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Prophecy Nov 11 2004 : Adolph Bush

Time to remember the troops
Prophecy Nov 11 2004 : Adolph Bush

You know over the past four years there has been a debate going on in between some of what you might call liberals or leftists as to whether or not George Bush is Adolph Hitler. A lot of times you would read commentary which stated, 'Now I know that Bush is not Hitler', or 'Now certainly Bush is not Hitler.' and so on.

It has occured to me that in my writings I have used the phrase 'Ghengis Khan, Atilla the Hun, Adolph and the Pentagon.' However it would be more appropriate at this time for me to issue a correction and personlize what I wrote, since the rest of them are persons, and write, 'Khan, the Hun, Adolph and Bush' because I believe that it can now be stated without any more of that equivocation that characterized the debate previously, that yes, George Bush really is Hitler. All those disturbing similarities between George Bush and Adolph Hitler, those eerir similarities in their careers, once they have been combined with his propensity for pre-emptive attacks, sacking, looting, plundering, and sheer terrorism as a war tactic, as well as the wanton slaughtering of both civilians and enemy combatants, as well as his ruthless employment of overwhelming force when confronted with a resistance movement, all of this has led me to condemn THAT MAN, who psychologists have diagnosed as a psychological sadist, to the pantheon of the other greats, and that would also means that when he finally drops dead, and the planet is rid of his scurvy hide, and his name goes on to life in infamy, where it belongs, and by the way, where it already resides around the world even today, at this present moment, well when that day finally comes when the world is rid of that international war criminal, well then he go to join the Hun the Khan and Adolph whereever in hell they might have wound up. THAT MAN's conduct is beneath contempt, and it is a foul stinking offense to see something so offensive being paraded back and forth accross Germany by his constant supporter, Joe Goebbels.

However keep in mind that getting rid of THAT miserable little man will not solve America's problem, since only a revolution will do that, and I am beginning to suspect that this may involve a type of civil war on the battle fields of Iraq, given how intensely outraged certain military officers and the military personel are in Iraq, and how few votes came home for Adolph from Iraq, since these are Americans, or at least they still are for the moment, but if this cancerous process continues, it is difficult to say what King George will force them to become.

As well, saving the butt of John Bush so that he can Kerry out the mission of King George, won't save America, either, since as you will recall George Bush ran twice in the last election, thus he could not lose.

You might ask yourself why the Democrats ran a clone of George Bush in the last campaign, and the answer comes back that they did that because they wanted the HAVE MORES to have a look at their horse, examine its teeth and its gums, and see if they could get the job this time, but they didn't, because the polls showed populism running at about two thirds of the electorate, and if the Democrats got in well then because for some reason people think that party is 'progressive' they would promptly come under populist pressure, which would not dove tail with the HAVE MORE agenda of doing the exact opposite of populism, such as sacking social security and so on. Certainly the Democrats did not run a George Bush in their race because they were being a populist party, since George Bush just is not popular, and requires stolen elections every time he gets in, just as Hitler was not popular either, and had to be annointed to office as well.

No John Kerry will not save America from its real enemy within, that 1 percent, the political base of George Bush, and for whom he does everything he does, the real power on the throne, before whom both Democrats and Republicans prance horses to have their teeth and hooves examined, the only voters that matter, the elite HAVE MORES of America (as in HAVE MORE O-I-L).

However I think the HAVE MORES might find that their boy George grows into the role, just as Hitler did, and I am also expecting the repression to intensify in the very near future, as the military is beginning to divide and split, and when King George gives that order for military slaughtering of American civilians to quell some disorder or another, this would probably lead to civil war between those military units which must kill Americans, because it was an order from King George, and you have to do your war crimes when it is an order, and then there are those outraged military officers who know that maybe you just should not. And indeed you should not, in particular when military men understand the meaning of the constitution of the United States of America, which upholds both the Geneva Conventions, broken by King George, and the Nuremburg War Crimes Laws, broken by King George, which makes George Bush a law breaking war criminal, and so tell me then, why are military men taking orders from THAT MAN, that untreated psychiatric patient with the psychological sadist personality disorder and an utter contempt for Americans, for their laws, and for their lives as well, as time will tell. I understand there are divisions in the American armed forces, divisions which I intend to foster, since after all, the American military machine has just committed a Nazi war crime, because, as in Germany some collection of twats had to say Seig Heil to der Fuhrer, because for some damned reason that is how its done. I find such an attitude of slavish subservience to be questionable at even the best of times, but at the worst times, with the country being run by war criminals, and the place is crawling with them, chief among them George Bush, behaving like that goes beyond questionable into reckless madness.

