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The big quake and the rise of Cascadia

Scientific study of plate tectonics has revealed that the Juan de Fuca plate (and it's auspiciously named "cascadia subduction zone") may provide the spark-- the opportunity -- needed for drastic political re-organization and perhaps even independance.
juan de fuck you plate
juan de fuck you plate
Many have posted articles about the west coast bioregion seceding from the USA. the idea is especially appealing to folks who feel marginalized and/or persecuted by the current administration. Beautiful as these plans are, how might a seperation actually take place? As the adage goes "timing is everything."
Scientific study of plate tectonics has revealed that the Juan de Fuca plate (and it's auspiciously named "cascadia subduction zone") may provide the spark-- the opportunity -- needed for drastic political re-organization and perhaps even independance.

geology crash-course
We live in a region of immininent "natural disasters" - especially earthquakes. Most of the geo-physical stress in our region is relieved out along the oceanic ridge, where a number of oceanic plates are pulling apart and deforming at the slow, inexorable rate of geological time. About 150 miles off the coast, at the bottom of the ocean, is a volcanic spreading ridge, where hundreds of small earthquakes (magnitude 3 and less) are happening every single day.

Nearer to the shore lies the cascadia subduction zone, where the heavy, water-saturated oceanic plate (the juan de fuca) is being pulled down under the lighter, thicker north american plate. (this subduction accounts for the mountains, btw)

It so happens that the juan de fuca plate is currently locked with the north american plate. Stress is building, day by day, second by second between these two plates. When the stress exceeds the binding force, there will be a massive quake-- like nothing we've experienced (magnitude 9). Think about it, the epicenter wont be a single point, many miles beneath the surface (like the mag. 6 nisqually quake a few years back), the epicenter will trace the entire subduction zone for hundreds of miles, and be much nearer to the surface.
Native american legends from the 1700s tell of a huge quake that shook the trees down, and a great wave that washed away entire coastal tribes. Entire forests of submerged trees were found and dated that match the story, as do accounts from japan of a tremendous tsunami.

All this is to say, that was 300 years ago, and the projected timeframe for another massive quake is somewhere between the 300-800 year period.

Natural disruption at this scale will bring all business, commerce, transportation, etc. to a halt. There will be many people in desperate need. Low-lying coastal areas will be submerged. How would the local,state & federal govmt's respond? How might we respond?

If we start planning now, preparing ourselves and our children for the big quake, we might leverage the power of the earth to win our own freedom.
we can't wait 200 years more.. 11.Nov.2004 12:02


There is energy building up in all over us who are awake. It is building stronger day by day, minute by minute, second by minutes. We know that facists have taken over the world. We are all connected by the truth that we know...like subduction faults below the earth our anger is rising too. we will not wait for the earth to speak. We are also the earth and our energy is now!
It is good to build community, grow your own food, learn to cooperate with your neighbors and community, learn to travel without a car, learn the healing herbs around you instead of being connected to the corporate MD's (priesthood). We don't need to wait for a earthquake.

disaster? 11.Nov.2004 15:16


the planet is suffering a massive disaster called humanity! Cascadia if approached with the right frame of mind could become that catalyst to global change how we (the species) see ourselves. Cascadian is not just about liberation from another imperial regime. Cascadia is a new vision of the planet. Single religious unity has failed. Kings and Emperors have failed. Nationalism has failed. The united struggle of the workers has failed. It is time for a new approach and that approach is bioregionalism. A shift from anthropo-centricism to eco-centricism.

Earthquakes and vulcanos have been here way before mammalian evolution. There is nothing new there. What is new is our species is producing toxins and using up vital aspects of the biomass which is causing global mass extinction. In 1000 AD when the Icelanders offically abopted Christianity as an "offical" religion with the emphasis to practice freedom of religion in private realm to prevent Christian Crusaders from invasion there was a vulcano eruption on one of the popular Christian estates. Many of those opposed to the idea of hiding under the Christan banner said "Look the Gods are angry too". The respond from the wise old Pagan (Asatruar) who suggested the idea was "And what was the Gods made at when they created the island?"

As Cascadianism begins to be born let us watch as Mt St Helens (Our Mother Mountain Loowit) goes through her new birth pangs. Let Mother nature fight along side us in our struggle to be born.

I'll be there 11.Nov.2004 16:38

Snake Pliskin


on the flip side 12.Nov.2004 14:56


The federal government will most likely not be harmed that much, Washington will be strong as ever for sure, while it is US who will be suffering. A quake that shakes down trees? That means a lot of death, mahem if you will, not the best circumstances for a "civil war", "cecesion" whatever, infact we will most likely be at our least organized at that point. Also, when their family is dead and house detroyed, people don't much feel like fighting for a cause, other than, say, getting another house, etc.
Let's carry on and let nature run it's course without depending on something that's so independible. Let's prepare for this quake, for sure, but lets prepare for survival.