to talk the people talk, even though the outraged citizens of the United States of America are currently bombarding those Joe Goebbels media outlets demanding some morality and common decency in broadcasting, when, really they should be bombarding robber barons (for all the good that would do).

So then, this being the case, and because the disgusting performance of the Soviet Media Empire has been so far beneath contempt, just contemptible, and an outrage to the nation, as they well know, having to answer phones and the rest of it, well given these undeniable facts, and given how this horrible experience has taught the nation that truly the News Media is a sacred trust, and not something to be subject to the whims of profits, I therefore demand that from this day forward never again will the News Media be placed into private hands, since no private hand has proven to be sacred in America, and therefore no private hand can ever again be trusted and thus subject America to even the possibility of the risk of such an abominable violation of the sacred trust ever again forever and ever AMEN.

And given how contemptible the conduct of those robber barons has been, and how many lives have already been lost, when I call for the public ownership of the media you can understand how it would be the case that they can expect not one red cent in compensation for their loss as some sort of payment for 'services rendered' since that media already rendered such a service to them that they made their money back buying the damnable things about ten thousands times over already (and that could be a conservative estimate).

If those robber barons want to complain, and then bring up the most sacred principle of all, that of 'private property' well they can complain about paying back the trillions they have been responsible for wracking up on the nation's credit card, hoping then to cut programs, while sticking everyone else with the bill. They can also complain bitterly at their war crimes trail and various other crooked trials such as that Venezuela scam deal and so on, yes they can complain while they are being sued for causing some American to lose their 'private property', such as their house, when their fucking job was shipped to China, for you see, private property is only sacred when it is robber baron property, and otherwise it isn't, and that means it can then be looted and plundered by robber barons, becoming their private property, at which time is suddenly becomes sacred again.

Given how populism is coming like an unstoppable flood tide and that both Bush and those Robber barons are helpless to stop the flood, the outrage being so damn deep after all (which caught them by surprise) well given this undeniable truth, I would suggest that media outlets start acting like media outlets right now, ahead of time, and just pretend that they aren't owned by robber barons, since they won't be for long, and that will also help robber barons to start getting used to that idea (unless they want to fire everyone, thus helping populism to get a red hot start when everyone asks what happened to the whole media all at once that time). This would not include Fox of course, which can go on being what it is until it gets looted, plundered, and sacked, because somethings would probably be impossible to fix without firing just about everyone in any case, since some people just love robber barons, and it would be asking a lot to expect them to change on a dime.