And by the way, American military, there is only one good war, and that is the defensive Jihad, which means that Iraq has the good war, while you have the evil war. Just keep that in mind. As I understand it, many, perhaps even most of your soldiers understand that, based on reports I have been getting, and if that is the case, and even their officers understand it, then why are you people slavishly obeying the orders of a known war criminal like King George? Does he have any more unbearable atrocities to inflict on the world as he pursues his insane Adolph strategy of terrorism, in the belief that the IRON WILL and the most brutal repression can save the day? Soon he will also be after the people in America, who need populism, but have so little power and so little practice, they might have to learn populism under brutal repression, which would make it hard, becuase this is King George we are talking about here, and he is a lunatic of some really disturbing kind. You see George Bush is a truly weird little pervert, and he will never blink, never stop, indeed the man will completely destroy Iraq because his mind is a basket case, just thought I would mention that, and by the way, this is the man the HAVE MORES had installed and financed and plopped into place as the so called President of the United States.

So then I call on the American military personel in Iraq to redeem their honor which has been so deeply stained by the criminal mind of some order barking despot, who is a war criminal, and do this by rebelling in Iraq instead of being so damned supine and forcing the world to see anything so filthy again. Do you people realize what the world thinks of you. You would not be seeing what I see on the faces of people over here. They are appalled, deeply shocked, and terribly saddened, and the feeling is global. Of course George is not, he is being that 'strong leader' again, when actually that mental case is just that, an unfeeling sadist, and an eerie clone of Adolph Hitler.

By the way if you military people do not start disobeying orders from that weird creep in the White House, that makes you war criminals by choice, since you know it was also adopted as the standard of international law that those Nazis were not allowed to say 'we did it because George said so' and futher more it was decided under international law that soldiers had a duty to disobey bad orders. Period. End of story. And tell me now, given that the man is war criminal, how much badder do his orders have to become before you stop being a war criminal by listening to him?

And one last thing, as you know the 9-11 commission saved that sorry Hitler's ass from the flames where he was roasting in his own lies, doing the country that big favor for some fucking reason, by explaining how the Iraq war was a mistake based on faulty intelligence, which was bullshit, because Adolph and his rich friends who get trillions in tax cuts while expecting program cuts for everyone else (not to mention sticking them with the tab for those trillions) well those PRICKS want the Iraq O-I-L, and that makes both you and Iraq expendable, and probably your mother and your brother and your cousins as well, should they get in the way while trying some populism, which won't be allowed under the rule of King George, given that the man is a truly demented individual who will stop at nothing, and believes that people live at the consent of the authority rather than the other way around. Now given that the Iraq war was a so called 'mistake' the right thing to do would be to apologize to Iraq and get the hell out of there, but apparently America always finishes all her wars, including her wars of aggression as well as he mistake wars, and your friends should die for a mistake, because actually they are dying for a mistake, and that mistake is trying to rob and plunder Iraq's O-I-L when those people need it to rebuild their country, which is why they fight so courageously against you.
Bring Them To Trial 11.Nov.2004 14:15

banderín negro

Seizing on the word of the day, I say fuck quibbling about the "election" or even the next ones...and concentrate on getting the junta tried and convicted for treason (willful, deliberate and intentional failure to protect and defend the Constitution) and war crimes (violations of international treaties to which the U$ is a signatory and ratifier--note: treaties are the highest law of the land, per the Constitution, since, in the early days of Independence, the 13 states sought to gain credibility with the rest of the world, that they were upstanding and dependable in dealings with other nations).

It took several years for the Argentinians to bring justice and reconcilliation over the "dirty war"--similar with the ongoing efforts of the Chilean people with respect to the fascist dictator Pinochet and cronies. The pressure should be relentless, as it may take time. But it should be done. The regime now holding power in the U$ is unprecedented in its crude cruelty, chicanery, criminality and imperiousness!
Justice Served
Justice Served
Waiting to be Served
Waiting to be Served